251 Tasting Notes


I picked this tea up over a year ago when I lived in Vancouver. I loved this tea shop. So much. I wish I could still go there!
Dry: Classic black tea with pieces of nut? It smells like creme brulee! Milky carmel deliciousness. It fits its name to a T (all pun intended)
Liquor: Dark and delicious. No if ands or buts this is amazing. Its naturally sweet and a toasted carmel flavour comes out. Creamy on the tongue a bit when it cools.. slight refreshing astringency. Very subtle though.

I want more!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Cherry Potion by DAVIDsTEA
251 tasting notes

Well.. my heater is broken downstairs and so it is now constantly over 25C at all times. I figured I might as well try some iced tea, since hot tea is out of the question. I tried this tea previously hot and it was less than appealing, but reading the reviews I decided not to fully decide what I thought until I tried it iced…
Ohhh boy is it good. It tastes like cherries. Not artificial cherries (YUCK)… but delicious cherries. And it’s naturally sweet. It reminds me of juice, except this stuff is healthy! It also has a buttery flavour at the very end of a sip. I really enjoy it. I am going to have to buy more and make this a regular drink for summer (when it finally arrives..)

180 °F / 82 °C 8 min or more

I saw your comment on my other post – I will definitely have to try it iced! I hope I have enough left for that. (Might be icing half a cup, haha.)


I hope you love it as much as I do!


Me too!

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drank Berryblossom White by Tazo
251 tasting notes

It’s been a terrible day consisting of a bee sting in my room (on my bed?!?! whattheeph… and first one EVER.), and a massive exam scheduling conflict which could cost me my grades. =(
So.. to fix this… Happy berryblossomwhite-heaven-tea day to me.
I know many people think this tastes artificial.. and I can see that. But I still get weak in the knees for this in a tea latte with vanilla. Its honestly AMAZING. For some reason it is everything I want sometimes and more. Creamy berry deliciousness.
I am so very happy I have a milk frother at home, as Sbucks doesn’t carry this Tazo anymore. Thats okay – I’m too wise to pay 10 bucks for this anyways! Home brewin’ and latte making it is =) If life could only be so easy for everything..

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drank Alpine Punch by DAVIDsTEA
251 tasting notes

I switched to this from a long bout of oolong fever, and I have to say – this is delicious! It is something my taste buds obviously needed.
Dry: Green cardamom pods, lots of toasty(?) looking coconut slices, and other delicious things I can’t remember right now (but those two were the major heart stealers). Smells like sweet fruit punch.
Liquor: Very beautiful amberish color. All I am smelling is fruit punch. Pure and simple. It’s delicious don’t get me wrong. Just surprising. I wish I tasted more amaretto. Pretending I am drinking would be so much more pleasing to me at this moment, instead of feeling like I’m drinking fruit punch.

Either way. Highly flavourful. I recommend. Maybe it will taste like amaretto for you.. not fruit punch, though a pleasing fruit punch…

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

I think you and I have similar tastes! I love this one too :)

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What is going on here!?
– the newest batch of Gold Rush from Davids Tea I received tastes like peppermint! Not just subtly – there is a strong peppermint flavour. Every time I try a cup from the new bag (which I placed in their tin) tastes like peppermint. I don’t have peppermint anywhere near this tea. Hmmmph. I bought 100g of this too. I hope the other bag isn’t like this. This bums me out because the first bag I got was soooo soo so good. But now I’m not so sure as I don’t want a cup of pepperminty caramel tea. I want my delicious golden cakey coconutty vanilla heaven back =(
What to do?


I haven’t re-purchased it myself, but something tells me that I’ve had a similar experience recently, where something tasted minty and shouldn’t have (and contamination was unlikely). I would suggest mentioning this to them if your second cup and/or second bag are the same way.


That bums me out a little bit. Especially since it is a more expensive tea. I will have to call them when finals stop taking over my life


Good luck with the finals!! :D


I take it it’s not supposed to contain anything minty? How sure are you that thre hasn’t been a mixup in purchase and they’ve accidentally given you a different blend? Is that a possibility?


Thank you Krystaleyn!
Angrboda – it looks like the same tea.. Though this time the mulberries seem coated in a whiteish wash of sorts. Also when I make the tea, instead of being beautifully golden hued and clear, it is murkier… All this on top of tasting now like mint instead of cake :(


Yay! I wrote them regarding this issue and a nice woman responded. They are sending me some to try. I am so very thankful, as this was my favourite tea and I was bummed as I have a bunch left and it was moderately expensive for the amount you get (silly mulberries tasting so good). Davids Tea has the best customer service!

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I am giving this another taste using different brewing methods (thanks for the suggestions Krystaleyn!)
I have used about 4-5 oz of water and used a large basket that perfectly fits in the cup. This allows the leaves full room to move around, and the ability to remove them easily when the steep time is up. I also drastically changed steep times from Davids tea’s suggested times. So far I have gotten 5 very deliciously sweet and creamy banana oolong steeps from 2 tsp of tea. It is definitely still going strong. My steeping times were as follows: 30s, 30s, 45s, 50s, 60s…

Due to school demands I am unable to write an individual steeping analysis, but let me tell you – ITS ALL AMAZING! Honestly, if you like the taste of sweet creamy banana things, I suggest you try this. As well, the oolong flavours become more prominent as the steepings progress. It is making me crave Ti Kuan Yin.

More beginners like myself need to be very forewarned about some of the terrible steeping suggestions on the Davids Tea packages… I now realize what I was missing.

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 30 sec

Yeah, this one’s good… I’m not actually sure I’ve tried it with super short infusions yet, but it seems to take to nearly anything I try with it. So good.


Your milk oolong comment made me think of trying to find a different steeping method that would be better, as my steeping times were too long.. after some research I decided to try short steeping times to see what that was like (.. if I didn’t like it, it was easy enough to steep longer!). It worked. This is my new approach to oolongs.


Awesome, I’m glad it helped you! :D Sometimes I’m lazy with my oolongs and give them 3 minutes, but other times I want to experience them more and go with shorter infusions. Oolongs are delicious.

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Dry: The smell is amazing.. and I love the little milk/white chocolate swirl pieces. Pretty rose petals (not blossoms…) I can’t really see any almonds or pralines..or strawberries.
Liquor: I find it has an odd taste to it. Possibly an overpowering of the rose ‘blossoms’. I’m not sure though. It’s alright. I’m not very interested in drinking this to be honest..

I have tried mixing this with Cream of Earl Grey by Tea Desire as well.. It has a slight bitterness and a strong black tea background.. with a really nice creamy bergamot rose coming through. Slightly sweet. Much much better then Praline De Champagne alone.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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Third time trying this tea and I find it gets more and more interesting every time.
Dry: very milky creamy smell. Almost like nearly dried milk (a bit funky, but sweet and addictive.) Little green balls of goodness.
Liquor: 1st steep – 4 min – carmel green color. Smells of warm and sweet buttery vegetables. Like a sweet creamed spinach (I have never had such a thing but thats what comes to mind..). The taste is incredibly floral. Definitely a silky smooth texture. I wouldn’t go as far as to say buttery just yet. Maybe in the next steeps.
2nd steep- 4m30s- Still very floral, with a slight hint of veg (where’s my milk?) Maybe I did something wrong? A little bit buttery, but nothing to really note.
3rd steep- ….I’m working on it.

200 °F / 93 °C

In my couple tries of this one, I found that the milkiness disappeared to a great extent after the first steep, but it still tasted like a good oolong after. However, I don’t usually start with an infusion of four minutes – I go with 1 or 2.

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drank Secret Weapon by DAVIDsTEA
251 tasting notes

I received this as a sample from one of my online orders and thought today was a good day to try it. To be honest, it wasn’t on my list of things to try..
Dry: Pretty pieces of orange, almond and gogi berries. Sad looking leaf quality.. tons of stems and very crushed leaves (disappointing..)
Liquor: Pleasant green that reminds me of straw for some reason? Smells of damp straw as well somehow. Peanut butter straw… musky like. Odd.. anyways moving on to taste.. Oh no wait, it tastes like musky peanut butter straw. It’s alright. I taste absolutely no chocolate (maybe due to having only one (what i assume to be..) cocoa nib.). There is a creamy mouth feel to this tea that is pleasing.

Overall: I won’t be purchasing. It is an interesting tea, but the musky peanut butter straw taste is not really for me. I like the mouth feel though. Also, I tried a second steep – it tasted more like straw peanut butter water. Weird.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
251 tasting notes

My very first Davids Tea purchase. And one of the best at that.
This tea saved me last night as I needed a powerful tea to help me stay up all night studying the worst subject ever – ichthyology (study/naming fish x.x)

Dry: visible chunks of almonds and raspberries. Chocolate colored mate with carob pieces. Smells like a million bucks. I cannot wait!
Liquor: Smells like chocolate raspberries! Soooo delicious! Very dark brown liquor. Extremely pleasant chocolate raspberry flavour that improves as the tea cools, with no weird mate peaking through (as I have had problems with mates overpowering the flavour of the tea.. maybe I steeped those incorrectly?)

Overall: My very first Davids tea will be in the permanent collection! Not for nostalgic reasons, but because this is a rocket of chocolate raspberry that is delicious and helps with energy when I need it the most. A favourite.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 30 sec

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I am very excited to delve into as many different types of tea as possible… so this should be interesting. I am really looking forwards to tasting all the wide array of flavours that can come from pure tea leaves.

Currently, I am having a love affair with oolongs. Mostly green, though I am stretching out into more oxidized oolongs. Black teas are also in my love fest as they can be so surprising sometimes (I used to drink bagged red rose x.x)
I would really love to get to know green tea a lot more and white tea.. all tea to be honest. I want to know them all.

Tea rating system:

0-50: Do people actually enjoy this?
50-60: Slight improvement, not recommendable.
60-70: Alright, though easily forgettable.
70-80: Good flavour, though not a ‘go to’ tea.
80-90: Great tea – complex and memorable.
90-100: Extremely delicious and complex teas that leave me craving more.

On top of tea, I have a love for music. Generally all music, though I am partial to indie rock/folk/pop/electronic. Follow me if you also enjoy indie music and would like to trade some artists!

I’m always open to new tea and music suggestions. Happy tea drinking to you all.



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