150 Tasting Notes


My tea-taster appears to be back to normal. After my first cup yesterday everything was just tasting bitter and bad. I gave up on tea for the rest of the day. This tea surprised me a little. It is assam-y in all the good ways. The aroma is very malty. On tasting, it is not quite as malty as the smell led me to believe, but it is there and this also has a nice sweetness to it. Very easy to drink. I was expecting it to be a little more “brisk” than I normally like, but it walks right up to the edge of that and stays politely on the yummy side with little astringency. I think of it as bright. This would be a perfect afternoon tea.

Flavors: Malt

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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Oh yeah – this tea. What a luscious blend. There is light cocoa and a little malt and a bit of a bright sweetness that is very pleasing. Nice and round with a tiny bit of tingle on the tip of my tongue at the end. This is a bright and happy morning tea to be up with ridiculously early for Easter. It’s smooth and has an entirely different groove from a lot of the black teas I love most. This blend reminds me Sam Cooke – but not Sam Cooke alone – specifically the blend of Sam Cooke’s voice with Lou Rawls on this song:


I really like this tea and dealing with Brenden is a pleasure.


Haha! Love this, and would love to have a tea that grooves the way Sam Cooke’s music does, awesome:-)

Terri HarpLady

Yeah, baby!

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Haha that’s an awesome comparison…and I can totally see it, too! :) So glad you’re enjoying this one!

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drank Cardamon Tea by American Tea Room
150 tasting notes

First of all, thanks to Tea Brat for sending this to me to try. I LOVE cardamom and was looking forward to this tea. Sadly, there is very little cardamom in it. I read a note on this tea by Flowery who called it “undistinguished.” I think that is the perfect description. I’m glad I got to try it – but I made it MUCH better by adding a bunch of my own cardamom to it.


exactly how I feel about this one!

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drank Cookie by Lupicia
150 tasting notes

I got this as a sample with my Lupicia order so I thought why not? Why not is because OMG this is just NOT for me :(


What didn’t you like about it? I have had my eye on that one since I have seen so many good reviews.


OH you should never ever judge a flavored tea by a review from me. I’m not a flavored tea person. Flavored tea people LOVE this tea and if you are one it will probably make you very very happy.


i’m in between with this one. the widespread love for it i don’t really get at all—i don’t think it’s a bad flavored tea, but it’s just kind of meh. it’s funny how much tastes can vary.


See for me, I had this tea yesterday and LOVED it.
It tasted a bit like burnt caramel cookies, without the bitterness. Whenever I make cookies, I always leave them in the oven for a little while longer so I think that’s why I really like this tea!


oooh, I definitely like it :)


i can kind of see that now that you mention it jump62359, the burnt caramel cookie thing! i hadn’t thought of that. huh…

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MMMMMMM this tea! Apparently my love for golden tips is deep and meaningful. I STILL haven’t gotten around to doing a proper review of Golden Fleece (although the song for it played in my head immediately), possibly because I just can’t find words for it. But this one is delightful. It’s far too early in the morning for me to be awake and normally I would be pouty about being awake at this ridiculous time on a Saturday morning. Instead I’m purring and mmmmm-ing and happily indulging myself in the smooooth, caramely, buttery, malty deliciousness that is this tea. The song that came to me for this one surprises me just a little – because while Smokey Robinson is ALWAYS appropriate – I would have thought this tea would make me hear a baritone. But nope, I hear this:


I immediately heard “we’re gonna fly away, glad you’re goin’ my way…”

Flavors: Caramel, Malt, Sweet Potatoes


This made me think of Ally Mcbeal, where the biscuit always heard Barry White.


Special Dark makes me hear Barry White singing Love Serende. I don’t watch much TV – except Sherlock and Justified so I never saw Ally McBeal. A biscuit heard Barry?


There is a character nicknamed that. It’s a great series, I watched it on netflix not long ago.


" Instead I’m purring and mmmmm-ing and happily indulging myself in the smooooth, caramely, buttery, malty deliciousness that is this tea."
Definitely, a great way to wake-up!


It’s good tea!

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drank Golden Honey Dew by Lupicia
150 tasting notes

This was a special offering from jump62359 in the Teeny Traveling Tea Box. You will see on my profile that I’m not exactly a rooibos fan. I don’t usually like flavored teas much and I especially don’t usually like fruity tea. I had no idea that I would actually like this. Apparently green rooibos is good. This tastes just exactly like honeydew melon. It is pale and pretty and tastes juicy and just happy. This would be a PERFECT bedtime tea for sweet dreams. It is unfortunate you can only get this by walking into a store in California or I would actually go buy this. I know. I’m as surprised as anyone.

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drank Morning Sun by Mandala Tea
150 tasting notes

The dried leaves are soooo pretty! But this tastes nothing like I expected from looking at the leaves. It brews up a deep reddish color. It hits my very happy place of smooth dark maltiness – but there is a roastiness there that I like very much. There is also a slight floral note that is a little elusive. I overleafed it a bit, but even with that there is no astringency (surprised me) but there is a different (and pleasant) little bite at the back of my throat. It is surprisingly complex and absolutely delicious. I realize this is a very obvious song for this tea but it is VERY appropriate and I’m singing it (badly) to myself as I brew my second cup:



Had that song on in the sauna this morning while drinking some Noble Mark! Too funny!!


LOL! And even funnier Noble Mark is what I brought to work for my afternoon tea


Well then, I’ll brew up some Morning Sun!

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drank Orzo - Caramel & Honey by Lupicia
150 tasting notes

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This is my first Joseph Wesley tea. I ordered several samples and Joe thoughtfully included an additional Lapsang sample all of which I will be commenting on later. I ordered two, was going to say tins, but they aren’t tins really, so I will say I got two thingies of this because it’s hard to make me unhappy with a nice black Chinese tea. I’m glad that I did. This is a really nice cup of tea. There is a little bit of smoke but just a little. It is a nice full bodied cup with little astringency, even though I steeped it longer than the 3 minute recommendation. There is a touch of malt and a touch of grain, but overall a round, nicely complex black that gives me a nice morning not too aggressive tea buzz. This is what I would think of as “Sunday morning” tea, where I get to laze around in bed with the NYT and this tea and be very, very content. I also love the aesthetics and attention to detail of this company. It is obvious that Joe loves tea.

This tea has such a nice groove – a song for it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FevK4QQaoFs

Joseph Wesley Black Tea

The tea made you think of the Queen of Soul? Awesome. That’s the best complement we could ever receive! Thanks.


LOL I frequently hear songs when I taste tea. And I love the groove on that song and that’s what immediately heard when I tasted it.

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Love that I’m living in beautiful Central Texas – land of good fun, good friends, good food, good music and good tea (Zhi – word.) Tasting great tea makes me hear music. Very often you will see a link to the song I hear for a particular tea.

I’m now blogging about tea and food at: http://atasteofmzpriss.wordpress.com/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/atasteofmzpriss

Black/red Chinese teas and pu-erh hold the key to my heart.

I don’t care much for flavored teas, especially the fruity varieties. My exceptions are chai and Earl Grey, and apparently now vanilla. Not much love for lapsang souchong either.

I sit squarely on fence with green and white teas.

If I end up in hell, my punishment will be to drink rooibos.





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