1673 Tasting Notes

drank Earl White by Empire Tea Services
1673 tasting notes

My rear end is dragging the ground. Staying awake a couple more hours is going to be tough. Caffeine to the rescue – but not too much caffeine. This is a year old and was not properly stored. I am pretty sure I have another tin of it around here somewhere. Still smells and tastes awesome. The bergamot is peppery early fading towards orange before catching the white peony late in the sip. Bad storage did not hurt this one at all.

This afternoon was great fun. I was directly in front of the drums. He told me afterwards he was only playing at level 5. By the end all I was hearing from him was white noise. Wouldn’t want to be positioned there if he ever plays at a 10. The bass player trashed his amp. I’m thinking maybe we were kind of loud… but that’s just a guess. hehe. For those of you who don’t get it, playing loud is so much easier, at least to a point. You reach a sweet spot where the guitar comes alive tone-wise and almost seems to play itself. When you go beyond, it just becomes racket. We were getting a little too close towards the end but people were on their feet so…

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Tea of the morning – and I prepared it without making a mess everywhere! Go me! Smooth, malty, and delicious.

I play at church this morning and then our team has a gig this afternoon in town. Should be a lot of fun. I haven’t worshiped with them in a while – actually years! They don’t watch the clock, so I could be there a while – and trust me with this bunch that is a good thing.

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drank Green Tea Decaf by Bigelow
1673 tasting notes

It is green. It is tea. It is decaf. It’s just meh.

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Last night was the last day of VBS. I have been running sound all week. The music was Kingdom Rock. It was loud and fun. The praise team have already decided we must learn one of the songs for the adults. I spent yesterday afternoon charting out a lead sheet.

Anyway, I got home last night, exhausted, and my legs were hurting so bad I could barely walk. I couldn’t set down in the booth and see the kids, so I stood all week. Fixed a cup of this at bedtime. Legs still throbbing so I had a hard time falling asleep. Next thing I know it is 9:30 a.m. I guess the cup worked. I feel like I was hit by a truck today, but the songs are still bouncing around in my head.


Forget triathlons: VBS is absolutely the most grueling marathon week an adult can endure. (Love it, love it, love it!) Glad you could help this year—-we never have enough men who will step up to the challenge.

And APPLAUSE!!!! for translating kid music into adult worship. Wish I could see the faces of some of your grade schoolers when they hear adults singing their stuff!

(Can’t tell this is a topic near and very dear to my heart, can you?)


I hear you! Our ladies that tried to keep the pre-schoolers rounded up deserve a medal, or crown ;) for their service this year.

We have used a few songs from VBS in the past. This year it is ‘You Gave’, a beautiful song. If you are familiar with Kingdom Rock VBS, we do Soon and Very Soon pretty close to the way it is done in the video. I wish our adults sang it as loud as the kids!

I never went to VBS as a child, so I am getting my chance now. I love the energy and the honest worship of the young ones, especially 1st and 2nd grade. They understand exactly what they are doing.

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drank Green Tea with Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
1673 tasting notes

After the tea disasters of the last few mornings, I thought I should grab one I had plenty of, just in case. OK, I’m lying. I totally wanted this one again today. I put this in the database as Earl Grey Green but it is actually called something more like Green Tea with Earl Grey. The Chun Mee is the driving force behind this one. Bergamot adds a nice aroma and a light touch to the cup. It is not overly complex, just comforting.

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drank Earl Grey by Tazo
1673 tasting notes

I had this as an iced tea at Starbucks today. I have had Tazo Earl Grey several times at home as a hot tea. Only once, of those several, could I taste the bergamot. I thought everyone was crazy that said the could. Apparently the boxes at the grocery store, and even in Starbucks, had at some point been exposed to too much heat or something and the flavor was lost.

I said all this to say my expectations were not high.

Much to my surprise I could immediately smell the bergamot. I was starting to get my hopes up, but when I tasted, I was once again disappointed. The tea seemed OK but it was too hot when they poured it over too little ice. One of my pet peeves – watered down iced tea. I never add sweetener to iced tea but I did today in an attempt to salvage it.

Since I cannot avoid Starbucks, given my wife’s addiction, I guess I am going back to the green tea frap and just ask them not to add sugar. At least I always enjoy it.

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Let me tell you about my morning so far. I started on Facebook complaining about the ads in the middle of the post area of the screen that can’t be closed. A friend agreed then told me to have a Snickers. lol. So then I get a bagel and think I’ll prepare tea. The press is full of spent leaf. Back to the kitchen. The water jug is empty. Back to the kitchen. I remembered the bagel, forgot the press. Back to the kitchen. Had to search for my mug. Filled the scoop with leaf. Flipped on the kettle. I was talking to my wife and watching Destination Truth – nobody doesn’t find monsters better (how could they cancel this show?) – then I grab the scoop and toss it back to storage… except… I forgot to pour the leaf in the press first. Good grief. Yeah, back to the kitchen.

The tea is wonderful and much needed, but I need more Snickers.

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My wife NEEDED coffee. I think they put crack in that stuff. So, I ordered this as an alternate to the green tea frap I normally get. It isn’t bad. It just isn’t what I wanted. The taste is very close to the Bigelow Lemon Lift I had a couple days ago. I thought that one tasted like lemon grass. Next time I guess I’ll try an iced Earl Grey latte.

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drank Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
1673 tasting notes

Two mugs of this to start my day. It was only supposed to be one, but somebody can’t see the water line on the kettle at 6:30 in the morning. Since the water was already hot, no since wasting it. I have enough leaf for a couple more sessions. Age is taking its toll. This is getting a bit weak and flat.

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Tonight I used one bag and a 12 oz mug. Of course it was weaker but I thought overall it had a truer sugar cookie taste. I did add a packet of Splenda. Next I want to try this in a 8 oz cup. First time was 6 oz. I am looking for that sweet spot. Bonnie said you can buy this year round from Celestial Seasonings. I saw it on Amazon as well. Christmas year round. Woot!


Merry Christmas!


Ho Ho Ho!

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