1480 Tasting Notes

drank Golden Monkey Black Tea by Teavivre
1480 tasting notes

I spent the entire workday yesterday sipping Black Pearl. I know that’s not its name but it makes me giggle and go Arrrr! And then that reminds of the Pirates who don’t do anything. They just sit around and watch TV. And that reminds me of the line from the show, “You look like Captain Crunch… You’re making me very hungry.” That makes me giggle too, so today I decided to grab a brownie and this tea.

I rated the Pearls at 90. Earlier I gave this one a 100. The reality, for me at least, is once a tea hits the magic 90 mark, the difference between a 90 and a 100 is probably externals as much as anything. You know, what’s on the desk. Who’s in my face. The weather, my mood. To get a 90 a tea has to make me forget where I am, if for only amount. If I lose track of time even better.

Pearls and Golden Monkey are pretty similar. Pearls may actually have a little more body. I think they are both worthy of a mid 90’s score but I’ll leave the ratings as that’s how they spoke to me at the time.


I am so far behind on my Veggie Tales now that my one and only is grown. (But sometimes I still hum “God is bigger than the Boogeyman” under my breath.)


Do they still make them? My kids are grown as well but I still sing, “Oh where is my hairbrush?” every now and then. Funny how the mind can travel backwards in time like it was only a moment ago.


Still in production as far as I know.

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Most every one has been crazy for this one. Previously, I just wasn’t as impressed. Let’s see what happens today. This is the last of the sample – 5 pearls and some loose crumbs. I boiled the water and steeped 2 minutes per the label instructions.

Ooh, I do love the smell and the dark golden caramel color. The aroma is like cocoa bread or… brownies! Needs sprinkled with powdered sugar :) Mmmmm brownies, but I digress. The taste is deep and rich and malt and cocoa and delicious. There is also a big chunk of flavor in the back that reminds me of an old barn stacked with hay. Then I notice the cocoa is mixing with notes of nuts and wood. Later cups the roastiness comes out to play. This is pretty amazing. How could this not have caught my attention before? I am really wondering if I used fully boiling water in my previous attempts. I could not have brewed this correctly.

This is awesome. Wish I had realized this at the beginning of the sample. Definitely upping the rating.


My first time sipping this one I wasn’t wow’ed. Then it crept into my thoughts again and again, and made me order it. Now it is a staple.

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I thought I had logged this before…. weird. Anyway nice, grassy and buttery.


I love the name. Extremely green tea!! LOL!

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They say this smells of spices and flowers and the primary taste is lingering peach. This is a good tea but I don’t make any of those associations. Maybe Jedi mind tricks just don’t work on me. I must be tapped into my inner Yoda :) This smells of moderately roasted oolong. It tastes of roasted oolong and feels like drinking milk. Once the roasted flavor subsides it has a nice TGY floral/latex aftertaste. Maybe a little nutty. A nice oolong it is.

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drank Chamomile Vanilla Bean by Fusion Teas
1480 tasting notes

Backlog from last night. It must have worked. I fell asleep without logging it :)

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drank Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
1480 tasting notes

Going to my happy place with some comfort tea.

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drank Ceylon Orange Pekoe by Twinings
1480 tasting notes

This is the first time I have had this one. It is the bagged version. I don’t know, it seems kind of thin. I was expecting big bold and malty. The aftertaste is kind of fruity. It is a bit drying. It does remind me of Charleston Plantation black tea.

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drank Orange Pekoe by Mother Parkers
1480 tasting notes

I had two cups of this bagged tea with my scrambled egg, sausage gravy & biscuit at Steak N Shake. I deeply love and appreciate beautifully complex teas. That said, I have a soft spot for the inexpensive basic comfort tea. This one does a great job in that regard. Today it had a light amount of malt and maybe it was the food combination but I swear I was getting hints of smoke. This has become like family so I’m upping the rating.

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drank Orange Oolong by Christiani-Tea
1480 tasting notes

Got this one from Tommy The Toad long ago. Went back and read my notes because I thought I had learned something new, only to discover I had just forgotten I already figured it out. Yeah, I’m confused too. Back on point, this is really good if you forget the brewing instructions and just go with a one minute steep. Going longer or using too much leaf results in an overpowering dark oolong cup. Short steep this is balanced. The orange is more of an orange Crush flavor than fresh orange but I like Crush so it works.

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drank Mellow Mango Peach by Della Terra Teas
1480 tasting notes

I read the reviews before posting. I am sure I had to have done something wrong. This smells really good. The taste was just muted. Like all the flavors cancelled each other out. Shoot. I love peach teas. Long lingering aftertaste so maybe it is just my taste buds today. I will retry. It was much more flavorful once cold. Thanks Nicole I will try this again. No rating yet.


I prefer it cold. Hot is okay but to me, now that I’ve had it several times, the flavors pop more when cold.


I agree, this is best iced, especially if you give it a long cold brew


Good to know. I thought I was missing something.

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