1710 Tasting Notes

Making London Fog, but, really, this is not a good Earl Grey to push its flavors through with the vanilla.

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First attempt at a London Fog this morning was two cups of this tea with two French Vanilla singe-serve creamers. Second attempt, now, is two cups of the tea with one of the creamers. Definitely needs two of them.

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Another mixed tea drink – London Fog. Earl Grey + Vanilla.

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drank Masala Chai by Peet's Coffee & Tea
1710 tasting notes

Tried to make “Dirty Chai” with this (chai + espresso)…this was not a good quality chai with which to attempt that drink.

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Despite their popularity, Keemun black teas remain one of the black tea “families,” to which I have not heavily been exposed. Thus, with the opportunity to try this tea, I am eager to brew a cup. Teavivre’s website makes suggestions for brewing this tea gongfu-style or as a whole pot, Western-style.

I opted to use a Finum infuser basket to brew a single cup. Into the basket went a teaspoon of the black tea leaves. Then I placed it in a mug and poured water, which had just finished boiling, over it. Time-wise, it was a bit of a toss-up. The website suggests two to five minutes. After two and a half, for which I set the timer initially, the tea looked and smelled a bit weak, so I left it for another minute (three and a half minutes in total). When the timer rang, and I removed the brew basket from the mug, I stopped to smell the tea…and was intrigued.

Instantly, I could tell that this tea was different than most of the black teas I consume. The smell was a complex combination of a number of aromas. Foremost, I noted spiciness. The peppery spice walked alongside a sweeter spiciness, which seemed almost like cinnamon but devolved into the malty body of the scent. Oddly, there was a bit of a floral aspect to it, which puzzled me but compounded the experience.

The first sip carries those aromas into taste. The foretaste is surprisingly lacking in impression, but, when the tea covers the tongue, all of the nuances emerge. Boldy, the flavor embodies the moderate maltiness. The pepper smell has become a tingling undertone in the taste and mouthfeel of this tea. Highly reminiscent of a breakfast tea, it would pair with food nicely. Three minutes might have been enough for this tea, as I can sense the start of astringency on the edges, but that does not detract from the enjoyment to be found in this cup. On my personal enjoyment scale, I would rate this Keemun black tea an 87/100.

Flavors: Malt, Peppercorn

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Rooibos by Laager
1710 tasting notes

Rooibos gets an interesting taste with spicy food.

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drank Chamomile by Peet's Coffee & Tea
1710 tasting notes

Not sure why I felt the need for chamomile, this morning.


Mondays’ll do that to you.


This was even before the main body of the Monday struck. Must have been a subconscious “I have a bad feeling about this…”

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Drinking the leftovers from last night, cold.

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“I love trading tea and trying new teas. My favourites are oolong (mainly Chinese) and pu’erh.
Will gladly talk all day about tea.”

The above was my bio when I joined five years ago, and I felt it needed to be updated. I still love pu’erh, though I have begun to take preference toward cooked, shou. Oolongs are certainly still a go-to tea for me, but I have expanded my horizons to begin including greens and blacks based upon the weather and how I am feeling.

Still more than glad to talk about tea – anytime, anywhere, anyplace.
Additionally, if fountain pens, books, music, or computers are on the discussion list…

My ratings, this “personal enjoyment scale” about which I talk, are just that – based on how much I enjoyed the tea. I might have enjoyed it immensely, yet do not keep it stocked for various reasons. On the flip side, I have a few teas that are “good” but not “great,” which I keep stocked for various reasons.



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