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drank Darjeeling by ineeka
56 tasting notes

Have to be in the right mood for this one. Actually, the more I drink it the less I love it. It’s a wonderful tea but the pot marigold (calendula) is not really a flavor I enjoy. Really, it’s me. Not the tea. I just don’t like most flower infusions. This could probably make someone else very happy though.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Keemun Royal by Rishi Tea
56 tasting notes

Currently drinking this one iced. Made 12 ounces and drank half neat. Just added some lemon to the last half. Never tried lemon in this one before—probably because the flavor stands up so strongly on its own. I think either works depending on mood.

I always want to describe this tea as “mature.” It tastes like it’s been around and seen a lot and absorbed a lot of body and wisdom. A bit smokey in flavor but not overwhelming.

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

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drank Green Limon by ineeka
56 tasting notes

This is not only my favorite Ineeka tea, it’s my favorite green tea. The flavors are so well balanced it’s practically perfect. I believe the package recommends steeping for 3 minutes. I usually steep for more like 5 minutes. For me I don’t find this particular green tea to be more bitter when steeping it longer, just more flavorful.

180 °F / 82 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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Having a cup of this at work. Had forgotten how much I don’t like this one. It’s not bad enough to pour out, but it has a strange aftertaste and the raspberry flavor totally overwhelms the green tea.

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drank Maple Sugar by Tea Guys
56 tasting notes

I used to be a coffee drinker when I was younger but gave it up for a variety of reasons. I always drank it black but for some reason this tea is an awesome substitute if I ever get coffee cravings. The ingredients (while a bit sweet with the maple brittle chunks in it) are so reminiscent of coffee flavors in the aftertaste. Definitely will remain a staple.

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Nice balance of flavors but more citrusy than peachy.

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Health coach and lover of tea.

I prefer cold tea to hot tea. But living in New England I end up drinking more hot than cold.

I go through periods when I only want my tea neat. I never add sugar or milk to tea.

I love lemon in hot and cold teas. And I sometimes experiment with other fresh fruit additions.

I tend toward subtle fruity blends of black, green, oolong, and rooibos teas but I’m trying to expand my tea palate a bit. I hope being part of this website will help.

Other websites I love for my non-tea related hobbies: AllConsuming, Goodreads, and Gowalla.

I am interested in tea swapping. I have tea by Gypsy Tea (someone else might like more) and Yogi Tea (not for me but someone else might really like) that I feel a need to find a new home for. Also anything in my cupboard I’m willing to swap. I love trying new teas!

Gypsy: Peach Blossom, King Chai, Grand Green
Yogi: Green Tea Goji Berry, Mayan Cocoa Spice, Mexican Sweet Chili, Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut

My ratings (because I need some way to conceptualize this vast system) are:

01-39 Unfollow.
40-49 Will never speak to again.
50-59 Would consider calling again.
60-69 Can hangout in my cupboard until they find a place to stay.
70-89 We can be roommates.
90-94 Here’s the key to my cupboard.
95-100 How can a tea be this perfect and special? We must be soulmates.





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