1351 Tasting Notes

drank Yogi Berry by DAVIDsTEA
1351 tasting notes

This is almost disturbingly tasty. I totally get the bubblegum, but the strawberry really shines through to me. The ginger is nice, a background hint and not overwhelming like it can be. We have 100 g in rewards coming our way and I know exactly where to spend them. This is a delicious oolong, light and fruity and I can’t wait to try the cold steeped leaves tomorrow!


Oh man, I was going to skip all the newer DT teas but your reviews are making me reconsider.

aisling of tea

Mwahahaha my evil plan is working. I had it coldbrewed today and it was absolutely lovely, though oddly enough, I think I prefer it hot. I usually prefer the coldbrew, but hot took this tea to another level.

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I had forgotten how much I love this tea, all silky and creamy and vanilla-y goodness. This is one I might have to make my brother pick up for me when I run out because it is easily the best vanilla oolong I’ve ever had. I’m dying to get my hands on my incoming Strawberry Oolong from Teavivre and mix it with this tea, see how they play together.

I only did one steep, but the leaves have been used for coldbrewing tomorrow’s tea. Mmmm, I can’t wait.


Just tried this one recently and it’s sooooo good!

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Well, last time I had this tea, I was all Throw Moma From The Train, but now I can’t get “Jump!” by Kriss Kross out of my head. Hmm.

Anyhoo, this is my other coldbrew for the day and it makes me sad because it’s so tasty and River Teas is no more. I think I’m still in mourning. They were so unique! I just wish I knew what happened there.

Anyway, the tea is lovely. It’s a lighter green than the Pomegranate Dragonfruit I had earlier today and I like it a lot better. I don’t just taste random fruitiness, I definitely taste pineapple and cranberry, but they don’t overwhelm the green tea either. It’s just a perfectly balanced blend.



I was just about to say….kris cross will make you Jump! As soon as I saw the tea name

Roswell Strange

I feel you aisling; I still don’t feel any sense of closure about the whole thing :(

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drank Cinnaberry by DAVIDsTEA
1351 tasting notes

Another tea I’m drinking the last of my sample of so I can decide if I want more, and the answer is a resounding yes. It’s so, so good.


Thanks to you, I’m going to pick a bit of this one up to try next time I’m there. :)

aisling of tea

Yay!! It is delicious, rapidly becoming one of my favorites.

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I cannot breathe. My nose is so stopped up that my face hurts. I feel like my whole face is swollen, which it likely is. Not to mention the coughing and sore throat.

I really hate winter. Not to mention the fact that while we were visiting Kentucky and Tennessee, a flu epidemic was declared in both states. What an awesome souvenir I brought home!

My wife is hitting up a Davids on the way home from work today, so I reached for the last little sample of this instead of my usual cold 911 so I can decide if I want her to grab more or not. I even opted to forgo my usual sugar and add honey instead.

And the verdict is in, this is a lovely tea to enjoy while I’m sick and one I think I would like having on hand, since I’m sick most of the time. It’s citrusy and just medicinal enough for me to believe it might even help my cold.

Now I’m off to reassure my clingy cats that I will never, ever leave them again XD


Feel better soon!

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Cold brew of the day, yay!! This is good, but mostly unremarkable. It’s a fruity green, but I don’t know if I would be able to pick out the specific fruits. Still, it will be no hardship to finish what I have, but I doubt I’ll try to get any more.


dragonfruit! yay!

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After catching up on Steepster, I was craving tea. Something strong and malty and…tea like. Nothing masked in flavors, just good, simple tea.

So I dragged this one out and if it doesn’t wake you up in the morning, nothing will. Hoo boy is it strong. Li8ke my father would say, “it puts hair on your chest”. I likely overleafed, because this is a touch bitter for me, but it is hitting that tea craving like no other. It’s good, but considering what my brother has been telling me about Whistling Kettle stores going to crap, I likely won’t be restocking.

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My mother in law got a gift set of these teas as a Christmas gift from one of her students, a tin of Mango, a tin of Green and a tin of Oolong. Now, my mother in law is a hardcore tea drinker, but in the extremely weak Red Rose kind of way. It was a thoughtful gift, but the only time she doesn’t drink Red Rose is when she’s drinking honey and lemon for a sore throat.

Anyway, when she offered the set to me, I jumped on it. If I don’t like the oolong, I can use it for kombucha, the green with disappear at De’s work, and I hoped the mango would be good enough for coldbrewing.

I am happily surprised! I cold brewed two bags in 24 ounces of water overnight and the result is a fruity drink that doesn’t overshadow the green tea, but instead the mango and the green tea seem to take turns on the sip. The front is all MANGO, but by the time the sip is gone, the green tea lingers in a very good way. It will be no hardship to finish off the 30 bag tin. I wouldn’t pick it up again, just because it is bagged and I try not to buy bagged if I can avoid it.

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During our time in Gatlinburg, we visited The Village, an awesome little set of shops. Old friends of the family run The Cheese Cupboard there and so it has been a regular stop for as long as I can remember. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the website and discovered the Spice and Tea Exchange was just a few doors down from The Cheese Cupboard! They make my wife’s favorite coconut oolong, which she had just run out of.

It was a cute little shop, more spice than teas, and the teas were kept in glass jars and clear plastic baggies on the wall, which…sucked, but whatever. Each tea was bagged by the ounce, and you could get 3 ounces for $12, so that’s what we did. A bit pricey, but it’s also in a tourist part of town. This is one I immediately reached for and I’m glad I did. In the process of packing for the trip, I packed a lot of herbals for my mom, but forgot to pack anything caffeinated for me and the wifey.

More than half the bag is gone, this tea one I reached for often in the mornings. Now that I’m home, I set it to coldbrew overnight and it is yummy. Very fruity, but there’s a cloying artificialness that will keep me from trying to get more. Still, I will definitely stop in every time I’m in the area.

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drank Detox (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
1351 tasting notes

If ever there was a time for detox, it is now, after two weeks of deep fried glory. I love detox and if it can help my system recover, even better!

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“You can forgive a murder, but never a mistake while preparing tea.” Chinese proverb

Labels? Here you go: Femme, Wife, Lesbian, Homemaker, Happy. Don’t forget tea fanatic!

Ah, tea. My love for you is ever changing. At my last update, I was all about the rooibos and now I hardly drink it. I only occasionally had an oolong and now I have one just about every day. I’ve learned the art of resteeping and coldbrewing and kombucha. I have a lovely little tea pet named…well, I haven’t decided on a name for him yet. I also have four live pets, a tabby cat named Rosabella Francis (Bella for short), a ginger cat named Orange Julius Pekoe (Pekoe), a white and grey cat named Earl Jean Grey (Earlie), and a red foot tortoise named Da Hong Pao (Pao). So if you see me referring to my girls, I don’t have kids, just animals.

As for tea, I love oolongs, herbals, and black tea. Since I am no longer working, I no longer feel the constant need for a mate energy boost, though I do still reach for it from time to time. I also drink less matcha, though I do throw a spoonful or two in when I’m making smoothies. Most of my tea I drink coldbrewed, and since I discovered coldbrewed rooibos was giving me headaches, I’m drinking less and less of it. Straight pu-erh is not a thing I enjoy, but there are a few flavored blends I like. Greens are still too finicky for me to bother with hot, but they make great cold brews.

I am by no means a tea purist. I greatly enjoy flavored teas and I put sugar in all of my teas. It’s just how I do.

I think I’m going to name my tea pet Mr. Turtle. Even though he’s a tortoise.


Scarborough, ON



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