912 Tasting Notes

drank Whispering Woods by T2
912 tasting notes

Some of my friends lost their cool over this limited edition blend so I snapped a box up for myself, and I’ve only just gotten around to unboxing (high five for a great selection of flavoured blacks open in time for cooler months!).

First mug with a splash of milk and I’m… underwhelmed. Or just… whelmed, I guess. I’m cold brewing some overnight and I’ll see if maybe plain (as recommended but I had milk to use up, ok) does it any more justice.

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drank Ginger Spice by T2
912 tasting notes

Time to unbox an old favourite, just in time for a bout of cold weather. I was worried years of trying many and varied exciting teas would lessen my love for the old Ginger Spice, but boy howdy it seems like nothing’s gonna change my love for yooooou.

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drank Twinkle Berry by T2
912 tasting notes

Ok yeah nah I’m getting brutal now I’m getting close to totally cleaning out my cupboard. Twinkle Berry, you just don’t cut it. Too tart. Chill with the hibiscus, mate. You’re gone.

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drank Rose by T2
912 tasting notes

Time to get through the last stocks of this blend, as much as I love it! I don’t think it ever got added to the permanent collection, which is sad. I polished off a full cold brew 2L jug in one day today so in goes another one overnight, and I polished off a regular old hot mug for dessert tonight too. Somebody stop me.


Love The Mask reference there :P


You got me ;P

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drank Peppermint by Monstrositea
912 tasting notes

Used the last of this last night to brew up some peppermint iced tea with my Turkish cherry tisane. It’s a hot one today. Dang. (I can’t believe my cupboard’s down to only two pages now. I’m a machine.)

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drank Twinkle Berry by T2
912 tasting notes

This blend was released with Shimmer Punch as a limited edition for Christmas 2013. Shimmer Punch was the hands-down winner there but Twinkle Berry is still a beautiful iced/ cold brew option. I’m not 100% sure why I added it to my cupboard back then though, as it clearly hasn’t had a lot of pull with me… I panicked about the expiration just recently and cracked it open ASAP. Summer’s over as of today! Let’s hope the warm weather stays around a little longer (this may be the first time in my life I’ve ever wished this) as I’ve gotta get through this right away. Jugs ahoy!

Iced 7 min, 45 sec

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Only one cup to go after this one I’m enjoying right now. Another one down! Go me! Go tea! I’m so crampy and mad for chocolate right now and it goes really well with this tea, too. Bless.

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drank Cerisier by Lupicia
912 tasting notes

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drank Ayurvedic Passion by T2
912 tasting notes

I got this ages ago to blend with something else and I definitely can’t remember what that was.

But it’s ok! This is finally open and delicious as an overnight cold brew, I’m discovering this morning. Full of flavours.

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drank Aqua Coco by T2
912 tasting notes

I accidentally cold brewed this overnight instead of for a few hours but miraculously the green tea didn’t get bitter! Refreshingly lovely on a hot day. I’m gonna try for a second steep (and this time the overnight brew will be on purpose).

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Translating my ratings, at a glance:

95 — this must always be in my pantry. forever.
90 — excellent! you need to try this tea!
85 — very good! you should try this tea!
80-70 — I enjoyed this and will happily drink it again.
65-50 — Fine. Unremarkable.
45-35 — this wasn’t the worst drink ever but I was disappointed; it didn’t live up to my expectations at all.
30-0 — I didn’t enjoy this tea and that makes me sad.


Grandad got me started young, white (a LOT of white) Irish breakfast with two.

I never strayed far from that until the world of T2 Tea came to Brisbane some years ago, and now I don’t know what I’d do without a pantry full of tea options.

These days I prefer to drink my teas straight without sweetener (though I appreciate some black variations shine better with milk and/or a dash of honey/sugar). I also love a speedy iced tea (hot brewed then poured over ice), and my latest obsession is cold brewing (which doesn’t make a lot of sense, as Australia is headed into winter and I live in the coldest corner of the country, but oh well).

I’d love to make a bunch of tea friends on here, especially those who can talk Aussie teas with me. I’ve recently come back from a jaunt to North America and it was a real hoot to hit up DAVIDsTEA after reading so many reviews! I wish I’d had the chance to get to more stores… but I’m happy with what I got back past customs. See those teas and my local jams in my reviews.

+ black teas
+ white teas
+ oolongs
+ flavoured versions of all three of the above
+ herbal infusions and fruit tisanes

+ most green teas
+ LICORICE ROOT (my sworn enemy) and aniseed flavours


Hobart, Australia



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