1613 Tasting Notes

drank Gyokuro by Nina's Paris
1613 tasting notes

I learned something new with this tea. I love it when that happens. I thought gyokuro was a higher grade of sencha. It can be made of sencha but doesn’t have to be. What makes it gyokuro is that the tea bushes are covered for a few days prior to picking. This does some kind of mojo to the taste.

This is my first of this type tea. I have no idea if it is a good representation of gyokuro. I do know I really liked it. I used a cooler white tea type water temperature. Prepared this way it was not bitter. It was smooth, silky, not grassy, and I was happy to see Nina’s mentions in their description that there is a touch of the sea in the flavor. I picked that up before I read it. I love it when that happens.


Gyokuro! mmmmm :)


I like to keep the steep time super short with gyokuro too, about 30 to 45 seconds.


I went two minutes because I didn’t know any better. Next time….


I love Gyokuro. Using a lower water temperature was definitely the right call.

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I went to the clinic Saturday due to an earache that won’t go away that has kept me so dizzy I haven’t wanted to brew tea. Drugs haven’t helped much yet but this morning I needed a good cup.

I previously reviewed what I recall was the 2011 version. Ain’t gonna lie to you. I freak’n love this tea. It is hard to pick a favorite from TeaVivre but this one is definitely very near the top. The leaf still reminds me of old time upholstery stuffing and the sip still tastes like Cheerios. There is a floral element similar to green oolong hiding in the middle of the sip. This turns creamy late sip. Good aftertaste. Resteeps well. My favorite part is when I sip it the world around me dissapears for a moment. Who couldn’t use a little of that now and then?

Thanks Angel for the sample.


Yea sounds great :) Hope you feel better!

Terri HarpLady

Bummer about the earache. I hate those!
This tea, on the other hand, is a nice one! I still have a little left to enjoy…


Welcome back! ♪

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drank Tigre Blanc by Nina's Paris
1613 tasting notes

I love peach tea. This is an oolong peach. I think I could stop there and it would be enough, but you know I am seldom brief. The wet leaf scent is peach and roasted oolong. The sip begins lightly peach and then the oolong comes in mid sip and is much lighter on the roastiness than expected. If you dislike roasted oolongs, never fear, this is light and more nutty in flavor. Late in the sip it changes back to peach with some citrus notes. The cup is naturally sweet but will take additional sweetener if you are so inclined. The aftertaste lingers nicely.

The cooler the cup gets the stronger the flavors become – especially the peach. Lala said this was delicious cold brewed. Based on a room temperature cup, I totally believe her. This is a very refreshing tea.

Terri HarpLady

I always want to love peach teas, because i love peaches, but it’s rare that I find one I like. They usually taste very artificial to me. :)


This one isn’t PEACH it is more peach It seems natural to me but has a light touch when warm.


You will definitely have to try it cold brewed!



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Warning! Warning! Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

After shopping today it was 80 and we were hot and thirsty. My son bought me and him one of these. He likes it. First, ingredient water, second is sugar, then natural flavors, and wait for it… Instant Tea. O Yum, this tastes as scrumptious as it sounds. Yes, sarcasm.

It is sweet enough to make your kidneys hurt. The taste is just odd. It is either a little soured tasting or they added a tiny bit of lemon flavor (natural of course).

I don’t know what my son paid, but it was too much. I appreciate his generosity so I accepted graciously. Again, he likes it – BUT – I am warning you good folks. Do not attempt this at home!


Well at least you have got Sheldon beat at understanding sarcasm.


Sounds like the Red Diamond brand a bunch of my co-workers swear by for picnics and carry-in dinners. Blech!


Wow, it sounds like it was more like liquid sugar with a tea aftertaste. Gross.

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I just realized I am a little more Sheldon than I care to admit. Saturday is Mother Parker OP tea. This is Thursday so it must be green tea Frap from Starbucks day. Different is not good. They say it is, but it’s not. So anyway, Had this skinny, no whipped cream, and an everything bagel smeared with cream cheese. Over priced yes, but breakfast of champions. What an excellent combination.


I had the same thought the other day when I sat in my “spot,” a glider with rocking ottoman and told myself, “Ahhh…0,0,0,0.”


Were you sharing the glider with Zazzles… I mean Tazo? Cause I totally get it if you were.


Tazo, by semi-mutual agreement, is Outdoor Only. But I do have a back porch rocking glider that qualifies as 0,0,0,1. Hubby suggested last night—a little late since we’ve already bonded—that we could’ve named him Schroedinger. Oh well, next cat.


Mmm…. everything bagels are of the gods.

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Actually feeling like me today. No headache. No earache. Yeah! Sipping this one again today. Still tasty.

I picked up a bass guitar a few days ago. I can’t play bass – yet, but I have one. Today is the first day I have had a chance to thump on it. Used headphones so I wouldn’t annoy others or embarrass myself. A good time was had by all. Started with Paranoid. The bass line drives that song. Since I am not likely to work it in to a song at church, I guess I’ll finish my cup and go work on something more appropriate. Although we do have a punk inspired version of This Is The Day. Most fun you can have with three chords.

Terri HarpLady

Awesome! So glad you’re feeling better. Get some Nettles & start drinking it for those allergies!
The first step towards learning to play an instrument is having an instrument to play! :D


A chorus I know! Please teach it to our house band :)


First, listen to the Ramones ‘beat on the brat’ about a million times. Then, turn all the amp knobs to 11. Keep the tune pretty much as you remember it and let it rock. You ought to here our ‘Are you washed’ :)

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I have had such a headache for two days. It was making me nearly sick to my stomach. I barely ate or drank all day. This evening my brother gave me a bag of morels he and his wife found growing in their yard. They are huge. One made a sandwich. Snapped me out of my pain.

In celebration I fixed this tonight. I don’t know about the rest of you but I cannot bring myself to use as much leaf as called for on the instructions. 8g/8oz would make this $3/‘teapot’ (1 cup). I know it is a free sample, I just can’t. I used abt 3.5g (half the sample) and it is plenty hearty enough for me. I could sit and breath in the wet leaf all night, except then I wouldn’t get to drink it. This is excellent even fixed my way and it steeps 3 times.


I hope you feel better soon!

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Just got back from town. It’s cool (my wife says cold). It’s dreary and lightly raining. This was the perfect tea for this moment. It is warm. The taste is fresh and green with enough bite toward the end of the sip, to make you take notice without crossing the line in to bitterness. Really hitting the spot.

Today we went shopping for our very first ever NEW mattress. My wife and I have slept on hand-me-downs our entire lives. We did own a new water bed years ago but that kind of doesn’t count. It will not be delivered for a week or so because we special ordered the foundation. But it is going to be awesome.

In the last month we have paid off the house, the truck, the tractor, and the credit card. The mattress is a small victory celebration. There is still a mountain of medical bills that we hope to conquer next. All this has occurred after I was permanently laid off. It does not add up on paper. All I know is we have been blessed beyond measure.


congrats for the new mattress, hope you’ll love it because you know mattress …we only know after 1 week if we love it or not.


Amen and Jehovah Jireh.

Terri HarpLady

New bed! AWesome!


Sweet dreams on your new mattress!

Rachel J

Congratulations!!! That all sounds like lots of weight off your shoulders.

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drank Orange Pekoe by Mother Parkers
1613 tasting notes

Three cups of this one to start my day. The first one, I was overcome by a spirit of stupid or something. I added cream and honey. OMGosh that’s just gross. I emptied the cup in a hurry so I could drink it dark and strong. So much beter. A good basic bagged black. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get the day moving.

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drank Bohea Tea Da Chi Gan by Vicony Teas
1613 tasting notes

Rummaging through my box of samples and found this one. Looks like I last logged this 9 months ago. The leaf is long for black tea and dark. The dry aroma is of grain. The brew scent is light smoke and malt. It is fairly sweet and lightly smoked. It reminded me of Bailin Gongfu when I last had it. Today I would say it doesn’t have the chocolate notes. What ever. This is a really nicely smooth satisfying cup. Two thumbs up.

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