drank Butterbeer by 52teas
100 tasting notes

I’m afraid to go to the 52Teas website after I write this note. I’m afraid that the Butterbeer will be all gone and I won’t be able to order say dozens more packages, for me, and to force upon all my friends and family: SEE?? TEA IS AWESOME! I’M NOT CRAZY! TRY THIS!!

Ahem. Sorry.

I’m reading the other tasting notes and seeing that I was supposed to be getting a root beer flavor and yes, in the beginning, I suppose I did. But towards the middle and end of the cup, it was creamy dreamy butterscotch candy that I was tasting. And I want more and more and more. I’m scaring myself a little; I know this tasting note is a bit on the manic side…

Blame it on the Butterbeer.

Off to check that website! Wish me luck!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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40-year-old mother of one 17-year-old boy living in central Wisconsin with my partner. I love to read, crochet, play my ukulele, and drink tea, of course!

About my cupboard—I have listed every tea that I have 1 oz. or more. Most teas I have about 2 oz. Feel free to ask for a trade. I love to trade for samples. I will warn you now that I’m a slow mailer so you shouldn’t send me your part of the trade until you’ve gotten your package from me!

TEA LIKES: Blacks, Greens, Whites, and only these herbals: Mate, and Guayusa. Berry, nut, coconut, spice, sweet, crème, pineapple, chocolate, citrus, cranberry, mint, vanilla…

TEA DISLIKES: Herbals besides Mate and Guayusa, strong bergamot, sour, tangy, tart, earthy, pu erh, strong oolongs (they smell like manure to me), Jasmine, floral, smoky…


Oshkosh, WI

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