680 Tasting Notes

drank Superberry (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
680 tasting notes

As soon as I read the description on this sample I got from VariaTEA I knew I’d be cold brewing this. Looking at the previous tasting notes I can see I wasn’t alone in that decision.

But also, wow, correct decision. Hello juicy tasty treat! How incredible is this? Perfect cold brew black. I really loved this, I’m shocked to see so many negative reviews for it—most if not all of those appear to be for trying this hot, so I’m even more glad with my cold brew decision.

Is this one actually discontinued now?

Thanks so much for the sample VariaTEA — I loved this one!

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drank Herbal Masala Chai by Shaan
680 tasting notes

The first of the Monstrositea August box—another exciting month of teas, I’m glad I stuck with this over the other Aussie box.

I’ll admit that I mostly picked this tonight because it’s a herbal. My first sip was a big mouthful of licorice root, which bummed me out, but then I decided to follow Monstrositea’s suggestion of adding a squeeze of fresh lemon and MY MIND IS BLOWN.

OK. A squeeze of fresh lemon totally transformed this tea for me—and makes me wonder if my licorice root hatred can be zapped using the same method in the future too. That aggressive licorice flavour was just… depleted. A faint lingering but that’s it. And it actually made this blend taste super creamy. What!? I’m so confused but also so excited. What. Ok. Cool.

Definitely looking forward to the rest of this.

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drank Herbal Masala Chai by Shaan
680 tasting notes

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drank Sugar and Spice by DAVIDsTEA
680 tasting notes

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
680 tasting notes

SPARKLEPONY!!! After giggling my head off at Marzipan ‘s nickname for this tea, I was pleased to find a sample of it in my swap with VariaTEA and didn’t waste much time throwing it in an infuser.

It really is a sparklepony. Wow. Look at that glitter! Worth it for the novelty alone! Though the tea itself is pretty delicious. Very warm-tasting. I had it warm all on its own and just enjoyed watching the sparkles as I drank.

The rest of my sample is cold brewing in the fridge as I type; I’ll most likely take it to work tomorrow! Those sparkles don’t waste any time, though. As soon as the cold water hit the teapot, BLAM! GLITTER EVERYWHERE! So cool.


Love this tea! Love the name! LOL


They should totally rename it Sparklepony.

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drank Banana Bake by T2
680 tasting notes

Yeah, this tea is incredible. Be careful, though, because it is possible to brew it a little too long. It can get a bit astringent! Easily amended with some sugar and milk, because it’s true, this tea is awesome in all forms. Just watch the oversteeping—keep it to around 3mins.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Mount Wellington by The Art of Tea
680 tasting notes

A beautiful, light and sweet brew with clear vanilla and fruit hints. I pulled it out for afternoon tea with my friend today, partly due to her flavour profile request and partly due to the fact that Hobart woke up this morning to a mountain absolutely coated in snow. This is definitely the most snow I’ve seen on kunanyi since I moved here two years ago, and a lot of locals are saying it’s the most snow they’ve seen for far more years than that. It’s very exciting for this little ex-Queenslander, though I was restrained and stayed off the roads instead of rushing to the mountain—the pinnacle road is closed due to the heavy snow but I was strongly considering parking and trekking up a bit further to some heavier snow to play in. Having said that, a lot of local roads in and out are closed due to the snowfall and I don’t expect I would have been the only rubbernecker on the road, so I played it sensible and stayed inside. To be honest, it was a LOT warmer inside than out today, too! I think we barely got above zero celcius in apparent temperatures. This is a perfect winter day for me. I wish it was like this more often.

Anyway, tea, yes. I wonder if Art of Tea will consider renaming the tea, based on the dual naming policy that came in for the mountain at the start of the year. I love the word kunanyi and I hope it will overtake the white word in usage, as uluru has done.

Flavors: Vanilla

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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drank Grape Expectations by DAVIDsTEA
680 tasting notes

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drank Rose by T2
680 tasting notes

Hmm. Something about tonight’s cup tasted off.

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Translating my ratings, at a glance:

95 — this must always be in my pantry. forever.
90 — excellent! you need to try this tea!
85 — very good! you should try this tea!
80-70 — I enjoyed this and will happily drink it again.
65-50 — Fine. Unremarkable.
45-35 — this wasn’t the worst drink ever but I was disappointed; it didn’t live up to my expectations at all.
30-0 — I didn’t enjoy this tea and that makes me sad.


Grandad got me started young, white (a LOT of white) Irish breakfast with two.

I never strayed far from that until the world of T2 Tea came to Brisbane some years ago, and now I don’t know what I’d do without a pantry full of tea options.

These days I prefer to drink my teas straight without sweetener (though I appreciate some black variations shine better with milk and/or a dash of honey/sugar). I also love a speedy iced tea (hot brewed then poured over ice), and my latest obsession is cold brewing (which doesn’t make a lot of sense, as Australia is headed into winter and I live in the coldest corner of the country, but oh well).

I’d love to make a bunch of tea friends on here, especially those who can talk Aussie teas with me. I’ve recently come back from a jaunt to North America and it was a real hoot to hit up DAVIDsTEA after reading so many reviews! I wish I’d had the chance to get to more stores… but I’m happy with what I got back past customs. See those teas and my local jams in my reviews.

+ black teas
+ white teas
+ oolongs
+ flavoured versions of all three of the above
+ herbal infusions and fruit tisanes

+ most green teas
+ LICORICE ROOT (my sworn enemy) and aniseed flavours


Hobart, Australia



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