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Have had this two mornings in a row. Have just enough for one more cup. Will miss it and may order some in the future.

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drank Peach Blossom by Rishi Tea
56 tasting notes

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Had this yesterday. (The 0 calorie stevia version, not the sugar cane one.) I liked this better when tea was one of the first ingredients. Now it’s carrot juice. I can’t even taste the tea anymore.

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drank Peach Oo-la-long by Honest Tea
56 tasting notes

This brings back memories. Peach is one of my favorite black tea fruit flavors. And I had a coupon so I picked this up. It’s a lot less sweet than most other sweetened, bottled teas on the market. But, still, it’s almost unbearably sweet to my palate. I remember about 5 years ago I bought this and couldn’t even tell it was sweet. Our palates really do change based on how much refined sugar we ingest. Still a much better choice than other bottled tea brands. It was my “transition” tea.


I love peach tea! I agree with sugar intake. I used to take pitcher full of sweet tea, now I drink most my teas naked. I can’t even stomach all the sweeten bottled junk. I was a fan of Snapple’s Peach Tea, but it tastes like pop to me now.

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drank Keemun Royal by Rishi Tea
56 tasting notes

On my third cup of this morning. This would be a good tea for coffee drinkers looking to switch. Its complex flavors are rich and thick and it’s a full-bodied tea with more than the average amount of caffeine. (At least it seems that way to me as I always feel a caffeine buzz when I drink it.)

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Had some of this last night. Feels a bit weird adding this to my cupboard, but it is tea related and it is in my house…We added some lemonade to it—which is probably the first thing people trying mixing. Nice. Lemonade tea and vodka go nicely together. I wonder other cocktails could be made?


I had no idea this was considered “tea”. FYI not good straight at all. Like drinking alchoholic syrup.

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drank Peach Blossom by Rishi Tea
56 tasting notes

Made this while fixing breakfast and accidentally oversteeped it by about 5 minutes! Still excellent, now the flavors are just more bold.

8 min or more

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drank Green Limon by ineeka
56 tasting notes

Brought this to work to treat myself. Instead of having the really bad Timothy’s green tea we have in the office I had this beautiful tea. Yay, vacation starts in a few hours!

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This is the brewed green tea that my local coffee shop serves. Not sure if they make the bagged version or the loose, but it has a really smooth taste. It always strikes me as a green you could like even if you don’t like green tea.
The flavor is heavy on the lemongrass which I like but might be too much for some.
I’ve been going there for four years now and always get a lemon wedge. But today they threw in a lime wedge. I shrugged. Heck, I love the lime. Why not squeeze it? Regret! So be warned extra citrus lovers…

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Had another cup this morning. Steeped an extra minute which worked out well.

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Health coach and lover of tea.

I prefer cold tea to hot tea. But living in New England I end up drinking more hot than cold.

I go through periods when I only want my tea neat. I never add sugar or milk to tea.

I love lemon in hot and cold teas. And I sometimes experiment with other fresh fruit additions.

I tend toward subtle fruity blends of black, green, oolong, and rooibos teas but I’m trying to expand my tea palate a bit. I hope being part of this website will help.

Other websites I love for my non-tea related hobbies: AllConsuming, Goodreads, and Gowalla.

I am interested in tea swapping. I have tea by Gypsy Tea (someone else might like more) and Yogi Tea (not for me but someone else might really like) that I feel a need to find a new home for. Also anything in my cupboard I’m willing to swap. I love trying new teas!

Gypsy: Peach Blossom, King Chai, Grand Green
Yogi: Green Tea Goji Berry, Mayan Cocoa Spice, Mexican Sweet Chili, Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut

My ratings (because I need some way to conceptualize this vast system) are:

01-39 Unfollow.
40-49 Will never speak to again.
50-59 Would consider calling again.
60-69 Can hangout in my cupboard until they find a place to stay.
70-89 We can be roommates.
90-94 Here’s the key to my cupboard.
95-100 How can a tea be this perfect and special? We must be soulmates.





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