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I brewed this short and on a delicate heat today. The resulting brew was nice and heavy on the pear and spice flavours, and delightfully light on the rooibos base notes. Initially, the flavour was very spiced based and warming but, as the tea cooled, the pear notes became more and more apparent.

Overall, I was really impressed with this tea. I found it naturally sweet and a nice light blend. I could see myself drinking a lot of this one!

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drank Hello Sweetie by Butiki Teas
506 tasting notes

The weather is getting colder, I am finally settled into our new place and getting settled into my new job, thus, I think I am can try to commit to myself to drink and review at least one cup of tea per day. As per the joys of moving, the tea cupboard is in chaos, and I can hardly remember what we even brought. Thus, I can optimistically look at this as a rediscovery journey when it comes to me tea.

I thought I would start with this one, an old favourite of mine. Coconut, a great black tea base, a sprinkling of sugar, this tea is always a winner in my book. I hoard my stash of it and watch it like a hawk while it steeps, lest I waste even one cup of this tea. It is a good return to my tea cupboard.

On a side note, I am curious to see what the two new Pumpkin teas DavidsTea seems to be releasing tomorrow pan out like, but I would be even more excited to see Sweet Lime (or Poached Pear) available in store!

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drank Snickerdoodle by DAVIDsTEA
506 tasting notes

I got 50 grams of this to try out while we in David’s Tea last week. I was warned that it could be cloyingly sweet and to approach steeping it with caution, so I tossed it into more tepid water and only steeped for a minute and a half. I am a fan of cinnamon but not in huge quantities. I do, however, have a weakness for Snickerdoodles. The steeped brew was very sweet, I am glad I didn’t toss in sugar, but it was still enjoyable. I am not sure how often I would drink this, but once in a while I could see it being a nice, indulgent treat. I do get the cookie notes and there is almost no discernible rooibos flavour to the tea. Another tea that was not my favourite, but I am sure we will get through the fifty grams we have in the house.

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drank Maple Sugar by DAVIDsTEA
506 tasting notes

Maybe it is the cinnamon and the cloves, but did anyone else find that this tasted A LOT like Sugar and Spice from last year? I don’t mind it, but it didn’t knock my socks off. I like cloves a lot, but everything from the flavour to the drier mouth feel reminded me a lot of Sugar and Spice. I am glad I gave this a shot, but it was not a huge winner in my world. Also, I get almost no maple. I will make a point of brewing another cup and trying it again, but so far the maple is totally eluding me.

Edit- Apparently there are no cloves in this… I guess it is the cinnamon that reminds me of Sugar and Spice?

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drank Guava Cadabra by DAVIDsTEA
506 tasting notes

I think I need to adjust my rating for this tea. It is just not a tea that I am as crazy about as I once was! I find it is really good with a light brew, but too much and the flavour gets overpowering and not in a good way. In good news, I brewed some up last night and, with just a bit of tea bits to steep for the night, the result is a nice, light, fruity blend.

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drank Cranberry Pear by DAVIDsTEA
506 tasting notes

I was a little crushed this morning to work our that I had far less of this tea than I remember having. It is still available if I want to buy more, but it is one of those teas that I love when I am in the mood for a cup, but those moods can be few and far between. I will really need to consider whether or not this is a restock for now.

The tea itself always strikes me as far more of a pear tea than a cranberry one. I guess I associate a much tarter note with my cranberry teas and this one is very, very sweet. I like pear teas and I don’t see a lot of them around, but I am not sure if I absolutely need to own this one forever and for always.

Flavors: Pear, Sweet

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drank Love Tea #7 by DAVIDsTEA
506 tasting notes

This tea is such a mystery to me, sometimes it is amazing, sometimes I do something wrong and it is just okay. I don’t ever dislike this tea, I just really like it sometimes more than other times. When I do it right, the chocolate is sweet and the strawberry adds a fresh bite. Other times, the strawberry becomes a little cloying and artificial. I think I need to keep playing with this tea and see if I can better standardize the taste of the brewed tea.

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drank Sweet Apple Cider by DAVIDsTEA
506 tasting notes

With 45 minutes left before the mall closed, we decided to slip by David’s tea and pick up a summer sale item to get this sample. I hadn’t been overly excited when I heard about this tea, especially given that I wasn’t crazy about Mom’s Apple Pie last year. However, I brewed up a cup of this evening and I am really pleasantly surprised. I tossed in a pinch of sugar, which in retrospect I don’t know that it needed. I get a lot of cream and vanilla flavour, backed by some sweet apple notes. This is a nice change from the tart apple teas I am used to or the common pairing of apple and cinnamon. Overall, I am really impressed with this tea. It wasn’t on my try or buy list for the fall release, but I am thinking I may need to change my mind!! Also, the sample has the release date set as August 27th, which means I can try some of them with my steeper rewards! That is fantastic!

Flavors: Apple, Cream, Vanilla


Oooh. I wasn’t really excited for any of the fall teas but you may have convinced me to try this one.


I think it is worth a try. I was underwhelmed by the idea of the flavour, enough so that I wasn’t even going to give it a try, but it turned out great! I think I might just be ready for fall and hot tea season though!

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drank Brazillionaire by DAVIDsTEA
506 tasting notes

This is a really heavy blend, what with the huge chunks of nuts in it, but I adore the taste. I don’t get a lot of either raisin or coconut, but I do get a rich, nutty note on a smooth black base. This is a new try for me and I am glad I gave it a shot!

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I really, really wish this tea could return! Chocolate, cinnamon, and coconut- add a bit of sugar and where can one go wrong?

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Very amateur tea enthusiast.



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