925 Tasting Notes

drank #memtea by Custom - T2
925 tasting notes

So, this is the custom blend I came up with at the T2 Tea Society event earlier this week. It’s got:
50% T2 Chocolate
25% T2 Riotous Rose
25% T2 Just Rose

I was pretty anxious about making a blend from limited pre-mixed blends and I have to say I continued to be anxious after trying the blend because it just… wasn’t right. I shied away from it for a couple of days, fretting about the ratios and how the heck I was gonna fix it.

I brought some in to work today to see what I could do. I started by adding around 3/4 tsp of raw sugar…



I don’t really get the chocolate from the black tea, but I’ve got some Cocoa Loco at home I COULD add to see if I could up that. In the end it doesn’t really matter, the rose is pretty prominent (especially after eating some Fry’s turkish delight) and I’m happy and RELIEVED.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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First taste of tea #2 in the Monstrositea April box—seeing as I already had an Iron Goddess in the Mr. Earl April box I was feeling a little over IGs, but in the spirit of trying everything in my subscription boxes I busted some of the Tea Leaves variety today.

I blatantly ignored the note that only a few leaves were needed and to be fair, I needed a full teaspoon of leaves to get decent flavour for my tastebuds, but it ended up going much better than expected. Very nice. I’ll try this again soon.

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drank Ceylon FBOPF EX SP by T2
925 tasting notes

I think this blend is around a year and a half old, but I got a couple of sample sachets in a swap (a REAL LIFE swap!) with my friend the other day and I’ll be darned if I’m going to do a sipdown without actually getting to add the tea to my cupboard and then remove it again.

So the all-caps isn’t just gibberish and stands for Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings Extra Special. Sure. OK. Googling seems to show it was ranked an 80 (“Very Good: a tea with superior characteristics”) in the US tea championship 2013? Good for it…

It smells like delicious chocolate. Tastes pretty chocolatey for a plain black tea, too! Yum. I think this is what you’d call a single origin tea? Hahaha.

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drank Wintermärchen by Demmers Teehaus
925 tasting notes

I got sent this as a gift from my beautiful wonderful Loops in Austria, after she came to visit me, because she is selfless and so thoughtful. So it’s already very special to me, before I’ve even tried it.

Tonight I finally did try it though! It’s the start of the proper descent into winter lately, and tonight I rode home in quite biting drizzle and wanted something warm and delicious. This was calling.

I’ve been having a good huff of it once a month and it smells like a delicious pile of glühwein spices. Well, tonight I can confirm that it also tastes like glühwein, without the wine. Yum. So cosy and wintry and I wonder if you could actually make glühwein with it!? Maybe I’ll find out in a few weeks, hmm…

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drank Gorgeous Geisha by T2
925 tasting notes

Got this as a sample with my latest T2 online order. It’s fine for a flavoured green, I just don’t care much for flavoured greens. Sipdown done and dusted.

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drank Concentration by Zee Tea
925 tasting notes

Tea #4 in the Monstrositea April box. I was pleasantly surprised by this one; after reading it was basically just lemon balm and rosemary I wasn’t expecting much. I am starting to learn better than that with these awesome boxes. Maybe next month I won’t be such a doubting Thomas…

Because this was tasty and zingy. Man those two flavours pack a real punch!

Boiling 5 min, 30 sec

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Yeah… you know what? I’m changing my rating down on this. I’m not as impressed as I must have been previously.

It could be the cold brew talking, though.

No more cold brewing for you, Buttered Rum. I’ll drink the last of my supply warm, and with milk and sugar. But that suits me fine because WINTER IS COMING.

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drank White Chocolate Frost by DAVIDsTEA
925 tasting notes

With not a great deal of this precious nostalgia left, I tried tonight with some milk and sugar added to try to reach those really creamy notes. It felt super weird adding milk and sugar to a peppermint tea. I suppose it worked? Ooh that minty oil slick sure is something, and with milk in the mix it’s even more pronounced!

One more cup of this and I’ll be all sipped down :(

Note: does not resteep well :(

More fun note: just paid for my first Butiki order eeeeeee ALL THE BUTIKI let’s not discuss how much money I just spent, I am a responsible adult

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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drank The Glow (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
925 tasting notes

Reasons I reached for this tonight:

1. Pimple on my nose. Ouch.
2. Caffeine free. I need a decent night’s sleep.
3. Not a lot of this in stock, so sipdown soon.

It’s a mouth full of cinnamon. That’s kind of all I taste. But not in a bad way? Great with some chocolate.


pimples suck


Blind one right on the end :( so ouchie

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drank Detox (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
925 tasting notes

Second steep of today’s leaves just as strong (?). Third steep I think there’s still some flavour in there but I’d really need some of the first and second steeps to compare, and I drank ’em all up already.

Definitely worth one resteep to get the most out of this blend as you can.

P.S. the burger was delicious.

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Translating my ratings, at a glance:

95 — this must always be in my pantry. forever.
90 — excellent! you need to try this tea!
85 — very good! you should try this tea!
80-70 — I enjoyed this and will happily drink it again.
65-50 — Fine. Unremarkable.
45-35 — this wasn’t the worst drink ever but I was disappointed; it didn’t live up to my expectations at all.
30-0 — I didn’t enjoy this tea and that makes me sad.


Grandad got me started young, white (a LOT of white) Irish breakfast with two.

I never strayed far from that until the world of T2 Tea came to Brisbane some years ago, and now I don’t know what I’d do without a pantry full of tea options.

These days I prefer to drink my teas straight without sweetener (though I appreciate some black variations shine better with milk and/or a dash of honey/sugar). I also love a speedy iced tea (hot brewed then poured over ice), and my latest obsession is cold brewing (which doesn’t make a lot of sense, as Australia is headed into winter and I live in the coldest corner of the country, but oh well).

I’d love to make a bunch of tea friends on here, especially those who can talk Aussie teas with me. I’ve recently come back from a jaunt to North America and it was a real hoot to hit up DAVIDsTEA after reading so many reviews! I wish I’d had the chance to get to more stores… but I’m happy with what I got back past customs. See those teas and my local jams in my reviews.

+ black teas
+ white teas
+ oolongs
+ flavoured versions of all three of the above
+ herbal infusions and fruit tisanes

+ most green teas
+ LICORICE ROOT (my sworn enemy) and aniseed flavours


Hobart, Australia



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