863 Tasting Notes

drank Smoky Earl Grey by Elmstock
863 tasting notes

Yes, ok. Going by my own ratings I have to drag this one down, because it was just a little too confusing a pairing to be completely enjoyable.

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This is plain and simply a nice straightforward black blend. I tried my sample both plain and with a dash of milk and sugar. Didn’t blow me away, didn’t disappoint me. No rush to restock but I enjoyed.

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drank Smoky Earl Grey by Elmstock
863 tasting notes

Um… yeah. Uh? Basically a mash-up of RC and EG, which is weird.

Not awful. Just weird.

Don’t give this to your grandma.

Sami Kelsh

My brain is confused by this combination. I’m not seeing how it would come together coherently at all! It sounds weird indeed.


Yeah it’s super weird. It’s essentially like pouring a cup full of half earl grey, half russian caravan. There’s no real melding of flavour. Good way to wake your tastebuds up? While they’re going UMM WHAT THOUGH

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drank Super Mood by Tea Lovers
863 tasting notes

I’m not sure what’s so supermood inducing about a fruity green blend but then I’m biased against greens so not the best mindset going into trying this one from a recent Monstrositea box. HMM. Recommended as a cold brew so I’ve got the rest of my sample steeping, but it also says cold brew overnight and I find greens still get too astringent if steeped longer than 3-6 hours.

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Right, I pulled my finger out and added the last three months’ of Monstrositea samples to my cupboard, in an effort to light a fire under myself and get through them. I’ve been so focused on sipping down the cupboard that I’ve been largely ignoring the monthly samples as they roll in and that just won’t do!

I went for this one first soon after filling the cupboard up, because the description intrigued me. As did the taste once I got to it! Intriguing and a little confusing… fresh minty but sweet fruity with a nice black base. Definitely one for someone with a more adventurous tea palate but I had a lot of fun with it.

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drank Cool Bananas by T2
863 tasting notes


You know what? This is actually TOO sweet. Whatever sweetness they’ve plied on here, it’s taken it way over the line. This is a candy drink, this isn’t a herbal/fruit infusion. Just settle down, T2. Seriously, they’re headed more and more in this direction lately. I went in the other day to try all the CHRISTMAS/December limited edition blends and as much as I love the butterfly designs and the beautiful tins, the teas themselves were too sickeningly sweet and made up of like twenty different ingredients. Take a fucking chill pill, T2, I’m pretty done with you lately.


I didn’t like any of those new blends either! They seem to be more miscellaneous food items than actual tea.


It’s so disappointing!

Andrea Stephens

Got to agree with both Cathy & yourself the last couple of limited releases seem to be moving into Teavana food/sugar/artificial flavour territory. Throwing choc bits & sugar brittles seems to be taking an easy option. I apprieciate that it takes a lot of testing and combining to make natural flavours balance and still be sweet without beiung sickly, but Where they succeeded with their Chai & Cherry Limited Editions this year the failed IMO with their chocolate Limited range as well as banana Limited range.

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drank Shimmer Punch by T2
863 tasting notes

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drank Fantasy Island by DAVIDsTEA
863 tasting notes

And as a reward for hitting under 50 teas in the cupboard, I had a delicious mug of my heart’s blood, from what’s left of my dwindling stock.

Time to restock this, and maybe try a few other bits and bobs from Davids. Any USA or Canadian pals willing to be my tea mule and post some down to me? I’m happy to pay either in cash or in trade for Aussie teas! Hit me up via PM xx


If you can’t find anyone I can help when I’m done travelling. Long as you have a good sense as to what will get through your customs :)


Aw thanks Sil! I’ll keep an eye out xx

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drank Sunny by More Tea
863 tasting notes

And with the last glass from the 2L jug, Sunny’s all out! I can’t believe I’m under 50. I’m a girl on a mission. Nothing can stop me. I can’t even stop myself.

Sunny was great, definitely best iced or cold brewed, sweet and fruity and super enjoyable. But I’m hesitant to order from More Tea again, because I got three blends from them (as well as the beautiful but delicate glass tea bottle) and Sunny was the only one I liked—the other two blends were blerg. More Tea don’t sell samples so without being able to try before I buy, I don’t think I’ll be back. They didn’t even respond to my mail asking about samples. Sigh.

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Translating my ratings, at a glance:

95 — this must always be in my pantry. forever.
90 — excellent! you need to try this tea!
85 — very good! you should try this tea!
80-70 — I enjoyed this and will happily drink it again.
65-50 — Fine. Unremarkable.
45-35 — this wasn’t the worst drink ever but I was disappointed; it didn’t live up to my expectations at all.
30-0 — I didn’t enjoy this tea and that makes me sad.


Grandad got me started young, white (a LOT of white) Irish breakfast with two.

I never strayed far from that until the world of T2 Tea came to Brisbane some years ago, and now I don’t know what I’d do without a pantry full of tea options.

These days I prefer to drink my teas straight without sweetener (though I appreciate some black variations shine better with milk and/or a dash of honey/sugar). I also love a speedy iced tea (hot brewed then poured over ice), and my latest obsession is cold brewing (which doesn’t make a lot of sense, as Australia is headed into winter and I live in the coldest corner of the country, but oh well).

I’d love to make a bunch of tea friends on here, especially those who can talk Aussie teas with me. I’ve recently come back from a jaunt to North America and it was a real hoot to hit up DAVIDsTEA after reading so many reviews! I wish I’d had the chance to get to more stores… but I’m happy with what I got back past customs. See those teas and my local jams in my reviews.

+ black teas
+ white teas
+ oolongs
+ flavoured versions of all three of the above
+ herbal infusions and fruit tisanes

+ most green teas
+ LICORICE ROOT (my sworn enemy) and aniseed flavours


Hobart, Australia



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