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Finally got around to tasting this sample kindly sent to me by Sil some time ago.

It is indeed as she noted. An okay tea but nothing special.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Peach Brulée by Tea Forte
619 tasting notes

Damn. Hoisted by my cut and paste. I don’t know how to make that accent mark on the keyboard so I couldn’t find this by typing in the name. Had to search for Tea Forte and look through their teas. That’s what I get for entering the tea info via cut and paste from the Tea Forte site. :)

Had this with dinner tonight. Mom came up to take me delayed Christmas present clothes shopping and we had a very substandard turkey & rice soup – it’s always so disappointing when soups don’t turn out and I can’t think of anything to improve them – with some fresh oatmeal bread. The bread was AH-MAZING though so that made up for the bread. And this tea is very, very good. Probably not the most fitting match for the dinner but excellent nonetheless.


Just switch to International Keyboard, and it’s easy. A colleague spelled it out (I only started using it myself, because of Steepster!) http://french.about.com/od/writing/ss/typeaccents_2.htm


I didn’t know that peach brulée is a thing! Awesome!


Cool. Thanks, MissB!

As a real food thing peach brulée is peaches with brown sugar on top, heated to carmelize the sugar. I have never had it, not really liking warm peaches but as a tea this is wonderful. Peachy and caramely.


Amanda 'SoggyEnderman' Wilson

That sounds delicious! I used to eat brown sugar baked peaches with cream all the time as a kid…but growing up in Georgia means you are inundated with the fruit :)


Yummy, this dessert would be so good!

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drank Golden Monkey by Harney & Sons
619 tasting notes

Trying to ease my way back into tea taste. My tastebuds have been way off since that brief tummy thing after Christmas and my straight blacks just haven’t sounded good. :( No matter. If my taste is changing again, then I’ll either keep what I know were favorites or I’ll have mass amounts for swapping. :)

Straight, this is still very good. Still not as good as I remember it being just 2 months ago. Now, add a teaspoon of cream and WOW! The honey and caramel just pop into your mouth and transform this into a full-on dessert tea. This is pure heaven on a very cold and getting colder night.


oh no! I hope the teas taste better to you again!

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drank Maple Moose Chai by David Rio
619 tasting notes

I got this in our family Christmas grab bag. I came home with a nice case of something tummy related and today was the first day since then that I’ve really thought tea sounded good. Even then, it wasn’t so much tea sounding good but wanting to try something new. :)

I know my tastebuds are still somewhat out of whack but this was super sweet. I did taste maple and as with many of the David Rio mixes, I didn’t taste much tea but that is okay. I don’t mind them for something sweet and milky and fast but not really tea. This one, I wouldn’t reach for over the Tiger Chai or the Green Tortoise Chai, but it’s okay.

As usual for me, I made this with 1% milk instead of water.

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Got this in the family Christmas grab bag. It works pretty well! I’ve been sitting with a cup (thin bone china) of hot tea in a cold (67F) room for about 2 hours now and the tea is still hot. Not as hot as when originally brought downstairs of course, but hot enough to call it more than warm. :) Short of a cup cozy plus a lid, this is a good and inexpensive alternative.

Plus, it is sunny!

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This came as a sample sachet with my recent order. It is indeed most excellent. Very strong peppermint even though I don’t notice any “distinct chocolate.” It makes the air cold when I breathe in after a sip.

I could see myself ordering the loose version of this, or even the bags to toss in a purse to take for after dinner when eating out.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 45 sec

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This is a good tea. It’s nothing I’d say I prefer – I think I like my jasmines and my Yunnans separate. But that aside, it’s not a bad combination. Mellow and smooth Yunnan with mild jasmine.

Glad to have tried it, thanks, Sil!

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drank Silk Dragon by The Tea Merchant
619 tasting notes

It makes me sad that there aren’t more recent reviews of this tea. There was one 2 days ago from keychange but closest to that is like 4 months ago. I hope people are still buying it and just not doing reviews every time they indulge (I know I don’t). Moreover, I hope people are still buying from The Tea Merchant – everyone was so impressed with them when they sent out their free samples – the packaging, the teas, etc. and nowadays you don’t hear much from or about them. They are still in business – I wanted so much to place an order when I had my orgy of tea spending after Thanksgiving – but I just couldn’t justify ordering more when I still had plenty from my large purchase last time. Anyway…I’m sure there will be one soon-ish. :)

This is such a stellar tea. Flavorful but not overpowering, smooth and silky and it smells fantastic.

I’ve said this before but no one I have ever steeped this for has not loved it. I wish I could capture the flavor in a sweet roll or icing for one or a shortbread cookie without using up the tea to get it! :)

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drank The Black Lotus by Butiki Teas
619 tasting notes

This is simply exceptional. Smooth, deeply malty, chewy, earthy and bright at the same time. Just simply exceptional.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Chewy? That made me giggle picturing myself trying to chew my tea. Sorry, I’m in a weird mood!

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I looked up steeping directions before doing this one and tried to follow them for a change – at least more closely than I normally do. :) At 15 seconds, this smells nice but doesn’t have much flavor at all. After another 15 seconds a light hay flavor develops. At 45 seconds, the hay is deeper and becomes mildly malty. It smells sweet. This is also moderately dusty. After the 45 second steep, it became slightly sour and dry. So I guess I get the bittersweet. :)

They say in the description that it is comparable to a Kung Fu black. I don’t know if Shang’s Bai Lin Kung Fu is the same thing as a Kung Fu, but I will say that I prefer Shang’s if that is the case – it is smoother. This is a good tea but it wouldn’t be my personal preference to turn to.

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Tea afficianado. I wish I could make a living creating and serving tea parties, but alas, bills prevent that possibility. :) So I make do by catering tea parties for friends and co-workers and drinking tons of tea with my cats on my lap. :)


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