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This is my last black Yunnan from boychik’s generosity. :)

This smells fruity and dark. Initial steep at 1:30 was fruity and golden tasting with a bit of sharpness. At 3 min it was sharper and the scent reminds me sooo much of Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black from Butiki. The flavor is raisiny like so many have mentioned with TWMB but this is not quite as sweet and the sharpness on the tongue is more noticeable.

It’s an excellent tea. Not sure I’d keep it over TWMB but that may be sentimentality speaking as that was the tea that really supercharged my interest in all of these malty, bready, deep blacks, even though it is not a Yunnan. :)


Glad you had fun with YS ;-)

Cameron B.

I see an order in my future, their prices are so low! There’s an overwhelming selection, though, so I’ll have to ask boychik for her recommendations when I do… :)


You will be getting some hand me downs from boychik’s sharing with me! :) Spread the love!


Makes me so happy. But I have to warn you, YS is dangerous site. You want to get EVERYTHING. And once you get to dark side of Puerh – that’s it.

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This one was included as a generous sample with my recent order. It is a very pleasant jasmine pearl. Not heavily perfumed but certainly enough to impart good, strong jasmine flavor. Clean and mellow.

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Om nom nom. This is buttery, thick and yummy. Everything I want in a Yunnan. The dry leaves didn’t hold a hint of what was to come. It wasn’t until I caught a whiff as I carried my cup back to my desk today that I got really interested. :) This one certainly goes on the wishlist for a future order! Thanks, boychik!


It’s all Terri’s fault. I was drooling over her notes for some time. And after swap I jumped to YS site and ordered a bunch


Well, I’m going to blame you for my order :)


If you going to order wait. They have sales pretty often. Like them on FB and follow on Twitter. Last times their sale was like 12% off. Not bad at all.


Good tip. Thanks!

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This is an oddity. It’s a strawberry flavored tea and a green tea and a bagged tea – that I liked! This one was quite enjoyable today at work. I steeped twice. It was a bit weaker the second time but still decent. I need to try this one cold, too, since I generally prefer fruity teas cold. But it was very good hot! I do wish they sold it loose as well but the bag wasn’t a terrible impediment to enjoyment. :)

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Lovely leaves yield a malty, thick and sweet liquid. This is super.

This one I did all in one long go as I had to deal with the window salesman. He arrived just as I was pouring the hot water over the leaves. I didn’t keep close track but I think it was probably around 3 minutes. Buying new windows is a painful-to-the-pocketbook process. :( Good thing I’m well stocked on tea so I don’t have to worry about spending my tea money on windows! :)

Bottom line: another on the list to order!


I have the same window problem with my summer house. Windows are expensive but it’s very important the installation. If they didn’t do it right its complete waste of money:(

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Another from the Big Box o’ Yunnan Sourcing courtesy of boychik! :)

Long, golden leaves steep up to a leathery, fruity, savory yet somewhat sweetish brew that smells like smoke but doesn’t really taste much of it.

30 sec, 1 min, 1.5 min all pretty much the same. Lighter flavors, sweeter, lighter color. 2 min, 3 min yields darker liquid with some bitterness and dryness. I think the sweet spot for me would be between 1 and 2 minutes. Enough time to get some depth but not so much that it turns more bitter than I like. Always possible I used too much leaf, as well.

Overall, while this was fine, I prefer Mandala’s Golden Strand.

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A nice, well balanced tea. Dark bittersweet is a good descriptor. It was a little dry – perhaps I used too high a temperature water. It will be enjoyed! Thanks again, Teatiff! :)

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A good, solid tea. Nothing that I will want to keep on hand for itself, but am certainly interested in trying the blends with this in them. It’s a fine, solid Yunnan.

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This is an odd tea. I would guess it is the Yunnan base that makes the bergamot stranger than in other Earls. It both smells and tastes highly perfumed but there is also a depth to it that isn’t in other Earls. It is thicker. I haven’t decided yet if I like this blend. It is, at the very least, interesting. But I need more cups to decide. :)


I have a polish earl grey on a Yunnan base and it took me a while to determine if I liked it, especially since it is a licorice and leather rich base, but in the end it makes an interesting base for a holds bergamot earl grey.

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Need to try this again, or maybe try shaking up the package. It looks like nothing but mint leaves! I get no vanilla, no chocolate but TONS of mint! Maybe I used too high a temperature water. Tasty and good to have on hand for upset tummies but nothing I’d order to have on hand. I think this will last me awhile, though. :)

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