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I got a lot of peach, a fair amount of pear and a ton of floral – lotus flowers I guess? Reminds me of a more mellow lavender. I really, really like this tea. It’s light and deliciously sweet and would be a fantastic afternoon tea offering with lemon cookies or almond cookies. On to the wishlist this one goes – and not just for a cool test tube (though I am seriously weak when it comes to resisting good marketing). Thanks, Sil!


YAY! this was the one that i was in Paris for the launch for…so super glad it’s held up (that was april) I was hoping you’d appreciate it way more than i did :)


Now I have to find where to get some! :)


You might have more luck being in the U.S. But it might require overseas shipping. But if you DO ever place a theodor order, there are a few that are fantastic to have.

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Makes me happy that I picked out pear without reading the description, although I could almost say that apple may be included. The black base is pretty light. This is a sweet pear. Not a natural pear but still not bad. It’s an enjoyable cup that you don’t have to pay a lot of attention to while you drink. I do wonder if it would be good cold.

Another good choice from Sil! :)


pear teas that aren’t green are rare, so i HAD to pick this one up when i was there.

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This is very smooth for a green tea. The peach is definitely present along with other fruity notes that I would not be able to identify on my own, but with the power of suggestion after reading the description I could see a melon flavor. I also get a nice buttery feel from the initial sips that I would normally associate with an unroasted oolong. This is really very nice. Thanks again, SIl! You’ve managed to send along some teas that I would not normally have ever wanted to try and they’ve all been enjoyable. :)


heh go you drinking all the samples! i tried not to just give you blacks haha

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drank Pomme by Hediard
767 tasting notes

Baked apple without cinnamon. Not a terribly fakey apple either. Not overly sweet either. Very nice to have tried! Thanks, Sil!


i am a fan of this one because of the lack of cinnamon….

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This is a seriously good green tea. It has a crisp note with light florals and just embodies “fresh”. Scent of vegetal green and grass. I ignored it and let it go too cold. It’s not bad cold but it’s better hot. Reminds me a lot of Twisted Green.

Thanks so much for sharing this, Sil!


yay glad you enjoyed it.

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Seeing TeaTiff’s review reminded me that I wrote something up for this when tea-sipper shared some with me awhile back.

The flavors were all extremely well blended together. It was a really balanced floral and vanilla. I really did like this one. And I forgot all about it when I placed an order with Zhi recently.


This one is my favorite from Zhi!

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First, thank you to Soleil Tea for making the samples available.

Upon opening the package, I am most strongly reminded of a Christmas tree. Not totally on board with drinking evergreen. I’m not sure what I expected but that wasn’t it. :)

After steeping, I still smell evergreen but with some sweeter cocoa notes in the background.

Tasting gives me primarily sap and evergreen – resinous is a good word for it. I get faint floral and cocoa notes and I’m not sure I’d know if I was tasting hops or not. I see others saying this is a deep tea. I’m guessing maybe I underleafed or understeeped because I get a very light tea.

I have enough to try again and I will. :) For now, rating is based on this steeping. It’s an interesting blend but not necessarily one that is for me, I think.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 45 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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Did a side by side this afternoon with this and Teavivre’s Golden Monkey. Harney on the left, Teavivre on the right.


I warmed the gaiwans, put in the leaf and covered while the water was heating. Visually, there are more golden tips in the Harney tea. The scent of the warmed, dry leaves: Teavivre has a smell of hay and dark molasses. Harney’s aroma is malty brown sugar.

About 200F was water temp. 1:30 steep time.

Scent of steeped leaves: Teavivre was sweet dusty hay, Harney was a smell of cooked, wet leaf and rock.

Taste of cup: Teavivre was hay with some malt, mild with a minor, not unwelcome, sour note at the end of the sip. Harney was maltier than TV and sweeter in that brown sugar way, liquor is lighter in color by a touch.

Conclusion: I like the Harney better. Granted, however, that the Harney is fresher (2015) and the Teavivre is older (2014). So this wasn’t an optimal taste comparison, probably. I’ll still enjoy both. :)


Gorgeous teaware!

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Had this tonight in my fishy tea set. I wanted to use a different, new gaiwan but I realized I don’t have a cha hai to go with it and everything I did have wasn’t hitting my happy spot tonight – the horror! Now I’ll have to look for more tea ware…

Anyway, this is still a great tea. Thankfully I still have a good amount of it. I think I prefer this Western style but it’s fine this way, too. After 3 rounds it starts to lose potency, at 4 rounds it’s essentially lightly colored water.


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Okay. Revisiting this one. Still not exactly my thing. However, trying the Assam trick of letting it cool a bit before drinking makes it a cup more to my liking. The smoke is still there but blending nicely instead of shouting down everything else like the woodiness. Still not getting a lot of bread from this blend but it will be sufficient to ward off the Elder Gods this weekend.


love this one.


Well, you lemme know when your stash is at acceptable levels. :)

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