762 Tasting Notes

drank Strawberry Green Tea by Kusmi Tea
762 tasting notes

This is an oddity. It’s a strawberry flavored tea and a green tea and a bagged tea – that I liked! This one was quite enjoyable today at work. I steeped twice. It was a bit weaker the second time but still decent. I need to try this one cold, too, since I generally prefer fruity teas cold. But it was very good hot! I do wish they sold it loose as well but the bag wasn’t a terrible impediment to enjoyment. :)

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Lovely leaves yield a malty, thick and sweet liquid. This is super.

This one I did all in one long go as I had to deal with the window salesman. He arrived just as I was pouring the hot water over the leaves. I didn’t keep close track but I think it was probably around 3 minutes. Buying new windows is a painful-to-the-pocketbook process. :( Good thing I’m well stocked on tea so I don’t have to worry about spending my tea money on windows! :)

Bottom line: another on the list to order!


I have the same window problem with my summer house. Windows are expensive but it’s very important the installation. If they didn’t do it right its complete waste of money:(

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Another from the Big Box o’ Yunnan Sourcing courtesy of boychik! :)

Long, golden leaves steep up to a leathery, fruity, savory yet somewhat sweetish brew that smells like smoke but doesn’t really taste much of it.

30 sec, 1 min, 1.5 min all pretty much the same. Lighter flavors, sweeter, lighter color. 2 min, 3 min yields darker liquid with some bitterness and dryness. I think the sweet spot for me would be between 1 and 2 minutes. Enough time to get some depth but not so much that it turns more bitter than I like. Always possible I used too much leaf, as well.

Overall, while this was fine, I prefer Mandala’s Golden Strand.

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A nice, well balanced tea. Dark bittersweet is a good descriptor. It was a little dry – perhaps I used too high a temperature water. It will be enjoyed! Thanks again, Teatiff! :)

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A good, solid tea. Nothing that I will want to keep on hand for itself, but am certainly interested in trying the blends with this in them. It’s a fine, solid Yunnan.

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This is an odd tea. I would guess it is the Yunnan base that makes the bergamot stranger than in other Earls. It both smells and tastes highly perfumed but there is also a depth to it that isn’t in other Earls. It is thicker. I haven’t decided yet if I like this blend. It is, at the very least, interesting. But I need more cups to decide. :)


I have a polish earl grey on a Yunnan base and it took me a while to determine if I liked it, especially since it is a licorice and leather rich base, but in the end it makes an interesting base for a holds bergamot earl grey.

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Need to try this again, or maybe try shaking up the package. It looks like nothing but mint leaves! I get no vanilla, no chocolate but TONS of mint! Maybe I used too high a temperature water. Tasty and good to have on hand for upset tummies but nothing I’d order to have on hand. I think this will last me awhile, though. :)

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I entered this as a new entry since I didn’t find this with a 2014 tag on it… I hope I didn’t just miss it.

Boychik sent this my way and it is another one that I really have to order. Not as pretty as the Bi Luo Chun, but every bit as tasty. I honestly don’t recall a lot of nuances to this – I pretty much gulped it down at work over the last 2 days. It was soooo good. Everything you’d expect a Yunnan to be. So far I’m very impressed with YS’s teas.


Yay, I’m glad you like it that much;)


I can’t hardly make my way through your samples fast enough. I want to place an order sooo badly but I don’t want to skip anything! This will be a tea weekend for sure! :)

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This. Was. Amazing.

I finished the generous share from boychik today at work in 2 steepings (large cup sizes). I steeped for 45 seconds, tasted a bit, 1 1/2 minutes and slurped a bit more and then left it in for about 4 minutes. Sweet, deep, malty, cocoa, toasty… man. Second steep I just left in for about 4 minutes before tasting. It was obviously a second steep but still good.

I think I’m in lurve. This must be ordered. Must be. I have now had 3 Bi Luo Chun blacks and I loved them all. I am sensing a pattern.

Cameron B.

Every time I see this tea on Whispering Pines’s website, I’m struck by how beautiful the leaves are! Goldilocks curls! I’m glad it’s delicious, too. :D


It is beautiful. And I’m having Whispering Pine’s version this evening. I honestly don’t know which one I prefer. I think it’s whatever one I’m drinking at the time… :)


bah! stop adding to my wishliit nicole! haha




Another win;)

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Another from the endless Yunnan Sourcing box from boychik! :)

This one was a little too smoky for me to be a tea I’d order and keep on hand. However, the smoke was mild enough that I did drink it all. I couldn’t pick out any flavors other than a nice tea with a moderate woodsmoke. Glad to have had the opportunity to try it!

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