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Oh, my precious. I’m so sorry. Gong fu is not for me with you. This got way too harsh, way too fast doing it gong fu. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention or maybe I overleafed. I was watching John Wick again while doing it and I seriously love that movie. :)

First steep was fine. Second was pretty harsh and exceedingly mineral. I lumme some mineral taste but not this. So I put some extra water in the cha hai and am finishing it that way. Sad panda because I do have a limited supply of this and I don’t want to do bad steepings of it. But, the extra water makes it okay. Not awesome, mind you, but above average. So, note to self: if you take the time to read over your notes before you make this again, do it Western. :)


No!! This is such a kind tea to me, I forgot it in my gaiwan for 5 minutes once, and it was still great. Keep trying!


I’m thinking it was overleafing. I’ll try again this week. :)

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drank Kaimosi CTC by Harney & Sons
659 tasting notes

So… I really need to look through my reviews before buying tea on impulse. I added this on to some order in the past to make the free shipping level. Just now getting around to opening the tin. Yeah… a whole tin. I can see cold steeping for the whole summer with just this tin to use it up. :)

Anyway, it’s still an fine tea-tea. I still don’t get any special notes from it. I had some without to taste it on it’s own. Then I indulged and used some cream leftover from the last tea party and dumped about a tablespoon into a For Life mug amount of it. It’s really good with cream. Or, I suppose you could say that the cream is really good and adding this tea gives it depth. :)

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This one is going on the wishlist for later.

It is a light, sweet tea, but with moderate scents of malt. The scents are stronger than the malt taste but it’s still there. The most appealing thing about this to me though is the buttery texture. This would pair really nicely with almost any standard tea party fare, savory or sweet, I think. With a bit more care in the steeping I think the little overtones of dryness would be minimized. It’s a really smooth Darjeeling overall.

Thanks so much for passing this one along, KS

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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This smells a lot like an Assam to me. And the flavor reminds me of one as well. I didn’t get any toffee, but there is a sweet maltiness to it. It would hold up well to cream and sugar if one desired. I did 1 1/2 teaspoons for 3 minutes rather than the recommended 4-5. I think at 4-5 you could probably spackle the wall with this it would be so strong.

It’s good but nothing I’d pick up to keep around. Thanks for sharing this, Maddy Barone :)

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

Sounds like my winter wake-up strength!

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This dry leaf smells strongly of new hay. The leaves are absolutely gorgeous. 3-4 shades of green and brown all coiling around each other. The taste almost reminds me of an unroasted oolong or moderately strong green. This is lightly roasty and mildly fermented. It is an extremely interesting tea that I would grab more of in the future.

Thanks so much for sharing this, KS!

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I figured when I saw this in the wonderful package KS sent to me that I would have a good chance of liking this one. Second, summer, autumn flushes – those are what I like in a Darjeeling.

This is very nice. It’s strong. Musty like the white film on grapes. It wouldn’t be my favorite but it’s certainly a very good example of the flush and type. It doesn’t beat my beloved Sungma but I’m still looking for its equal. :)

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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This is quite nice. The dry scent is deeply straw and horse. The taste is lightly smoky but not objectionably so – the scent of smoke in the steeped liquor is stronger than the taste. The horse is still there – like the scent of a horse that has been running. Also a smooth, buttery richness. Very nice. Not sure I’d keep it on hand, but a very good cup.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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This is a seriously tasty tea. So incredibly smooth, rich, malty… everything that makes a tea nom-nom-nommy for me lately. :) I feel so amazingly spoiled by having access to a resource like Steepster to help me build and snobbify my tea palate. :)


Love this one.

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This is pretty good. Lightly citrusy notes, hints of cocoa, sweetish with a little mineral in the background as it cools. Not sure I’d order it over some other What-Cha offerings but I have enjoyed this cup for sure. Thanks, Maddy Barone for the swap!

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drank Vanilla Comoro by Harney & Sons
659 tasting notes

I’m having this tonight since I’m having a bit of acid reflux flare up lately and while I’m on meds it’s usually best to avoid caffeine. I hope it isn’t tannins + caffeine. :( This is my first black tea in days and it’s been killing me. I’ve had Honeysuckle White from Shang and Strawberry Green from Kusmi – both fine but they sure aren’t my beloved Yunnans or Bi Luo Chun blacks.

Luckily this is one tasty decaf black. :) I forgot I just got some more or I would have been drinking it for several days now!

To those who have sent me teas or swapped with me lately, I promise I’ll get to your teas in a couple of weeks. :)


Shou pu always delivers. i forgot abt acid reflux since i start drinking it. feel better :)

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