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Really like this. It is somewhere between an Assam and a Chinese black but not really like either. Doesn’t make me think oolong at all. Just yum for my first cup of the day.

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drank Green Tea with Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
1691 tasting notes

From yesterday – needed this after watching Paranormon at the $1 summer kid movies. I am and forever will be a big kid. My wife, grown son, and I sat in the middle of bus loads of little curtain climbers to watch this. No we didn’t go with any of them. It was great fun watching with kids. At one point you could hear the room gasp, then one of them whispered, “He said a bad word”. They giggled nervously at the creepier parts. They laughed and clapper out loud at the funny parts. So much fun.

The tea was comfortable as always – read one of my other 700 notes on this one.

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drank Golden Monkey Black Tea by Teavivre
1691 tasting notes

Golden Monkey, how I love you! I read my first tasting note. I can add nothing to it. I also noticed I was able to get 6 western mugs out of a single scoop of leaf. Simply an amazingly glorious tea.


Can you give us your steeping preferences for this tea?


I fill my scoop, which is about 1/2 the sample packet. I almost never use as much leaf as called for on the instructions. Prepared with 12oz of heavily steaming almost boiling water and my press. The steep was a little less than two minutes.


I went back to my notes and found I stayed around two minutes until the fifth cup @ 3 minutes and sixth @ 4.

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drank Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
1691 tasting notes

Just got home from watching Monsters University. In the middle of the day. On a Monday. Just feels weird. There were several people in the theater, maybe a half dozen of which were kids. Good mindless fun.

I have maybe enough for a couple more goes at this tin that never ends (not complaining). I used less than boiling water and that really smooths out the Ceylon base. Really hitting my earl grey spot this afternoon.

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A nice simple sweet puerh. It is smooth with no harsh edges. Last time I had this I called it book leather with out the mustiness. Today it is more horse tack – which I like. A good start to Monday. Went well with my bagel.

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drank Candy Cane Lane by Celestial Seasonings
1691 tasting notes

I’ll probably get back to grown up teas soon but not tonight. This is just simply delicious. Got my happy face on.


Growing up is highly overrated.

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A quick cup before bolting out the door. This is so good, I wish I had more time with it.

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drank Earl Grey Decaf by Bigelow
1691 tasting notes

I have a ton of high dollar tea. I wanted this one. The regular version was my first love. yeah, it’s an inexpensive grocery store bagged tea. It is also decaf. If you accept this for what it is, it’s pretty enjoyable. Oh, and I used a cup not a mug and left the bag in it for old times sake.

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drank Orange Pekoe by Mother Parkers
1691 tasting notes

Looks like Steepster is down again. who knows if this will really post. Anyway, I think the allergy medicine is actually working. I still feel stopped up but man o’ man this tasted so good today. Probably shouldn’t moan out loud in a restaurant but I did anyway. Multiple cups. It is just a cheap bagged tea but has more depth than most. Today it had a light earthy roastedness to it. I swear I was even catching some leather notes. So glad to taste again.

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drank Rainbow Sherbet by 52teas
1691 tasting notes

Tonight I steeped this again so I could have the first cup. My son took it last night. The flavor difference between first and second steep is pretty minimal. The biggest being I did not notice the black tea in the cup last night. Today it is very obvious. The fruit flavors are awesome. I can taste the lime, the orange, and the raspberry. The vanilla makes it kind of creamy. I notice on 52Teas site this is no longer available. Too bad for you guys because this is really good. Too bad for me as well as my son has claimed the bag. :)


They have an iced tea version that is just as good.

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