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So to be honest, I grew to love this tea. It’s just so good and calming and brings me down to earth. Sadly, I am at a sipdown due to liking it so much :( it reminds me of my beloved Ginger Sage Winter Spa Blend with more tulsi and pu’erh added! I bet I could make it by blending some teas, although I need more GSWSB soon, my last batch seemed to be missing rose petals :/

Anyways, let’s talk about this tea haha. As this is the last cup, it’s full of floaty bits and brewed up quite dark. Smells spicy and rose petally. Mmmm. But since it’s an at-work sipdown, I need to get back at it haha so won’t be able to log the taste. I’m sure it will end on a high note! Love this tea, and so happy I could try it! Upping rating a bit. See previous notes :)

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Oops lol here I am at a sipdown and I haven’t logged this tea yet! Well, it was tasty enough to be sipped down in 4 months out of all my teas lol, so there’s that! Its a very soothing tea, I drank it a lot when I had that terrible cold as it feels amazing on the throat. It’s a herby, cinnamon, licorice blend, with the mint being cooling but not sharp, more of a cozy mint. The licorice smooths everything and really makes for a lovely mouthfeel. I like that the flavors blend so well! I remember when I first had this tea, I wasn’t overly impressed, but it grew on me and has ended on a good note. I might (probably) will reorder this at some point, especially because my mom really likes this tea, she had one or two cups while visiting me :) a nicely done herbal, nice for evenings!

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Ahh this tea is still quite tasty, citrusy and bright with chocolate notes from the excellent base teas. At first when I had it out of my travel mug today it seemed weak with a strange flavor, but as it cooled off and was exposed to air it seemed to get back to it’s original goodness. It’s still much better brewed in a mug, or as a hot toddy, but it’s still tasty from the Timolino. Now I want a hot toddy at work, haha, definitely not happening. At least it’s warmer in the office after the lighting contractors turned up the heat with an Allen key :D +19 rather than +12 in the office today. Let’s hope the rest of the day flies by, it’s already almost Friday! (/optimism) See previous notes on this tea which I am close to sipping down and will miss!

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This is what I needed tonight! I’ve had an awful headache due to the intense rain showers throughout the day..and the guy at work that talks NON-STOP throughout the day. Ughh headphones at work tomorrow! This tea is quite sugary tonight, there’s a tasty brown sugar note that is hitting the spot. I also had waffles for dinner lol so got my sweet, cozy fix tonight! I also was productive and made a list of my teas that I want to sipdown in 2 weeks, as I really want to try some new teas I’ve seen reviews on and need to stock up on some old favorites for myself and the bf, but I need to clear out some room first. This one is on the list, as it’s definitely a fall tea, and while it works for chilly rainy nights, there will not be as many in the coming days of summer lol. So I will finish off this one and a few other older teas as the new season rolls in :) and they are mostly teas I enjoy too, so it should be a good couple weeks of tea! See previous notes on this one :)

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Ugh it is a miserable, depressing Monday. It’s rainy out, it’s freezing in my office, it’s not the weekend so I’m not at home, and my bf leaves for another 2 week shift up north for work. Le sigh. Oh, and I forgot my daily work tea selection at home, so I just have this tea in my travel mug and a tin of chrysanthemum flowers for the afternoon. I want cozy teas!! :( anyways, enough woes..at least this tea is tasty this morning. A bit perfumey for some reason though, and a bit drying. And it’s cooling off far too quickly lol. Well, at least the cold rain outside is good for the newly planted garden and the lawn. See previous notes on this tea!

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It’s been a busy weekend of gardening, yard work and cleaning haha and finally we got our first couple thunderstorms today! And rain :D finally don’t have to water the flowerbeds, garden and lawn today lol. Anyways, May showers called for some rainy day tea..this one (April showers, but close enough lol).

I read the ingredients list and was a bit apprehensive about how many ingredients were listed. Also, I keep thinking I’m going to have a terrible allergic reaction to the birch and dandelion in the teas, as both of these make me sneeze horribly in the spring AKA right now haha all the pollen :( but as they use the root of the dandelion and birch bark, I seem to be ok so far with teas including these ingredients lol. I will also be trying chicory later with the other blend club tea this month, Cask Strength. Anyways, rambly aside over, onto the tea!

Dry, this smelled, well…intense. A bit overpowering. My nose didn’t know what was up lol. Cinnamon and cacao and wood..definitely wood. I also looked at the leaves and thought hmm! Roasted oolong or black tea?? Decided to steep and see if I could figure it out.

I steeped for 2 minutes with boiling water, as it also has Yabao in it which usually needs boiling water. The steeped smell is woody like crazy. I was unsure if it was all Yabao or something else…so I quickly searched Zheng Zhan Xiao Zhong on Verdant and found out it’s a smoked black tea!! Ahhh a type of Lapsang??? I have had bad experiences with the one Lapsang I tried (DavidsTea, highly do not recommend lol) so I approached this with a lot of caution. And I also was pleased my nose could pick out the pine notes from the scent :)

So as for the flavor..my first expression was actually kind of baffled. What is this…then my brain was like “damp campfire in the woods after a rain” and I spoke it aloud to my boyfriend and he’s like “Be sure to put that in your review!” So there it is. This definitely evokes a rainy feeling..and to be honest, it’s not an overpowering smoke, it’s more like that hint of smoke on the cool breeze after a rain and the ashes of the fire are close to being out but still slightly smoldering. Not at all unpleasant! It also has a certain sweetness in there too, later in the sip and in the aftertaste..maybe the vanilla? Most definitely that. It keeps it interesting!

Overall, a very earthy, interesting blend. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it all all from the dry scent, and was still unsure after steeping. But it’s not too bad actually. Probably not a favorite, but I do like the camping memories it brings about. And very true to the name, it’s a rainy day blend! Happy to have had the chance to try this tea, another exciting one from the blend of the month!

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Note to self: no matter how tempting haagen dazs ice cream is, no matter how delicious the matcha honey ice cream is, you are lactose intolerant, and when the first ingredient is cream, you are not going to have a fun time after eating it. I should have known that last night lol…my stomach still hasn’t fully recovered lol. Never again!!

So I made this tea as it’s decaf and not hard on the stomach but warming in the chilly office. The cinnamon is tasty, I’m quite enjoying this and wishing the day would go faster, not many projects this week so things are slowww and boring. Le sigh. See previous notes on this tea!


Have you tried making your own matcha ice cream with coconut milk? It’s amazingly delicious.


That sounds heavenly and I definitely will have to try it sometime, I need to order more matcha first! :D

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Good morning steepster! It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, I just made a pile of pancakes and have leftovers for later, it’s partly sunny out, and I’m having a delicious cup of this tea to start off the day right. Today it’s even more crisp green tea with citrus, not as much lavender, and it’s just perfect for the morning. I’m going seed shopping with my mom today for seeds for our first garden, and will also pick up some other gardening goodies hopefully (watering cans, more hoses, etc). Looks to be a fine day on this 3 day weekend, and maybe even going to the lake tomorrow! See previous notes on this tea :)


Have a great day!
I love this tea


Same to you :) and I love this tea too!


Too bad I can’t come over and help you finish off those pancakes. :)


Hahaha :-)


Lol there’s still a ton of them left for later :D sorry I can’t share lol

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Happy long weekend!! After working two extra hours at work the past 2 days (on projects that were not really mine as well, very aggravating), I finally can relax for 3 whole days. Worked on the raspberry cane pruning tonight after a nap, and was going to have a nice hot toddy but had to take an allergy pill after working outside lol so that won’t be happening…instead, I made a nice cup of this caffeine free tea for before bed.

This is a refreshing and relaxing cup, like Mother’s Little Helper by DavidsTea but without the valerian and a bit more floral. Perfect tea to unwind from the stressful week and hopefully help clear up the final vestiges of my cough, which is still kicking around a little bit haha. See previous notes!

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drank Grape Expectations by DAVIDsTEA
903 tasting notes

This was my morning cup, and still is in my cup so I guess early afternoon cup as well lol. A tasty fresh treat, although at only +12 degrees C in the office, a strong, cozy black tea would have been a better choice, albeit too much caffeine for my cutting back on caffeine lol. The frigid temp in here is also probably why I can’t shake this darn sinus thing, I think my cold progressed into a sinus infection, hoping it clears up without needing antibiotics. Ugh, anyways, back to the tea, it’s tasty and good, but not very warm now haha so I will finish this off and make a cup of something else! See previous notes on this tea :)

Oh, and I still have to find time to make a trip to my local DT to pick up the new summer collections, hoping my nose will fully clear up before I go so I can fully smell them in all their glory haha.

ETA – Haha, I see a previous note on this tea was when the heat was messed up in the office and it was +26. How nice that would be for a bit now. LOL


Keychange, I also ordered your beloved Queen Catherine!!! Your raving reviews made me go for the tin instead of the sample size, it’s first on my list to try tomorrow morning, can’t wait :-)


Oh noooo, this comment wasn’t meant for your post MissLena, oops, sorry, I did that twice this week on someone else’s post also, what’s wrong with me, lol!


Either way, congratulations on the queen! she is the best!!


Haha no worries!! Now I’m even more intrigued to try the queen when i finally place a harneys order :D


Well I could not wait for the morning, so I drank it and reviewed it last night…so good!!! MissLena you can definitely add it to your HS list :-)

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Hello all, I’m a newly graduated electrical engineer as of 2013 (read:NERD :D), who is a bit obsessed with tea! I discovered loose tea in 2011, DAVIDsTEA in 2012 and it took off from there. I really started drinking/enjoying tea because it’s excellent to take to class in the morning and because I can’t handle coffee! (unless it’s a really good cappuccino or latte haha)

I enjoy a variety of herbal, white, green, oolong and black teas. I have also tried a few pu’erhs and matcha I am a bit sensitive to caffeine, but I find that in moderation I can still indulge in black teas and matcha.

Oh, and I have a severe peanut allergy and try to avoid most other nuts, just to be safe. Limits my tea choices a bit, but that’s ok. However I recently tried almonds and found out I can eat them, so I have been trying a few teas with them in them.

MissLena’s rating system
(as of 04/19/13)

95+: Absolute favorite, will try to always have it in stock, and when I don’t I pine over it!
90-94: Awesome teas, will probably purchase again a few times
80-89: Very good tea, may restock at some point
70-79: happy to have tried and will gladly finish, but not restock
60-69: not horrible, but not the best, will finish if I have some though
50-59: not a favorite, probably will have a tough time finishing the bag
-50: yuck. I don’t want to have it ever again.

I am happy to say that my caffeine intolerance seems to be subsiding! This is allowing me to try a wider variety of teas :)



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