1581 Tasting Notes

drank Nepal, Mist Valley by Simpson & Vail
1581 tasting notes

Arrrrrggggghhhhh! I forgot to copy text before hitting post!

More irritating is I have a weak cup of this awesome tea. I had more leaf than needed for one cup but not quite enough for two. I tried to stretch it… You know, I could have just used less water. sigh.

It’s going to be 82 today. I’ll adjust. Go Spring!

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drank Nina's Paris by Nina's Paris
1581 tasting notes

Glad I remembered to copy text before trying to post :)

I have found all the Nina’s teas I’ve tried to be subtle cups. They don’t shout flavor. They quietly reveal themselves, if you are willing to take the time with the cup. This one is no different. It starts lightly of orange that is followed and supported by peach. The soft flavors are natural. The cup seems a bit creamy to me. As it cools the strawberry reveals itself. Later the cherry can be detected but I find it the lightest of the flavors. The base is smooth with no astringency. If you like big and bold – forget it. If you like a quiet relaxing cup, you might like this one.

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I have an open pop. I drank half. It is just not doing it for me. I want tea. My wife has some project going in the kitchen and I can’t get to the compost bowl to empty my old leaves. sigh. Oh wait, I have a couple sachets of genmaicha left. Yeah!

This is my only experience with this type tea. I don’t know if it is a good example – except LiberTEAS rated it well and that is good enough for me.

First time I tried this I had no idea what it was. It was so weird I liked it just for that reason. Later cups I learned to like it because it tastes good.

Today I left the sachet in the cup the whole time, like an amateur, just to see what happens – it wasn’t because I forgot my cozy and didn’t want to get up and get it – ok maybe it was. I won’t be able to get a second steep now but this cup had heft with its roasty nutty flavor. Yum.

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Used my tiny 6oz cup for this last night so it would be stronger tasting. Went straight to sleep and slept 7 hours. Yeah, definitely keeping this one.

My avatar at the moment is me and my wife in 1991. She looks like Stevie Nicks. Me, kinda Waylon Jennings. Today, her hair is short and mine is down the sink :(


Stevie Nicks still rocks though, so does your wife I’m sure:-)


Why yes, yes she does!

I saw Stevie on Axs a few weeks back. She closed with a Zeppelin song and did it much justice.

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I was just scrolling through my tasting notes – what an eclectic stash. From super cheap to more than a lot of people make an hour and I like most of it, including this one.

Starting my day with this using yesterday’s leaf. I think I steeped it correctly this time. The description says this tastes pastry. I am not sure what that means. It is almost malty but not, almost cocoa, but not. It’s not really yeasty. It does kind of taste like the crust of bread – kind of. Maybe bread dipped in Darjeeling, without the Muscatel. Wow, I’m at a loss. One thing I can tell you is the problem with this tea – it keeps disappearing out of my cup.

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I won this from Cuppa Crew – yeah me! I am not ready to review this yet because I don’t think I steeped it correctly. Even so this is very different than any oolong I have had before. It reminds me of Darjeeling. It is almost a black tea with no smoke or roasted notes. Dry it smells of hay and bark. I can kind of agree to peach notes because I read it. I am not sure I would come up with that description on my own. I am getting light and fruity with wood notes. Well apparently I am reviewing this. This is not a bold black flavor. it is smooth Darjeeling with no astringency or bite. Two thumbs up!


YAY! congrats on winning!


Is this the same as a Bai Hao, or Oriental Beauty? I know that’s what Harney’s Fanciest Formosa Oolong is.


Ashmanra – I have never had an Oriental Beauty, but by the description it sounds pretty similar. This is from Taiwan but nothing like the highly floral Fong Mong teas and zero roasted notes.

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Ok, the guy that used to do Double Dare hosts a show on the Food Channel called Unwrapped. They did a segment on Celestial Seasonings. That inspired me to try this one. Some reviewed this as medicinal smelling. I did not get that. It smells mainly of spearmint. You may recall I hate spearmint tea. That said, it works in this one. The mint is not overdone and is followed by and surrounded by lemongrass. I can’t believe they go together but I like it. I added splenda and I cannot single out the appley chamomile or the lightly bitter valerian.

It did not knock me out. I could feel it. It did relax my brain so I feel asleep easily and awoke 8 hours later feeling refreshed. I like the taste of Two Leaves Better Rest more but Sleepytime Extra is half the price and available at Wally World. Looks like this may take up residence in my stash.


Double dare! I loved that show!


That was HIM?


Yep, the king of Gak his own self.

Rachel Sincere

Mark Somers (SP?) produces a ton of shows on Food Network and I believe Cooking Channels as well.


Mark Somers, I know the show. Also like Elton on “good eats”.


As to the tea … may have to give it a whirl, although I need a sleep-assist ingredient with the heft and effect of a well-wielded 2 × 4 on the back of my head. (I have a very relax-resistant brain.)


Marc S. name shows up a lot in production credits on FN. Since I have been forced into retirement I have been watching a lot of FN so I have just discovered Good Eats. It’s like Bill Nie made a cooking show with Pee Wee Herman on the writing staff. Well maybe not, anyway great show.

Gmathis – I know the feeling. It’s 6:00 AM and I am typing on the computer. Should have had a cup or three last night.

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drank Marie-Antoinette by Nina's Paris
1581 tasting notes

Oh wow! Judging by the dry leaf smell – sour, medicinal – I was prepared to not like this. I did not read the ingredients before hand and was not sure what was in this. Steeped 3 minutes.

Ok, it’s rose and something else. Sipped – apples! I would never think to mix the two. They really play off each other and you do not have to concentrate to know its apple. Slightly tart but not really. slightly sweet but not overly.

The rose is what I taste first but it is well behaved, never going over the top in a perfume sort of way. The Ceylon they say has strongness. I beg to differ. It is quite smooth, gentle even. This is a very fine and balanced cup.

I am glad I used my delicate cup for this because it only seems fitting. I’m also kind of glad I wasn’t sipping this with a bunch of guys. It is hard for a lot of guys to admit they like pretty things occasionally.

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drank Earl Grey by Nina's Paris
1581 tasting notes

I received an envelope with 4 different samples from Laurent at Nina’s Teas USA. This was very much unexpected and much appreciated. Thank You!

Short version of what I am preparing for a future review on my blog. I am a barbarian when it comes to Earl Grey, but I know what I like. Don’t mess with it unless there is a good reason.

Nina’s version is simply tea and bergamot. Yeah! This is a very smooth Keemun base. No smoke. No bitterness. The bergamot has an wonderful aroma. It is a lighter touch than my normal heathen cup but tastes very nice.

If you find most Earl Grey blends to be a harsh overpowering cup of ‘ick’ (well you would be wrong but) this might well be the more sophisticated cup your palette has been waiting for. Very nicely done

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Vanilla Comoro by Harney & Sons
1581 tasting notes

First, what was I thinking? This is my first cup of the day and it is decaf?

Second, Terri is absolutely right – double up on the leaf. It is a delicious vanilla cup with caramel notes that feels so creamy as I sip. The base is slightly malty and absolutely smooth. This is a delicious cup!

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