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I’m starting to think they meant peachy as in that’s just peachy and not as in a peach white tea. This is pure cinnamon to me. It actually makes the roof of my mouth itch. Definitely don’t taste peach at all. I will be passing the last cup of this on to someone who might enjoy it because I did not.

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Thanks Allie for sending this one to me in a swap.

It was a nice Jasmine Silver Needle. I think it definitely sits right along with the Teavana Jasmine Silver Needle. This one is a bit less perfumey than the Teavana one, which is nice. This one is also now a Sipdown! Woot!

I am making slow headway on my sipping down of my tea cupboard. And now that I’m on an actual tea buying ban, I should be able to actually make some space. Instead of making space and immediately filling it back up with new tea. Though my Just Organic Tea order from the Kickstarter should be arriving relatively soon… and there’s so much tea in that order. XD

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Tea & Cards TTB

Not bad! Not nearly the level of 52Teas Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish… but I liked it. I guess I have a thing for blueberry black teas. I’ve liked all the ones I’ve tried so far.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Tuscan Garden by White Lion
126 tasting notes

Tea & Cards TTB

This is a nice light herbal. I enjoyed it this afternoon to warm me up and calm me down.

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drank Caribe by Harney & Sons
126 tasting notes

Tea & Cards TTB

I woke up this morning feeling like complete crap. Sinuses are out of whack, this week continues to be a cluster of stress, and I despite what was an actually decent night of sleep for the first time in a few days, I just felt exhausted 5 minutes after opening my eyes.

This was one of the teas I had set aside from the Tea & Cards TTB to try at work and I’m really glad I chose it this morning. Very refreshing. Tropical, fruity and just what I needed. It reminded me a bit of the Mighty Leaf Tropical Green Tea, but with a lot more flavor and complexity.

I marked this one as maybe for my next Harney & Sons order. Though who knows when that order will be… I have a lot of tea to sipdown before that can happen!

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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Tea & Cards TTB

This was such a nice bold black tea. Full bodied and a bit yeasty. It was exactly what I needed after a pretty restless night, to get started on what promises to be a very busy week.

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Lovely and delicate. Another fantastic melon tea. It’s definitely general melon and not specifically watermelon in my opinion, but still I’m a fan. Who know I liked melon tea this much??

It’s a very rainy day and I would like nothing more than to be home on my couch drinking ALL OF THE TEA and reading the book I’m nearly finished with or playing hours of old school Rollercoaster Tycoon like I did basically all weekend. Oh what an exciting life I lead! But nope, I am at work and consoling myself with light flavorful tea.

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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drank White Peach by Adagio Teas
126 tasting notes

This is a tea I would very much like to sipdown. I’m making some progress with the help of my coworkers. Sharing tea at work has definitely helped me pare down!

It’s a nice peach tea. Definitely light and juicy, but its not my favorite peach tea by any means. I still need to give this one a try iced. Maybe I’ll bring some home to ice this weekend.

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drank Mulberry White Tea by RiverTea
126 tasting notes

Thank you, Marzipan, for sending this my way! This is delicious!

The scent of the dry leaf was so amazing. Very rich and intoxicating with its fruity scent. I definitely taste the papaya. It’s the dominant flavor, but the berry is present too. It does remind me ever so slightly of cantaloupe & cream in taste, which is really strange because it doesn’t smell ANYTHING like that.

So yeah, delicious. Might have to add this to my wishlist!


I’m glad you like it, I know a lot of people say this is one of their favorite white teas.


Dang, I haven’t tried mine yet!

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mmmm…old friend… we meet again.


Gah, you, madame, make me want to try this tea so badly:P Just thought you should know..hahaha.


I can totally send you a sample if you want me to!


Oh my gosh! Really? I’d love that!!^.^ Is there anything in my cupboard you would be interested in at all? We can do a mini swap:] Message me, please!:]

Kyla Covington Abercrombie

You are the reason I ordered from Butiki teas! I love the you tube videos! Thank you. They are helpful!!

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The first time I tried loose leaf tea at home, I was hooked. I’ve been drinking tea for years now, though I still feel like such a newbie in the world of teas. There are so many things I’ve never tried from so many new to me companies!

I used to be very much a black tea drinker, but have started, in the last year, to realize that I prefer the lightness of greens and whites much more.

That said, I will basically try any tea once (probably twice, just in case)!

My review categories:
100-94: I never want to run out of these!
93-80: Restock please!
79-60: Definitely like, but not a must have
59-50: Not lovin’ it, but I’d drink it again
49 & below: nope, Nope, NOPE.

Most Wanted Teas:
DAVIDsTEA – Pistachio Cream

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/pixieinpumps
Twitter: @lolainred


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