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with sugar, and almost like candy

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drank Holiday Dream by Argo Tea
804 tasting notes

While in Argo, I picked up a three pack of holiday blends and this was one of them. It’s really, really good! The orange flowers remind me of Mighty Leaf’s Orange Dulche, but without the overpowering flavor. The vanilla isn’t too strong and the almond balances it really well. The cinnamon is just barely there in the background. This is a fantastic blend and I’m so glad to have picked some up. It’s too bad I can’t figure out how to get it in a larger quantity!


Ohhh that sounds really good! I really miss being near anywhere with an Argo Tea… sniffle.

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drank White FrosTea by Argo Tea
804 tasting notes

I was in New York, and was looking for tea shops, and realized that this was my opportunity to try out Argo, which I’ve read about on several occasions.

I adored it! It really was like a starbucks for the tea drinking set. They had excellent food options (even vegan ones!) and had both speciality drinks (like starbucks lattes) based on tea and straight steeped teas.

I decided that since I didn’t have any options like this at home, I’d go with a fancy drink and got the seasonal FrosTea. It was really good! It was a lot like candy; more sweet than tea-like, but that’s just how the frou frou coffee drinks are at the other shop. And I’ve often seen teenagers get into coffee by starting with frou frou coffee drinks, so maybe this is a way to hook folks on tea as well. :)

Anyway, fun place! I’ll be sure to swing by next time I’m in Chicago or New York!

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Oh my goodness! Now that’s an assam! It’s malty and strong, but not harsh at all! It’s not something I’d want to drink all the time, but it’d be perfect on a really rainy day or if I had to be up before the sun. Yum!

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Well, Harney & Sons, aren’t you clever? Here I thought I didn’t like Hot Cinnamon Spice, but you threw in two sample bags with my order the other day. Now I’ve gone through both and I miss it already! Good move. Now I’ll have to order more. :)

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I’m so glad for my new rating system. I think sometimes I didn’t rate things as highly before because I didn’t want to rate everything that highly and I thought I would. I also didn’t want to rate teas too lowly either, so I stuck to the 60-80 range. This tea, though, deserves more! I really like it a lot and am (and will be) keeping it in my cupboard, so it is now in the 90s!

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Oh no! This was not what I thought it was going to be! I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this floral tea, but I work on the magnolia campus, so I thought I should give it a try. I wasn’t even able to finish the cup!

Tea Epicurian

Definately not what the name implied. And I never thought it would be so perfumed that it would overpower. Possibly one of the worst teas I have tasted to date. I too was not able to take more than 3 sips before throwing it out. Don’t waist your money.


Glad I’m not alone!!

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I’ve been into tea, at some level, since college with a first tin of loose tea brought back by my parents from Oxford. My love of tea increased with a visit to Boston and a chance cup at Tealuxe. Since then I’ve only gotten more interested in tea and have developed more of an appreciation for it.

tea rating guide
(updated 12/2010)

100: a perfect cuppa. these are the teas I’ll keep in my cupboard and tend to be one per type of tea.

90-99: will definitely get more of this tea

80-89: likely to get more and perhaps it will become a favorite with time

70-79: very good, depending on my mood or the season

60-69: wouldn’t actively try to get this tea, but also wouldn’t avoid it in a tea shop or restaurant

50-59: run-of-the-mill tea for me

40-49: decent, would hit the spot in some moods, but probably wouldn’t purchase it for my cupboard

30-39: okay, will try again, maybe

20-29: meh. I’d try this tea again if no other were available

10-19: drinkable, but a forced cup

0-9: didn’t even finish the cup


Blacksburg, VA



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