225 Tasting Notes

drank English Breakfast by Twinings
225 tasting notes

I stole few teabags from dad. Never really liked basic black teas. Figured i should give it a try again after trying so many different teas lately.

Color – dark clear red.
No particular smell but i got a bad cold so that might easily be a false statement.

For start trying it hot without adding sugar, lemon or milk. Never tried tea with milk tho. Kinda curious about that. OK I’ve tried it and doesn’t seam bad but no point in writing about it because i still don’t have my taste back. I can just barely tell how it tastes (not as sour and strong as i remember). Being sick makes it healthy to drink teas but also slightly harder to enjoy them ;)
Give it another try in few days…

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 45 sec

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The smell of this one, both of the leaves and tea itself is heavenly. Beats all the other ones like 10 times…
Hope it tastes good too. First black tea i’m trying. I’m doing the second steep while waiting for the first one to chill.
Color of the tea is closest to rooibos i guess. Bit lighter and maybe slightly less red. Its not 100% clear.
Smells mostly like vanilla and strawberry.
Second steep didn’t get quite as dark. I will see later if it picked up all the flavors of the first one. But in general i don’t mind when it doesn’t taste the same. It can still taste good even if its different.

The tea is way milder than id expect it for a black tea. But i like that. Been saving black teas for last with a reason. Not sure if my cold has influence on my tasting. Have that in mind…
Tastes like it smells – vanilla and strawberry. It has only a bit of black tea sourness instead of sweetness behind it. But its not strong at all. Not sure id guess its black tea by the taste. Color + taste maybe.
Anyways it smells very good and tastes quite good too. Gonna put some honey in. Pretty sure that will make it perfect for me.
Yep tried that and it makes it a really really yummy fruit flavored tea. Good rating.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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drank Silver Needle by Adagio Teas
225 tasting notes

steeped it twice more. 10-15 min. second one was still really good. third one looks brighter but its still yummy. but i think that’s probably as far as it goes…
and ya reminds me of sunflower seeds…

180 °F / 82 °C 8 min or more

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drank Silver Needle by Adagio Teas
225 tasting notes

Really looking forward to trying this one… First one I got delivered from outside of Croatia.
Gonna steep it for 7 minutes as most do. Ill try less some other time.

Color – very bright and clear. Just barely yellow.

Smell – the plant itself smells strong herbal but the filtered tea has almost no smell. The little something i am getting is very pleasant.

Taste – mmm wow interesting. i don’t even know how to describe this. starts with an acid but still delicate feeling in my mouth but then it reaches the back of my mouth and all the herbal flavors go wild. love the scent of air in my mouth and nose after taking a sip of this tea. and it lasts. oh its amazing and i don’t know how to put it in words. acid note, the sweet note, ant the very special yummy herbal note mix together in a feeling that lasts longer than normal after every sip. and its all together very delicate. absolutely love this tea :) my new number one…

oh and its better when i drink it really slow. let it be acid for a little while then let it reach the back of my mouth where it becomes great. reminds me a bit of some kind of nut or seeds i eat here and there. not sure what, maybe sunflower seeds, or pumpkin…

180 °F / 82 °C 6 min, 45 sec

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Second steep is just as good, maybe even better…

160 °F / 71 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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Trying a new tea again :) Got this one on purpose because its totally different then all the other ones I’ve got. Green tea with mint. Very strong minty smell.

I steeped it like 2 and a half minutes and got it right.

Color – rather bright for a green tea. Yellow. Not so clear like the others, probably because the green tea in it is in powder.

Smell – of the dry one is nice. The tea itself has a nice minty smell but also some unpleasant part of it. I dont know what. But that is the part i like least about this tea.

Taste – very refreshing. I can feel it work on my bronchitis affected throat. The freshness spreads. Its good without sugar tho half a spoon of honey makes it little bit better for me. Love it cold too. Ill try another steep later. Think it could be good…

Conclusion – another kind I quite like. The list is growing ;)

165 °F / 73 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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ok, kinda almost gave up on trying to like this one but today i hit some better combo obviously. no mixing and experimenting. steeped it just 2 minutes as it says, even a little bit shorter. i also put a teaspoon of homemade sage honey in it. drinking it while its still hot and actually liking it. i definitely steeped it too long first couple of times. this way with a short steep cloves aren’t too strong and the balance of it with cinnamon and all the fruity bits is way better. today it just suites me…

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 45 sec

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i got my ingenuitea pot delivered from UK today :) had to celebrate that with few cups of some nice loose tea. i was in the mood for oolong.

first of all the cup. its made from some kind of plastic but looks really firm. seams unbreakable. its quite thick and keeps warmth perfectly. i spilled some water around the place till i figured how exactly it works. but i love it.
basically if its on a flat surface it wont spill (don’t use the bed its bumpy enough to let some water/tea out use the stand). as soon as you put it on a glass the glass pushes the bottom part which opens the valve and tea starts pouring down. simple.
filter keeps all the little pieces of loose tea in the pot. you get crystal clear tea out of it. once u pour the water in the cups tea leaves remain inside wet but the pot still keeps all the flawors in.

the second steep was just as strong and tasty as the first one. that will lift my tea rating a bit. i like oolong because it tastes so simple and always quite alike.

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drank Green Jasmine by Yogi Tea
225 tasting notes

ok i just did an experiment. i steeped the green tea for the second time. in it i added just like half a teaspoon of the white xmas mix – the delicate tasting ones with strong smell. all that in about 3-4dl of water. i also forgot about it so it has steeped for like 10 minutes if not more. however im about to try it.

smells nice. color is pretty much like the green tea itself. putting little bit of sugar in it because thats how i like the green jasmine tea. should taste mostly like that one even tho it smells like cinnamon and cloves. just tasted it. well definitely like it slightly more than the white tea. and the white tea made the peppery taste of the second steep of the green one weaker. not a bad combo really. i dont know its not so bad but it cant beat the first steep of the green jasmine. i just love that one…
i actually think now that i dont particularly like the taste of cloves in tea. its bit weird.

not giving a rating to this one. after all its just an experiment…

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I just came home half frozen from the carnival. Need hot nice tea.
This is my first oolong try.

Smell – well like tea. Guess kinda like black tea just less strong. I suppose its how oolong smells lol.

Color – clear, light brownish.

Taste – i like it. Didnt put in any sugar and dont want too because it tastes good to me. Not sure if i can taste that cherry part. It tastes to me like less strong black tea. Only thing i can compare to. Solid rating.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 15 sec

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born with a bit of a restless, curious and exploring spirit ;) love to travel and i do it a lot lately. enjoy good food and drinks. love trying out new stuff. just about to start exploring the world of teas and i’m really enthusiastic about it ;)

EDIT 4 months later:
still a n00b here but starting to get it ;) i try to buy loose tea but i got a lot of teabags too cuz it’s easier to find here. from not liking black tea ended up love it. green can be quite good too but waiting for more real ones to try. whites are sometimes awesome, sometimes not, rooibos and fruity blends are a good replacement for juices… and so on… still excited about every new tea… loving it more every day :D

since my favorite hobby is photography i take photos whenever something is interesting. including my tea making process…

Rating system (i’ll try to use it from now on):
0-20 sorry, can’t do it. ewwy
20-50 i’ll drink it if i have to, i f not no ty
50-70 its not bad, quite drinkable
70-85 i like it, might buy more
85-100 gimme more of this stuff


rijeka, croatia

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