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49 Tasting Notes


Normally I go for plain green teas but one day while studying at a cafe I thought I’d give this one a go – bad choice! It was awful. I had my hopes up because I have tried mighty leaf teas before and I had known them to be of good quality, but this one tasted very artificial and just plain awful. I did my best to finish the cup because I hate to let things go to waste, but I basically chugged it.
To be frank, if I could describe the taste of this tea in one word it would be “glue”.

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My go to tea everytime I get tea from a shop that sells mighty leaf. So far, its the only vanilla black tea I have found. Out of all of the other vanilla infused teas I have tried, this one is the most vanilla-y as well. Nom. :)

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My boyfriend and I have decided that if butterbeer from Harry Potter was offered at Davids Tea this is what it would taste like.
It is delicious, both hot, cold, and with almond milk.
I loved to drink this tea in the mornings but sadly I have exhausted my supplies. :(


I agree, so awesome with almond milk ;3


omg it is exactly like butterbeer! hahaha that’s what i’m gonna think of now whenever i drink it :D


I thought the same exact thing when I drank this one. Harry Potter rox!

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This is my go-to green tea because it is 100% organic. I love the taste, even when steeped very strong.
I also have used this tea to make cosmetics such as toners and face masks and It worked quite well.
The only downfall to this tea I would say is that it is a bagged tea – I prefer loose leaf teas.

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drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
49 tasting notes

Maybe I’m just the harshest pumpkin critic of all time but… it needs more pumpkin! I could taste it, but it wasn’t enough to get me onto the tea 100%. Overall, combined with the spices it had a definite pumpkin pie flavour.
Maybe it was the black tea, or maybe it was because I was drinking it from one of those crumby paper cups from Davids Tea, but I’m not sure if I can really fall in love with this one quite yet.

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My boyfriend’s mom has a few boxes of this in her cupboard and I have to say it’s my favourite tea to have while I’m there. I’m not usually a fan of teas with mint in them (I’ve always thought it tasted like toothpaste water). This tea however I seem to love because of the other flavours, like vanilla (I’m a vanilla freak), that seem to tone down the minty taste.

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drank Elf Help by DAVIDsTEA
49 tasting notes

While I normally drink my green tea organic, super strong and bitter, and with no additives I’m not usually a fan of venturing off into the flavoured green teas… until now. I have tried this tea twice from the Davids Tea shop and I have to say the second time I had it was a million times better than the first time. Its a perfect balance between a fruity tea and a green tea so is perfect if you’re in the mood for somewhere inbetween the two.

On a side note: has anyone else noticed that tea is never as good in those paper to-go cups you get at cafes and tea places vs. brewed in a mug? The only downfall to grabbing a tea from Davids when I’m out.

Maxime-Daniel Friðrikson

It’s true that when you try a tea-to-go from DT it’s never as good as it’s supposed to be. That’s because they always use 98 degree water at DT when you take a tea-to-go. So, the leaves burn.


I honestly don’t know what temperature of water I use, but I’ve always been one to use water on a cooler side because I’m really sensitive to hot drinks and don’t want to wait as long for it to cool off haha.
But anyways, I hate the paper cups mostly because I can taste the paper/plastic. It’s not a nice home for tea. Period.

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drank Fantasy Island by DAVIDsTEA
49 tasting notes

I bought a sample of this from Davids Tea and within a few days I had already finished all of it. I love raspberries, and the coconut is a nice touch without being too overbearing. It’s a lovely rich black tea that’s suitable for morning or for dessert. Unfortunately, since its a black tea I have to try to stay away from something like this after dinner because of the caffeine.

+ steeped the tea super strong and made a cup half hot almond milk and half tea. Amazing!

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drank Alpine Punch by DAVIDsTEA
49 tasting notes

A perfect tea for Christmas time as it smells AND tastes exactly like Christmas stolen; a family brunch-time tradition. It’s very sweet so it’s a nice tea to have if I have a sweet tooth. However, because of it’s sweetness its not a tea I could drink more than a cup of at once.

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