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Perfect desert tea :) Soo caramely!

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Random amounts of oranges peels, mint, peppermint, and a little bit of ginger. Tastes like orange tea! No mint taste at all! A hint of ginger is there, but no mint! I’m not complaining, it taste great. Pretty close to green rooibos citron.

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I don’t like green tea and I don’t like this tea. :( I told my boyfriend not to get me tea gifts anymore. lol

Cameron B.

I actually laughed out loud. Poor guy. XD


Awww. He was sweet for trying. My boyfriend tried too at Christmas and I opened up a big old package of…..teavana :-/. Poor guys don’t get it lol


Lol he told me yeeears ago never to get him anything computer related and I hadn’t even tried! Sometime you just have to know when to quit. :P


I also laughed out loud. He probably asked someone else for help, and they directed him to this because tea drinkers like green tea.


Actually he’s an Amazon addict and got me this set so that I can try lots of teas at once :P Really sweet thought. http://smile.amazon.com/Taylors-Harrogate-Classic-Variety-Count/dp/B0062JSYEW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403644316&sr=8-1&keywords=taylors+tea+variety

Cameron B.

Well at least that’s the only green in the set! Off-topic, that is a really weird thing to make into an Add-On item…


Yeah, but I haven’t had much luck with black tea either :c
I guess it’s too light to be shipped on its own.

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Keep working on it!! You’ll get it!^.^



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Stopped at Teavana and got this tea this weekend when I went up north for a wedding. I don’t like black tea, but apparently I like ripe pu-erh! For some reason I have to add more sugar than normal to enjoy it, but once I do, it tastes quite delicious :)

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec

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First time tasting pu erh! I was scared because the tea only cost me $1, but it was pretty good! I tried the “original” flavor first. No idea if it’s supposed to be ripe or raw, but my guess is ripe.

I rinsed it 3 times just to be sure and then did several steepings of 5, 10 and 30 seconds. I didn’t fill up my 150ml teapot all the way because that seemed like a bit much just for 5g.

It smelled like wood and tasted like black tea with a little extra pizzazz to it. I DID add sugar to it, which has tricked me into liking bad teas in the past (ex. Twinings China Oolong). Who knows. At least I had a good time with it! :)

5 g 4 OZ / 118 ML

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Trying this Western style for the first time. It’s just not the same!!!


I know western style doesn’t do it for me for most Oolong’s.


it wasn’t very good. I dumped it out :(

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