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Cold brewed this and love it. I can’t wait to try it with agave instead of sugar, but this is love. It’s tart, but not too tart, and just delicious. Best raspberry tea I’ve ever had.

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Cold steeped this, not impressed. It tasted bitter and like an ordinary green, I didn’t get any taste of strawberry or rhubarb at all. Sadness. It was alright, but I think I’ll save it for the wife, who likes it hot.

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Used this as a pick me up on Saturday after a hellish Friday and a sleepless night. Boy did it work. The sweet cotton candy taste brought a smile to my face with every sip. I wanted to share it with everyone I talked to.


All these matcha flavors sound SO good!


I agree. I want to try them all! I can’t figure out which one to try first though.


I gave every one I wanted to try a number and then use a randomizer to decide which to get, hahaha.


That’s awesome, Amanda!! I was overwhelmed for my first free one, so went with Green Apple since aisling of tea’s Caramel Apple blend sounded great (although I have to review the Green Apple before getting the caramel, of course!) I might use your randomizer system for my picks after that, though!

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Love this matcha. Love it. It’s almost as good as the cotton candy, but not quite. But it’s sweet and juicy and guh. I’m still amazed at how good it is.

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drank Root 66 by Red Leaf Tea
1293 tasting notes

I had this hot once, and I remember it wasn’t bad, but I decided to use up the rest of my sample in a cold brew experiment. It was…less than delicious. I wanted it to taste like root beer and it just didn’t. Ah well, this is just one less tea I need in my cupboard! I can’t remember what I didn’t like about it, I just remember it wasn’t nearly as good as I had been hoping for.

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Butterscotch is another one of those flavors that I adore. Butterscotch anything is pretty much a guarantee I buy it. I love the rich buttery-ness of it. In my drinking days, butterscotch schnapps was my go-to drink. I love it. Mix it with a bit of milk or hot cocoa…oh yes. The best, though, is around the holidays, mix a touch of it into egg nog. Ooooh, now that’s an idea, egg nog matcha. Red Leaf Tea, I will love you forever if you develop an egg nog matcha by the holidays! I can’t have real nog any more, so I’ve been hunting for a good tea substitute.

Anyway, yes. Butterscotch is love for me. It’s another Dad memory, he loves it and it makes me think of him…or maybe I’m just homesick this week. Butterscotch pudding is the only pudding I’ll touch and if an ice cream shop offers butterscotch topping, I’ll risk the dairy allergy to get a cone covered in the stuff. Liquid gold, it is. And seeing the success of Red leaf Tea’s Caramel and French Vanilla flavors, I have complete confidence in this blend being amazing. I think this definitely calls for a hot tea latte, despite it being stupidly hot outside. Am I in Toronto or back in Tennessee? These hot days are killing me…I should be able to handle them better!

No, I went for a cold matcha instead, it’s too hot out there to bother with hot drinks, though this one was made to be enjoyed hot. Hot with a touch of rum and milk. Mmm…anyway. Yes. Cold, it’s less than stellar, but it’s still yummy. Very buttery and rich, but not too rich. I want to sip on this all day, but I need to save some for when it’s cool enough to be able to handle a hot drink. It does taste like candy, but it’s not overwhemingly sweet. It’s just tasty. I’m not wowed by it like I am with some of their other blends, though. This one’s good, but I need to try it a few more times before I decide if I’m going to keep it on my shelf or not. Perhaps a warmer water temperature will help, or a better ratio of tea to water. Still, it won’t be hard at all to convince myself to drink this one! I might even be convinced to share it. It can be found here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/butterscotch-matcha.html

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drank Grape Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1293 tasting notes

Growing up, we had a long, gorgeous grapevine in our backyard. Concord grapes…mmmm. Is there anything finer? We had an archway that the grapes grew over, and my brother and I would just sit under it for ages, eating the grapes and spitting out the seeds. Mom would make grape juice and grape jelly and all sorts of grapey goodness…there are few things in this world as delicious as homemade grape juice.

When my wife was searching for a house for us while I was still living in the States, I didn’t have a whole lot of input. I mean, I could see pictures and such, but really the decision was out of my hands. One day she called me and told me she’d found it, she’d found a home for us. The house itself is kind of small, especially since we rent out the basement, but the backyard…gah, the backyard. It opens up behind the garage into a sort of fairytale….including a long grapevine snaking around the edge of the garage. When she told me about that grapevine, I was sold. This house is our home. We’re hoping it will survive when the garage gets torn down.

So grapes, as you can see, bring up crazy amounts of memories, and I’m very eager to see which kind of grape flavor this matcha yields. If it’s concord, I’ll be in heaven. Heck, I’m already in heaven, I love grape flavoured anything!

Oh yum. The scent as the bag opens is very much in your face grape. Grape, grape, grape. Guh, it smells so good. The first sip is amazing, like pure grape skittles in liquid form. It doesn’t taste like realy grapes, unfortunately, not to me, at least. But it does taste like grape candy, which is almost as good! Remember grape mentos? It tastes like those…yum. Iced, this is amazingly refreshing on this hot summer day. Is it officially summer yet? I think so….anyway, yes. This is a wonderful matcha blend, and if you’re a grape fan, it’s one you need to try (found here:http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/grape-matcha.html). Need. The smell alone makes it worth it, it smells so amazingly good. I’m so glad they put together a grape blend, I know I’m in love with it. It is totally one of my favorites that I’ve tried so far and despite having a horrible day, it’s putting a smile on my face, so thank you, Red Leaf Tea.

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drank Mocha Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1293 tasting notes

Now, when I was in college, I worked in the campus library. Said campus library also contained a coffee shop where I got an employee discount, so I lived on sugary coffee drinks. I loved them, especially anything mixed with caramel. I learned how to brew coffee at home (yes, it took me until college to learn this), but it was never quite the same, so day after day I bought coffee after expensive coffee. It turns out, my body takes issue with both caffeine and dairy, so eventually I had to give up coffee. Have you ever seen a librarian strung out on coffee? Scary stuff. But considering I only liked it with extra sugar and way too much cream, it was probably for the best. Now, every once in a while my father in law will brew up a two cup pot when we’re at his house and offer me a cup, but I just don’t touch coffee anymore. Haven’t since I started drinking looseleaf tea about two years ago. But occasionally, I miss it. Occasionally I just want a big cup of creamy coffee goodness and I have to tell myself no.

So when I spotted this matcha, I had to have it. The caffeine in matcha doesn’t affect me the way the caffeine in coffee does, and so I am very, very eager to try this. Maybe I’ll even sprinkle in a bit of caramel….next time.

When the package is opened, the smell of coffee hits you square in the nose. Mmm, I miss that smell. That smell only grows stronger as the matcha is brewed…mmm, it smells yummy. Okay, so, it’s love at first sip. It tastes like strong, sweet coffee. It is lovely…there’s even a hint of chocolate! I can’t wait to try this in latte form with some Caramel Matcha…maybe even the English Toffee to bring out the chocolate in both. Definitely begging to be mixed with vanilla soy milk. If you’re a coffee fan, or an ex-coffee fan like myself, this is a matcha to try (found here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/orange-matcha-clone.html). It’s so, so good. It’s like an expensive coffee from Starbucks without the too high price tag and the horrible side effects of coffee! The aftertaste is almost one of roasted barley, which I like. Coffee always tasted burnt to me. But this is lovely. I see a happy future for me with this matcha at my side.

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Now, full disclosure here: I’m not a cherry fan. I’m just not. Cherry is one of those throwaway flavors that they include in a pack of candy just to tease the kids who don’t get the good flavors like strawberry or grape. Now, bing cherries are delicious, but maraschino need to stay far, far away from me. But my wife loves them. Cherry anything, and she loves it. So this is a “tempt her to the dark side of matcha” purchase, as she doesn’t like matcha much. Today we’re trying all three I bought for her…and then feverishly cleaning the house while hopped up on matcha goodness. But I am interested in seeing if it tastes like a real cherry or a cherry flavoring. And if it’s a real cherry, which one? Bing? Black? Sour? Maraschino? The world may never know…because my cherry palate is about as refined as a brick. I should have bought the chocolate matcha and made her a cherry chocolate milkshake…she’d be sold in a minute! Maybe I’ll find some chocolate soy milk…yeah…

Regardless, I’m looking forward to trying this! A whole new world and all that. What’s life without a few new experiences? Holy cherry, batman! It is very, very cherry. I mixed a full scoop with 200 millilitres of chocolate soy milk for the wife, but had a sip or two of it straight before I mixed in the milk. Mmm. If I liked cherry, I would be all over this. The taste of the matcha isn’t lost at all, but cherry is definitely the frontrunner. It is a maraschino cherry flavor, but according to my wife, this is far from a bad thing. I can smell it from across the room and it smells amazing. Kind of like a cherry slushie without all of the horrible syrup and artificial flavoring. I think iced, this would be an incredibly refreshing treat…it makes me want to try making matcha popsicles. Maybe matcha fudgicles, or cherry chocolate pudding. Definitely going to experiment with this little beauty to make various different treats for that wife of mine. Maybe I’ll order the Cola matcha with the next round and mix it with that…mmm. Now that one I can get behind. Or cherry vanilla….yum. This matcha just inspires me to play around a bit and try new flavors. Maybe cherry is one that I’ll keep around, if only to experiment with (found here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/cherry-matcha.html).


Yuck, maraschino cherry. I’ll be staying away from this one; glad I read your review! I adore real cherries, and sour cherries, but maraschino cherries make me gag.

aisling of tea

Yeah, if you’re a cherry fan it’s great, my wife loved it, but for me it was just…well, too well done! XD. If you like cherry flavoring it’s good, but yeah, she said it’s definitely maraschino.

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I know, I know. These reviews are nothing but memories, but I can’t help it! If I can drink a tasty drink that is good for me, gives me energy, and makes me think of happy things, well, why wouldn’t I? This one is all my grandmother and my father. Every Thanksgiving, my grandmother would let us drink cranberry juice mixed with ginger ale, and we felt so grown up. So grown up! It’s still my preferred way of drinking cranberry juice, and when the cranberry ginger ale is released around the holidays, all I do is think of her. Her son, my father, is a ginger ale memory for me too, it’s his favorite soft drink. Vernor’s, if you’ve got it, or Schweppes, but Canada Dry will do in a pinch and make him think of me anyway. When my wife is ill, it’s ginger ale, if you please, not lemon-lime anything. You know that old adage that girls always search for someone like their father? It’s so true in my case…my wife and my father are amazingly alike. So when I spotted it on the Red Leaf tea website, I had to grab it for my campaign to get her to like matcha. Who knows, I might convert my dad with it when he comes up to visit next (found here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/ginger-ale-matcha.html)!

This is wonderful. Ginger and I are not the best of buddies, but I’m coming around to it. This reminds me of a local ginger ale found only in Middle Kentucky called “Ale-8-1”. It’s full of ginger flavor, but in a very good way. If you get this one, don’t be put off by the overwhelming ginger smell, it’s not nearly as strong as it smells, which is a good thing to me. It would definitely be a matcha I reach for when I’m headed into work with an upset stomach, but need a pick me up. I don’t think it’s one I’ll keep in stock, but it’s not one I’ll be actively trying to swap away either. I’m excited to try it with the cranberry. If you’re familiar with ginger ale brands, it’s more of a Vernor’s than anything else. Lord have mercy, I spend way too much time with ginger ale, apparently. But if I can talk my Dad into trying matcha, this will definitely be the one I lead with. Who knows, my father in law greatly enjoyed the French Vanilla matcha from Red Leaf Tea, maybe my dad can be won over as well!

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“You can forgive a murder, but never a mistake while preparing tea.” Chinese proverb

Labels? Here you go: Femme, Wife, Lesbian, Homemaker, Happy. Don’t forget tea fanatic!

My tastes in tea have changed, so I should update this as well. I find myself leaning more towards rooibos and herbals, if only for their great ability to chill in my travel mug for hours and not get weird on me. When I have time to properly brew a cuppa, I lean towards white teas (which I only steep for 30 seconds) and black teas (which only get 2-3 minutes from me). I cannot stand green teas, they’re too fiddly for my tastes. Oolongs are great, but a bit fiddly as well. However, I love watching oolongs open up in my looseleaf brewer. I’m slowly discovering mates and falling for them…there are many I look forward to trying!

So…yeah. That’s me and my tea!

Feel free to find me on twitter, my username is ladykittykat!


Scarborough, ON



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