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We had this yesterday at a clean-out-my-freezer tea party. I had prepared tea treats all through October for 45 people for an Alice in Wonderland Halloween tea I was doing for this charity I am involved in. I was socking them away in the deep freeze so I didn’t have to do a lot all at the end. Then the party was cancelled due to the hometown team making it into the World Series. I scheduled a tea at work to use some of the leftovers that couldn’t freeze and that turned out to be the day of the celebration parade. Not that I wish we hadn’t made it, winning after 30 years certainly is nice, but I got really tired of sports messing with my tea!

Anyway, so I could free up some freezer space for the holiday season, we had a little tea yesterday with my mom’s friends. This was one of the teas I served.

One of the ladies was a friend of a friend and I had never met her before. She took a sip of this and said “Oh my goodness, this is amazing tea! I don’t even need sugar or milk!” Later I made a pot of Assam Signature Malt from Golden Tips and she didn’t add anything to it either. She was just stunned that she liked teas without additions or flavorings and she just kept raving about Jabberwocky. Makes me happy when that happens. :) Now, she did add cream to the Flowering Black Tea Cones from Yunnan Sourcing but to be fair, they had sat in their little glass pot for awhile before she tried them and I probably used a cone or two too many for the volume of water. But she said she still liked it a lot.

Then I got to whittle down my stash by giving the ladies a basket of assorted teas to shuffle through to take home. So that, along with excellent tea that was well enjoyed, tasty food and good company made for a good day. :)

But now I need to get more of this tea since I almost used it up!

Maddy Barone

I’m glad the home town team won (since the MN Twins, as usual, fell short) but it’s too bad that all your hard work wasn’t rewarded as it should have been. Still it’s lovely that you were able to help that woman find glorious new teas, and whittle down your stash.

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I get a mild malt with tanginess from this and a bit of honey. There isn’t anything that makes me say “Ooo, have to have this over similar Yunnan Sourcing teas” though the price is certainly right. It is close to some honey blacks, but the mouth feel afterward is much more drying than those have been for me and not as much honey sensation.

I hope I got this entered correctly and not in duplicate. There are so many names for this company. I searched through all of them I could find and didn’t see this listed.

This is my first tea from Berylleb. And honestly, their name makes me smile every time I see it. I want to pronounce it Bellyreb and that makes me think of a good ol’ boy in overalls with a round pot belly. Not the most PC of associations, I grant you. But the picture of that drinking tea from a China cups tickles me.

I am glad to have tried this. It was a pleasant morning cup. Thanks again, Liquid Proust!

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Om nom nom. Onto the permanent YS wishlist this goes. Sleek golden spires for my cup.

This was ever so tasty. Lots of malt, baked goods notes, not much in the way of tangy notes. Smooth? Like a baby’s behind.

Beautiful to look at, delicious to drink, and very forgiving on steeping parameters. This is a keeper. Thanks, Liquid Proust!

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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This was a fairly decent cup of breakfast blend. A bit of bite with some woody notes and a little tang in the background, I mainly get the Ceylon tastes. I was careful not to oversteep as breakfast blends lend themselves to astringency, in my experience. I don’t remember what I thought of Harney’s Scottish blend so I can’t really compare at this time, but I do still have enough left of this to do it next time I snag samples from Harney.

I found nothing objectionable here, though as with a lot of breakfast blends and me, nothing to especially recommend it over the non-blended versions of the teas that comprise them. I think it would stand up fine to milk and sugar if that’s how you take your blends of this type. :)

I got this from, I think, Marizpan so thank you!

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 45 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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Like cocoa bread in a cup. Not chocolate bread, mind you, but cocoa bread. The kind that doesn’t have sugar added to it. Reminds me very strongly of Golden Fleece. A cup of pure wow. Thanks to whoever included this with a swap or a stash purchase – I’m thinking either Marzipan or Liquid Proust.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 45 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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drank Witch's Brew by M&K's Tea Company
751 tasting notes

Chamomile is strong with this one. I do taste honey but no toffee. I can tell there is tea in this and not just herbals but I would be hard pressed to pick out Assam as one of the teas. Normally licorice root is something I avoid because it makes my lips unpleasantly sweet after drinking. Maybe the roasting changes it somehow. I noticed it in the back of my throat but not as strongly as I would have expected and none on my lips.

It wasn’t horrible but it also wasn’t anything I’d purchase. Glad to have been able to try it! Thanks, LP!

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Another from Liquid Proust’s Secret Pumpkin box! This was surprisingly (to me anyway) very good. The leaves unfurled pretty big and the light greens mixed with browns were beautiful to see. I get the floral notes with a little bit of buttery feel but definitely the gunpowder green as well. I like this one. Maybe enough to order some some day…

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I get the apple, the cinnamon and the chamomile. It’s sweet but not as in added sweetener. More like a mildly fakey apple but not in a bad way. A lot of the cinnamon for me seems to be in the scent, which is fine. This is a perfectly acceptable chamomile blend. I wouldn’t buy it once the sample is gone but only because I don’t drink herbals often enough to use it. If I were an herbal tea person, or if someday I have to be due to overdose of the real stuff, then this would be on the shopping list. :) Thanks, Liquid Proust!

Oh, and I’ll echo the comments on LP’s note, don’t do this without a DIY tea bag. Luckily, I use them for tea parties so I generally always have them on hand. :)

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Served this today at a tea party. It was for the lady who won the Harvesters raffle tea party prize at the tea festival in June. All guests were strangers to me so I tried to pick teas that would showcase different flavors but not ones that kind of require being “into” tea to appreciate, if that makes any sense. I let the hostess choose the green tea and she picked Strawberry Green from Tealeaves. Otherwise, I took a Golden Monkey from Teavivre, decaf Vanilla Comoro from Harney, Anastasia from Kusmi and this one. They all were very well received, but I was especially pleased to overhear one of the ladies saying about this one “oh, my god, you can hold the cup up and inhale and it’s just amazing.”

And she’s right. This smells amazing. And the taste lives up to the scent. Malt with a little eucalyptus and citrus. Just wonderful.

Liquid Proust

The taste associated with this tea deems this as a tea to drink while taking a bath.


That would be a fabulous idea.

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I did a side by side gaiwan tasting with this and Honey Black from Beautiful Taiwan Tea Co. tonight. First, let me say that I don’t care as much for either of these done in this method as I do for them done Western style.

On to the teas. 5 grams each, 150 ml gaiwans, filtered water cooled 2 minutes from boiling. 45 second initial steep, left leaves in water while drinking resulting in approximately 2:30 for second steep.

Dry leaf comparison: BTTC leaves are smaller and more broken up though still large
Liquor comparison: GT is lighter in color
Taste comparison: Both honeyed, both sweetish, BTTC seems spicier. On second steep, BTTC also has sour notes creeping in, though not to an unpleasant level. GT is a lighter bodied tea.

Next is to try both in Western style side by side. From this method, I would not be picky about either one, both are equally good in my opinion.

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Tea afficianado & founder of the Midwest Tea Festival. I wish I could make a living creating and serving tea parties, but alas, bills prevent that possibility. :) So I make do by catering tea parties for friends and co-workers and drinking tons of tea with my cats on my lap. :)


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