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I am a 30 year old woman who simply loves tea. I don’t have a long hist...

KiwiDelight 115 followers

I began drinking tea because its complexity fascinated me. I love learning ab...

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AureliaFish 36 followers

Hello! My name’s Natalie and I’m seventeen. I only got into drink...

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I love my rescues, tea, fitness and art.

Daniel 14 followers

I spent nine years traveling and working in Asia. During that time, I began d...

Shadowfall 118 followers

I wanted to cut soda out of my life, so I started drinking more tea. Now I&#8...

Fiddling 63 followers

I’m a Floridian living in Kansas and currently pursuing a physics Ph.D....



I love oolongs (especially milk oolongs), floral teas of all kinds, and the well done fruity tea blend or tisane.


Baltimore, MD


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