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I’m actually a bit sad that I left the last of my sample of this from my Monstrositea March box to play around with, because it turns out I don’t like it spliced with mint as much as I like it on its own. Oh well. That’s what experiments are for, aren’t they? I’d probably stock this again once I’m out of other Ayurvedic blends, because this definitely was enjoyable and I honestly smashed through my sample of it. An easy go-to for a herbal brew at any time of day.

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drank Fantasy Island by DAVIDsTEA
846 tasting notes

Back to a favourite tonight just to pop in and say hello (and up my rating; I can’t help it, I’m obsessed). The glorious ashleyelizabeth was kind enough to do a Davids run as part of our tea swap and basically doubled my Fantasy Island stocks, as I was already getting a little desolate about my dwindling supply.

Had just a small cup with a dash of milk and sugar each tonight, and boy did my mouth sing. Also had a small huffing session. Cannot ever get enough of the dry scent of this tea. And the tea itself. And everything.

I think I have to call it, you guys. Fantasy Island is my DAVIDsTEA. I think a lot of their blends are good, but much like Wes Anderson films, you always have a favourite. One that’s yours. For me, it’s Moonrise Kingdom and Fantasy Island. I guess I’m just whimsical as shit that way.


This one never worked for me, but Dolce Vita from RiverTea is my raspberry coconut delight that I can’t get enough of. :)


Well now that’s got to go on my wish list!


Hehe :P It is awesome! And if I remember correctly, RiverTea is a German company so it may be easier to get it in Australia. Or we could always figure out a swap at some point. :)


I was just about to say, I’ll sweet-talk you into a swap one of these days ;)

All my swaps have arrived successfully so far! And as it turns out a lot of companies will send to Australia, just freight can sometimes add up so I’d want to be sure of my purchases before committing to them.

Plus there’s the fact that I still have close to a hundred teas loitering around :|


Yay! I’ve sent a few things to Australia before (not tea) and I’ve never had problems either. That’s understandable haha. Shipping costs are the worst!


I’m happy to swap to Australia as well – I know the last time, I was just careful not to put fruits and seed teas in because of customs.


Ahh thanks ladies! I’ll come at you both for swaps when my current cupboard looks a little leaner ;)

Sil—I’ve had some fruit teas come through in my recent swaps, I think it can be a little hit and miss with Customs checks! Better for me in any case ;)

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drank Vanilla Rooibos by Monstrositea
846 tasting notes

This one was a pleasant surprise from the March Monstrositea box. I’m not drawn to rooibos but in the effort of trying all my sample teas I tried this plain, then with a drop of milk and sugar as suggested in the tea notes. Surprisingly good! Fine, rooibos. I guess you’re not half bad. Sweet and nutty.

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drank The Earl of Lemon by DAVIDsTEA
846 tasting notes

I really enjoy this as a zesty white tea but I’m still not getting any creaminess from any yoghurt pieces. Perhaps they’ve sunk to the bottom of the sachet? I’ve got enough crammed in there to decant into a jar so maybe that’ll shake things up! In fact I’ma do that right now and have another cup post-dinner. Yes. Good.

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Seriously, is there licorice root in here? Is that what makes this drink sweet? Is that what makes me feel so weird about it?

I’m very glad that I switched to drinking this straight black, because nothing should be added to this tea. After a shaky start, I’ve ended my sample with higher levels of enjoyment, but not high enough to be overwhelmed by happiness. Still glad I got to sample it! The joy of tea swaps :D

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I got up easily today so I didn’t have any coffee… but then by lunch time I realised I needed some caffeine pretty badly. Thanks, Bold Breakfast. You really stepped up to the plate. And with only a dash of sugar you have a bit of grunt in you today!

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I like Eleven, I LOVE Ten. Yes, that’s accurate for both teas and doctors. Sipdown! Thanks again Sarah!

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drank Mint To Be (Organic) by DAVIDsTEA
846 tasting notes

Another tea saved by a touch of milk and honey! Amazing! I was happy to pass by this one when I tried it straight, but now that I’ve worked out how to work it, I’m sad that my sample is done with.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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I first tried this sample from TraceyC with milk and sugar, continuing on my theme of the week, but that was a huge mistake. There is already far enough sweetener built into this blend, and it holds up very nicely as a black tea.

Having said that, I am not the biggest fan. There is something odd about the scent of this tea, and even the taste of it, that puts me off. Drinking it straight certainly upped my rating but not enough to make me a fan.

Still, many thanks to Tracey for the opportunity to try this tea!

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Translating my ratings, at a glance:

95 — this must always be in my pantry. forever.
90 — excellent! you need to try this tea!
85 — very good! you should try this tea!
80-70 — I enjoyed this and will happily drink it again.
65-50 — Fine. Unremarkable.
45-35 — this wasn’t the worst drink ever but I was disappointed; it didn’t live up to my expectations at all.
30-0 — I didn’t enjoy this tea and that makes me sad.


Grandad got me started young, white (a LOT of white) Irish breakfast with two.

I never strayed far from that until the world of T2 Tea came to Brisbane some years ago, and now I don’t know what I’d do without a pantry full of tea options.

These days I prefer to drink my teas straight without sweetener (though I appreciate some black variations shine better with milk and/or a dash of honey/sugar). I also love a speedy iced tea (hot brewed then poured over ice), and my latest obsession is cold brewing (which doesn’t make a lot of sense, as Australia is headed into winter and I live in the coldest corner of the country, but oh well).

I’d love to make a bunch of tea friends on here, especially those who can talk Aussie teas with me. I’ve recently come back from a jaunt to North America and it was a real hoot to hit up DAVIDsTEA after reading so many reviews! I wish I’d had the chance to get to more stores… but I’m happy with what I got back past customs. See those teas and my local jams in my reviews.

+ black teas
+ white teas
+ oolongs
+ flavoured versions of all three of the above
+ herbal infusions and fruit tisanes

+ most green teas
+ LICORICE ROOT (my sworn enemy) and aniseed flavours


Hobart, Australia



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