181 Tasting Notes

drank Lavender Dreams by Teavana
181 tasting notes

I had actually gotten this a while back, but realised I didn’t log it. (or might of just logged it with The Jasmine Sutra.)
But I think it’s only fair to do a tea review for itself.
1st smell: Fresh clean smell. Almost too much of a floral smell, I can certainly see why that puts many people off.
1st taste: Surprisingly, the smell almost put me off from the taste. So I worked on ignoring the scent, while drinking this tea. Now, I could not drink this everyday, (Though really have not found any tea I could drink everyday.) But I’d like to have this on hand for when I need to calm down near to bedtime. I don’t remember what temp and time I did this at, but probably as close to recommendations as I could get.

With the Jasmine Sutra: Simply delicious. I can pretty much only have green teas in the early evening unless I will be staying up late.

4 min, 15 sec

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drank Blood Orange by Fusion Teas
181 tasting notes

Last tea sample in the 5 I was sent from Fusion Teas. sad face

1st smell: Deep, orangery and interesting.
1st taste: I think I might of steeped it to long, next time I’ll try it at 5 minutes instead of 10. I think the longer steep brings out the hibiscus, and bah, can’t say I am a fan of that.

Boiling 8 min or more

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This is a sample thanks to the gang at Fusion Teas.

For a couple of years I’ve loved Perfect Peach from Bigelow, and ever since I started drinking loose teas…I’ve been looking to replace it. This tea comes very close. I found the temp suggestion to be a bit odd, and alittle frustrating….it suggests 203, well I don’t have that one, but I do have a 200 for French Press, so that is what I used. I am really wishing I had bought online the kind of kettle where you can set whatever temp you desire, instead of set buttons.
1st Smell: The sweet heavy smell of peaches really come thru.
1st taste: Same. I love the smell of peaches, and have yet to meet a peach tea that I don’t like. LOL. So even though it didn’t quite match the taste of Perfect Peach, this tea I definitely want to get again! And who knows, maybe after adjusting temp time/steep time I might find that it does match.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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I got this as a sample from the cool gang at Fusion Teas. check them out if you havn’t already.

I am not sure why I picked this one…I don’t even like Champagne all that much, and Raspberries can be hit or miss.
1st smell: light, sweet.
1st Taste: Same with a dry bite at the end….I say bite because I wasn’t expecting it. This tea is not a dessert tea, but it is one I would consider having with dessert, sweet enough to be a good pair, but not overpowering.

Would I get it again? I am not opposed to the idea, but not sure how often I would drink it. As much as I would dearly love to have thousands of teas to choose from every day, I really need to think in terms of how often would I drink it. Devised a rule for my tea cupboard: If I buy a bag of tea at least 3-4 times, and maintain in liking it, then I will continue buying it and it gets it’s own tin/box. I only got so much room:(

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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This is thanks to the Fusion Teas Gang.smiles

1st smell: Truthfully when I smelled it…I didn’t care for it, it didn’t smell bad, it is just…….I didn’t expect it to smell like cereal. None the less I went thru with preparing it. The package said 170 temp, but instead of going lower, I decided to use the green tea button at 175. (The next lowest temp was 160. I felt that would be too low, but thinking next time I will try that one.)
1st taste: With my sugar taste buds being impaired, I added a handful of rock sugar to the cup before pouring, and ended up adding some apriva as well.. Anyways…1st taste: As you might of guessed, with my 1st smell thinking it smelled like cereal, as was my 1st taste. lol. But as I’ve sat down with my cup, I begun to have a growing appreciation for it. For the most part I do like herbal and fruit Tisanes, and fruity white and green teas, but lately alot of my fruit teas have been kind of tasting the same, though varied in strength. That tells me I need to change it up a notch, so hoping that I can find some greens and whites that aren’t fruity, or at least not overwhelmingly.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 45 sec
Rachel Sincere

HAHA! Exactly. I thought 52Teas Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha tasted just like Super Golden Crisp. :-)

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drank Lemon Rose Bud by Fusion Teas
181 tasting notes

This is a sample thanks to the gang at Fusion Teas.

I had wanted to review the last tea that I had from the Teavivre tonight (Apple Awakening.) But I was too curious about this one that I had to try it out.
This is an interesting tea. Lately I’ve had a completely unintentional theme of coming across teas/tisanes that are quiet, but still enjoyable, despite my preference for more crazy/complex teas/tisanes.
1st smell: MMmmm smells great! I smell both the lemon and rose at once, though not to perfume-y. For those who don’t care for perfume-y teas, I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about.
The tea is an Oolong base, which I still don’t know much about…but that’s ok. The package suggested 180, unfortunately that is not an option on my kettle, so I went with 175, thinking a lower temp would go better. Maybe I should try the Oolong setting next time, to see how that goes? (190) Whatcha all think?
1st taste: Like I said, quiet. The perfume smell goes down a fair amount.
2nd steeping: So far….not quite standing up to a 2nd steeping. It is still drinkable, but noticeably weaker. But I think I still got about 2-3 cups left in the package, so we’ll see.
The question is, would I buy this tea? Yes I would.

Lately I have not been rating my teas, at 1st it was because I got out of the habit, but truthfully, I am not comfortable with the rating system. Though if you asked me why, I would be unable to articulate why I don’t like it. But I don’t believe in judging others for making different decisions, so those who do like it, Go for it! Grins

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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This sample is yet again thanks to the Teavivre gang:)

This tea is not one I am inclined to have again after I am done with the sample. It’s drinkable, but only just. Frankly I got plenty of fruit teas that I enjoy alot more then this, and can get them locally. I’m thinking I should of stuck to black, greens, oolongs, and whites in my taste test, as I’ve been wanting to expand my horizons beyond the herbal, fruit and rooibos teas that have pretty much taken over my cupboard. That being said however, I am looking forward to trying the last tea of the bunch, the Apple Awakening.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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1st smell out of the package: smokey. I have to admit that smell made me nervous given my reaction to the Lapsang Souchong. (Which I have not tried the 2nd steeping idea yet.)
Wet smell: Earthy. Slightly leathery aroma, (Which I’ve been told is a good thing with Pu-erh.)
1st taste without sugar: (Yes the 1st taste was with the 1st steeping. GAG. lol) So I pitched it and started boiling water for the 2nd steeping. I steeped it for 1 minute and roughly 30 seconds. Automatically added 4 packets of Apriva sweetener, (Kroger brand of Splenda.) It worked.

I taste an almost creaminess to the tea, I can see how others have gotten a caramel-ish taste in it. I am not wowed at all in this tea, however not about to judge all pu erh by it. I plan on trying out some other ones, (though not willing to yet try the ones with other flavors mixed in, like from Teavana’s)

I would not refuse a cup of this if offered from a friend, though. And now that I finished my cup, I feel mixed, because even though it didn’t wow me, I liked drinking it. How weird is that?! Maybe my palate is changing. That would be great, because I really would love to enjoy traditional teas, though I do not want to give up on my crazy love for flavored tea combos from stores such as Teavana….I don’t think my budget could afford that anyways. Heh.

205 °F / 96 °C 1 min, 30 sec

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drank Afternoon Lift by Allegro
181 tasting notes

I got this because I’ve been wanting to add more caffeinated teas to my collection, even though generally speaking I do alot of my tea drinking at night so I stay away from caffeine then unless I want to stay up and do some writing. But with Winter coming up I figure I should have on hand teas that have a pick me up.

I don’t think this will go beyond the 1st box.

1st smell: herbally. lol. Smells pretty much like nearly every other teas out there to me. My sense of smell kinda sucks though.
1st taste: can’t say I am impressed. I mean it is drinkable. But I was hoping that the Yerba Mate would at least help bring me out of the sleeping pill related fog that I’ve been in since waking up. Considering I’ve got an errand to run in a few minutes, I really need the pick me up, even at the risk of not getting to sleep tonight. With it being pretty windy here, due to the fallout of Hurricane Sandy, I need to be really aware.

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Yeah! I am a ROT fan again! The last ROT tea that I had was the Pink Lemonade (Sip for the Cure.) over the summer and because of the negative feeling I had from that tea I’ve had a hard time convincing myself to get ROT again. However, I was at Whole Foods (Which is fast becoming one of my favorite non common stores, common referring to Kroger and Meijer where I do the bulk of my grocery shopping.) And of course could NOT keep myself out of the tea aisle, (Was pleased to see they did have a few tins of loose tea, though I didn’t get any.) I love the idea of sweet and spicy. Contrast and Balance, 2 favorite words in my vocabulary, though with tea…balance is the more important one.
Mango Chili-lightly spicy, enough that you notice it, but not intense. So I think that even people who have problems with spicy foods and drinks would not have a problem with this one. (I cannot take alot of spice, though it really depends on what it is. Like for instance, the few times I have tried Chai, it is mostly ok. A lot of Indian food (That I’ve tried so far.) I cannot handle. Anyways, the tea, like most of the bagged tea that I’ve had isn’t as thick as loose leaf tea, but if you just want something that is kind of funky, sweet with just a touch of spice….give this one a shot. Also, I would definitely use this tea as a evening perk. It doesn’t have caffeine (rooibos base.) but it did perk me up a bit this evening.

So yes will be having fun sipping this tea during the Winter Months….I’ve been slowly stocking up, though more on bagged tea (for various reasons it is more convenient for me to get bagged.) Since I do not like driving much in the Winter.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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Queer, genderfluid, bookworm,various ‘alternative lifestyles and communities’ (You’ll have to ask in a message by what I mean, I don’t want to weird anyone out, though most people here seem to be fairly accepting or at least tolerant.)

Currently in my late 30’s.

Rating Guide that I use:
90-99 Good
80-89 Interesting
70-79 Not cupboard worthy (Means that while I kind of like it, not enough to keep.)
60-69 Uninspiring
50-59 Terrible

Current favorite teas: Victorian Earl Grey, Pink Passionfruit, Dragonfruit Devotion, Mandarin Silk,Citrus Pile Driver,Constant Comment (If I could get that in loose leaf or find a direct equivalent…I think I would be inspired to buy a pound. OMG I forgot how much I loooooove that tea!)


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