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I used to be a coffee drinker, but it started to hurt my stomach so I switched to tea. A friend of mine introduced me to DAVID’s TEA and I couldn’t stop after that!

How I rate teas goes as following:

1-49: Teas I won’t buy again. Either the taste is discusting to me, or it’s too bland, etc. I’m most likely not even going to finish the tin/bag.

50-59: Teas I wouldn’t buy; I have to force myself to drink the whole cup to not waste it.

60-69: I’ll finish the cup and even the bag/tin, but I wouldn’t buy these teas again. Teas of this rating are “lacking something”.

70-79:Teas that are pretty good and ones I might buy again. Usually these teas are ones I have to be “in the mood for” and drink occasionally.

80-89: Great teas! Ones I will drink several times a week and often have in my stash :).

90-100: Favourite must-have teas! I stock up on these teas all of the time and drink them constantly!

Flavours I love include mint, chamomile, and ginger. I also like when teas have sprinkles or caramel bits in it, but strangely I don’t like some chocolate teas (even though I love chocolate).

Flavours I don’t care for include hibiscus or anything too tart(although If used sparingly, its okay) and overpowering amounts of cinnamon and lemon.

I love black tea but can’t drink too much because my stomach hurts. I can drink it flavoured or plain, but I hate when it’s over-steeped.

Green tea I generally drink straight (or with some mint), and of course hate it when it is over-steeped or when boiling water is poured over the leaves an it gets bitter.

I love rooibos teas but strangely I don’t care for it straight: I like it flavoured and often make lattes using flavoured rooibos blends.

I drink a lot of different kinds of herbal teas. Two staples include chamomile and peppermint-the stronger, the better!



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