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282 Tasting Notes

drank Strawberry Bloom by DAVIDsTEA
282 tasting notes

Well I’m sorry to say, that as much as I love blooming tea, the Strawberry Bloom was awful. Purely, sickeningly awful. I took one sip and I gave the rest to my dying plant. It was just too terrible.

It “bloomed” very nicely, I’ll give it credit for that. There was too much (or maybe too little?) of the artificial strawberry taste and it didn’t even taste like strawberry. Whatever it was, the flavors were unbalanced and just wrong.

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I literally took one sip and it made me gag. I brought the rest home to my family members and we all disliked it equally. So I gave it to my plant and it died the next day (I kid you not). It was revolting (I’m really sorry) it tasted nothing like spearmint.

I don’t think I have ever given such a terrible review to a tea before, nor have I ever used the term “revolting to describe a tea. Well, I guess there is a first for everything (sadly). This tea was a real disappointment because I really wanted to give a good review for this tea but That’s just not possible.

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drank Redberry Tonic by DAVIDsTEA
282 tasting notes

Just by its name, I got the impression that it would be super tangy, but it wasn’t. It was only a little bit tangy and slightly tart, but in a good way. It makes the tea more interesting and refreshing!

This tea also has a new ingredient that I’m not familiar with: sea buckthorn. It also has gogi berries, lemongrass, hibiscus and rosehips. I’m not too sure what sea buckthorn is or what it tastes like, but this blend of berries is perfection! Overall I’m really satisfied with this tea, even on a such a chilly day!

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I’m pretty sure Champagne Sangria Punch is one of Teavana’s new releases. It has an intriguingly complicated name featuring 3 different types of beverages in one name. So this gives me high expectations for this tea.

Well, let’s put it this way, it’s nothing like any tea I’ve tasted before. It has a citrusy-minty taste. The tartness gives the tea a remarkably similar taste to sangria or wine; something of that sort. And that’s really all there is to say. I think with that alone, you can easily imagine what it tastes like.

Overall, I think it makes a great iced tea, and you can even add a bit of sugar or sweetener if you like, it still tastes great either way :)

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So as its name states, this tea is super tart. It is also very fruity (berry flavors), but you cannot enjoy the fruity part because it is so tart. It’s just not right, this should not even be considered a tea. I’m really sorry. I knew this review wasn’t much to be anticipated, so that’s why I was putting it off a bit.

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I was really excited to try Organic Genmai Hojicha, because I fell in love with a really similar tea, Genmaicha. They both contain toasted brown rice and green tea leaves, but this tea ^ has toasted green tea leaves.

I must agree, the two teas are extremely similar when it comes to taste, however, this one has a more intense “toasted” flavor. And I would understand that this would not really appeal to everyone, but I think both are absolutely amazing. There is also a really intense brown rice flavor in the tea.

The toasted green tea and toasted rice go perfectly together, making a fantastic tea to drink with any Japanese meal ;) enjoy!

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drank The Earl's Garden by DAVIDsTEA
282 tasting notes

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drank Berry Basil Blast by Teavana
282 tasting notes

I’ve had Berry Basil Blast in my shelf for a while now, but I have neglected to review because I never felt comfortable with the way I had brewed it. It only needs to steep for 2 minutes, which is much less than I’m used to, so I would tend to forget about it.

When this tea over-steeps, it gets really tangy and bitter. That is not how this tea is supposed to be. So I pulled out my Teavana tea timer app, to make sure I wouldn’t forget about it.

Brewed properly, this tea is not particularly flavorful. White teas in general are not meant to be filled with flavor, so this is to be expected. It has a very light tea body in general, but that’s how it is supposed to be, I can assure you. The berry flavor is so subtle, and so is the basil. It makes the tea nice and relaxing since the flavor profile isn’t busy at all. That’s what makes it a good morning tea, and it also has a bit of caffeine to wake you up!

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drank Wild Sweet Orange by Tazo
282 tasting notes

Sadly, this tea was really not all that great, in my opinion. It was very sweet (but that is to be expected because it is called Wild SWEET Orange), but it was just way too sweet for my enjoyment. It also had a very artificial orange taste, kind of like medicine. I really did not enjoy this tea.

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