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Once again, another generous sample from Teavivre! I’ve been craving the lighter unadulterated teas today. I LOVE silver needle teas! They remind me of what good chamomile should taste like. It is very smooth, light, and a bit floral. The leaves aren’t as fuzzy as some other silver needles I’ve tried. However, I really, really like this. It is calming, yet it seems to help me focus.

2 min, 15 sec

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This is yet another delicious sample graciously provided by Teavivre! Thanks so much! I’m really, really liking this flavored variety more than the natural. This has a sweet yet floral aroma and the flavor is of a nice green oolong with a heavy, creamy finish to the sip. This feels decadent to drink, but it is totally guilt free. I haven’t completely decided if I have to have this tea variety in my cupboard – but if I do, this flavored variety will be the one for me!

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Another sample that was generously provided by Teavivre! Thanks! The leaves were so incredibly sticky with honey that I almost just wanted to eat them instead of brew them, but I stuck them in the teapot anyway. The first couple of infusions tasted like a very high quality, smooth medium oolong with a slight sweet, floral aftertaste. This isn’t as overly honey sweet as I expected, but you can tell this is a nice quality oolong. This is only the second tieguanyin I’ve had so I’m not sure if this is a preferred oolong for me – it is good though.

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Infusions #2 and #3 tonight after my class. This tea really reminds me of my beloved Emperor’s Red from Premium Steep. Although it is similar in taste to Teavivre’s Bailin Gongfu Black, I think this is so great for me because the pearls have a tiny bit of smokiness that I absolutely love and crave in a black tea. And the 3rd infusion is still quite flavorful – I may even go for a 4th. So this is a pretty economical tea also! I think I’m going to bump up the rating a bit. Any black tea that is good for this many infusions deserves high ratings from me!

4 min, 0 sec

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Many thanks to the Teavivre team for another generous round of samples. I added 5 of these pretty pearls to my 12 oz teapot and steeped for 2 minutes. Wow! This is really super good. There is a bit of cocoa, possibly hay, a good amount of malt and a smooth finish. This is amazing without anything added. While everything I’ve tried from Teavivre has been really good – this is most definitely going on my shopping list.

2 min, 0 sec

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I’m desperately hoping for an extreme caffeine kick from this tea. I have homework and tons of laundry to do – not to mention basic housework – and all I want to do is crawl back in bed for several hours. I think this tea is a good example of an East Frisian blend – bold and smooth with little to no astringency. Of course, this blend is made for milk and sugar so that may help with any bitterness. This is a good one though – very comforting.

3 min, 30 sec

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Eeek, I’ll have only one more bag of this tea after tonight’s mug. I can’t believe it is almost gone, but it has been my go-to caffeine free option lately. Zhena’s Gypsy Tea does some amazing things with their rooibos chais! This is a must try.

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Several pots of this tea with a tiny pinch of sugar added is really helping to calm down my overactive sweet tooth today. Good and smooth as always with a delightfully rich caramel sweetness.

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drank Jasmine Pearl by Rishi Tea
1014 tasting notes

Everyone has been drinking Jasmine tea today so I decided to hop on that floral bandwagon too. This is a great, mild jasmine pearl tea. It is good without additives and with a bit of honey. Yum, yum, yum! I think this would also make an excellent cold brewed tea.

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Nice, toasty oolong – but not as flavorful as the special grade version. Still good though!

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Formally known as mrawlins2

I am a former coffee drinker turned tea lover.

Black tea is probably my favorite type of tea, but I rather enjoy most types… I’m even developing a taste for pu-erh.

Rating Scale:
0-10: This tea is either flavorless or just plain undrinkable. I will avoid these teas in the future.

11-20: I was only able to make it through a few sips before pouring the tea out.

21-30: I may have been able to make it through the first cup but the thought of having another has me cringing.

31-40: Teas in this range are not horrible, but nothing I would seek out in the future.

41-60: Would drink if offered, but would not purchase for myself.

61-70: Okay, nothing special

71-80: Enjoyable, but I have to be in the mood for these. Probably would purchase if I found a really great price.

81-90: Pretty good tea, will probably be one of my favorites.

91-95: These teas are really excellent. I wouldn’t necessarily run out and buy more of these (just because there are so many teas out there that I haven’t tried), but I would miss this tea.

96-99: Terrific, very impressive.

100: This special rating is reserved for teas that are absolutely perfect in my opinion. I will only give out a rating of 100 to one tea per category (Earl Grey, unflavored black, dessert tea, Irish Breakfast, etc). These are teas that I really want to have around.

Perfect Teas so Far:

Earl Grey: Saint Isaac’s Blend (Russian Earl Grey) from Upton

Dessert Tea: Marco Polo from Mariage Freres

Unflavored Black: Emperor’s Red from Premium Steap



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