1243 Tasting Notes

drank Licorice Twist by DAVIDsTEA
1243 tasting notes

coldbrew sipdown (331/313)

I should really say this is a pourdown because one sip turned my stomach so bad that I immediately threw the rest out. I like licorice in tea and i hate wasting tea, but this one is just plain awful and nausea-inducing.

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drank Honey Bee by DAVIDsTEA
1243 tasting notes

My sister in law stayed the night over the weekend and went through our teas (which is why we’re down to 332/314 teas in our cupboard XD) and said she had been interested in trying some mate blends. BOY did she come to the right place. So I had enough for 3-4 cups in the bottom of my tin and I gave that to her, which means I got to refill my tin with a 50 g bag I had stashed away. But let me tell you, 50 g is not enough! It fills barely a third of the tin.

Anyway, I’ve been dying for a cup ever since I opened the tin a few days ago. Lord have mercy, I love this tea. It’s also the tea that got my bestie into drinking Davids. The best days were when I’d stop by Davids on the way to work and get honeybee for both of us. Those were also our most productive days XD.

I love the honey and the bee…yes, I still maintain that it tastes like bees smell.

Now mayb e I’ll get some work done!

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML
Sami Kelsh

I had a dream a while back that I created a tea called Golden Honeybee. I wonder if this is the tea I dreamt of?

aisling of tea

It is certainly a tea to dream of. It’s wonderful.

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Coldbrewed and amazing. Seriously, I should not enjoy this blend, but I dooooo. So much. It’s a creamy vanilla chai that isn’t backed by an astringent black, instead it has a light green and white in the background. This is lovely and I think I will finish off the sample iced.

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For the last day or so, I haven’t been feeling well. Dizzy, coughing, my wife says I was running a fever last night. However, I do attribute part of the fact that I was feeling awful for the last few days to my lack of tea consumption. Those days were low in tea drinking and high in eating out/drinking soda/drinking booze. When I get dehydrated, my body gets pissed, so while I likely am coming down with something, the lack of hydration hasn’t helped.

Now I get to add nausea to my list because I was eating leftover ribs from Swiss Chalet and my teeth sank into a bit of cartilage. shudder Things like that really, really squick me out, to the point of it will be a few days before I can even consider eating meat again. It’s been hours and I can still “feel it”, you know? This is why I can’t eat wings on the bone.

So I am really looking for some comforting, refreshing tea. This tea is growing on me with every sip. It is certainly refreshing, and floral, which isn’t usually my bag, but hey. I keep taking sips, looking for a fruity component I know I won’t see. But it feels like it’s missing it. Something to just round out the edges a little bit, make it taste less like perfume.

Still, I don’t hate it. But I wouldn’t restock unless my wife falls in love with it. But if you’re a fan of florals, I can see how this would be a good one.


Eww! That would gross me out too. I made Pinty’s hot wings for the first time and they all had such a thick layer of fat. biting down into the first one grossed me out too! Stuff like that can ruin a person’s day.


Ugh, I totally get that meat thing. I couldn’t eat chili for years after getting a piece of fat.


Eugh, I can’t eat meat off the bone for the same reason. Fat and cartilage seriously gross me out, too. Thank god for vegetarian food.

aisling of tea

Thank goodness I’m not the only one. The good news is my sister in law is vegetarian, so I have quite a few veg dishes in my repertoire. I love ribs, but I can only eat them once or twice a year and I have to really be in the mood to pick all the meat off the bone shudder


The only way I can eat ribs is if I bake the crap out of them, making them super dry. most of the fat melts off and it’s easier to manage the cartilage too.

aisling of tea

Me too. I was a fool to do anything but pick the meat off with my hands so I could feel if there was any bone or cartilage.

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I am so saddened by what I did to this tea. I accidentally cold steeped it for 2 and a half days and as a result, the tea tastes, well, off. This is one of my favorites, but I don’t taste anything except for a very strong, bitter white tea.



I didn’t think you could over steep when cold steeping! No change when you add water to it?

aisling of tea

I imagine the strength might go away but the bitterness would remain. I didn’t think it was possible either, but I’ve only done it twice, both with white blends, so that may be the issue.


I’ll have to be careful with cold steeping whites then!

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drank Blue Lagoon by DAVIDsTEA
1243 tasting notes

Coldbrewed this for a tea party with the sister in law. We poured it into my new Disney Princess Q-tea tea set and added a shot of blueberry pancake liquor. The set has two teapots, so one was this blend and the other was Tropicalia and coconut rum. This was the clear favorite.

A classy, grown-up time was had by all XD.


Hahaha. That sounds awesome!

aisling of tea

It was very, very awesome. This morning? Not so awesome XD.

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drank Tropicalia by DAVIDsTEA
1243 tasting notes

Coldbrewed this, mixed it with coconut rum.

Meh. Didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped. Still adore this tea.

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Underwhelming hot, underwhelming cold. Underwhelming in the pot, nine days old!

…please ignore my childhood flashback.

This tea is forgettable and not worth my time. I’ll finish up the packet and then move on.

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Coldbrew world of hell no.

I will never, ever coldbrew this again. It’s got orange peel, alright – that’s all I can taste. Doctored this with a metric ton of agave, at least I’ll get some energy out of it.



Oh no. You have soo much tea, you should have just dumped it and moved on to something more drinkable. That is what I would have done. You are clearly committed :P

aisling of tea

I have so many issues with dumping tea, I just can’t bring myself to do it unless it is physically making me ill. At the very least I’ll get hydration out of it.


Right now I am stressing about hydration which means balancing each caffeinated cup with a non-caffeinated one (whether it is tea or water) in addition to the 6-8 cups of water you need daily. So as much as I don’t like wasting tea, I won’t force myself to drink a caffeinated cup I don’t really like because I would rather brew up a different cup that I would enjoy instead.

aisling of tea

lol yeah, see, I drink so much tea in a day that I’m lucky enough to not have to worry about it.


Haha, I didn’t worry either for a while and it was fine but then my weight loss slowed and I think that may have had something to do with it. It is nbd though because now instead of making 2 cups at once, I make 3

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I am greatly enjoying this coldbrewed tea and I want to just cuddle it. Unfortunately, one of our cats is having a “cling to momma” day and she is currently asleep with her nose pressed up against the mesh screen of my carry travel mug, so I guess I don’t get any more until she wakes up. Cutie Patootie.

This tea has been a favorite of ours for years, but it’s getting old and developing an odd aftertaste. So sadly I’m putting this in the sipdown pile. If you have any left and you sweeten your teas, do yourself a favor and use a touch of brown sugar. It really brings out the crumble part. Maybe I’ll add brown sugar to Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait and see if I can get a crumble from it.

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“You can forgive a murder, but never a mistake while preparing tea.” Chinese proverb

Labels? Here you go: Femme, Wife, Lesbian, Homemaker, Happy. Don’t forget tea fanatic!

My tastes in tea have changed, so I should update this as well. I find myself leaning more towards rooibos and herbals, if only for their great ability to chill in my travel mug for hours and not get weird on me. When I have time to properly brew a cuppa, I lean towards white teas (which I only steep for 30 seconds) and black teas (which only get 2-3 minutes from me). I cannot stand green teas, they’re too fiddly for my tastes. Oolongs are great, but a bit fiddly as well. However, I love watching oolongs open up in my looseleaf brewer. I’m slowly discovering mates and falling for them…there are many I look forward to trying!

So…yeah. That’s me and my tea!

Feel free to find me on twitter, my username is ladykittykat!


Scarborough, ON



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