1610 Tasting Notes

drank Chocolate by Adagio Teas
1610 tasting notes

I finished this up this morning. Thank you darby for this swap! Good tea overall. I don’t think I would be purchasing this tea. It isn’t the kind of chocolate I am very interested in. This is delicious with milk and sugar though.

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drank Decaf Tea by Tea Boutique
1610 tasting notes

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So I found a little rust in the inner edge of my electric tea kettle. I am so upset about that. What do I do about it? Should I toss it or is there a way to salvage it?

I finished this tea up. I used a pot to boil water and make this tea; however, this tea tasted strange after steeping it. This is a good tea overall though. I love the dry leaf that is furry and curly.

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This is a nice, soft Keemun. It smells like the cocoa, malty scent that Keemuns possess. I brewed this for 2.5 minutes, which I think is long enough. It is a little bitter and astringent in my mouth. It was a honey brown colored brew. The taste is lighter Keemun, which is nice because sometimes Keemun can have an overbearing malty almost metallic taste in my mouth. This one doesn’t leave my mouth that way. This is a nice Keemun, but not my favorite.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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This week has been busy for me but this is a backlog. I love this light tasting tea. So fruity and refreshing with no astringency.

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I really love Dan Cong oolong teas. This one is no exception. I love this tea. The first steep was a bit difficult because it brewed a deep golden amber very quickly. So, it was a little bitter. The flavors weren’t that pronounced. The second steep, on the other hand, was beautiful. It was a light honey color. The leaves smelled delicious like peaches. I love the fruit and slight floral tones in this tea. The lower the temperature, the better tasting this is. It has some roasted and warm components to it. This is a darker oolong.

This is a great tea that can withstand several steeps.

160 °F / 71 °C 0 min, 30 sec

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drank Spicy Chai Latte by Trader Joe's
1610 tasting notes

I went shopping at Trader Joe’s this afternoon and stumbled upon this. Normally I would pass by the chai mixes in stores, but this one caught my eye. Perhaps its a craving. I wanted it so bad. When I got home, I heated some milk and added about 3/4 of a scoop of mix. I was in heaven. This is arguably one of the best chai latte’s I have ever had. It is sweet, and so sinfully good. MMmmm… I want more, but I am holding myself back! It isn’t too spicy. It has the perfect blend of spices – cinnamon, clove, cardamom, anise, ginger, vanilla. mmm….

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This is delicious cold! I cold brewed 3 tea bags. This is so refreshing and fruity! Yummy!

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drank Earl Grey Green by Adagio Teas
1610 tasting notes

I cold brewed this one and it was so disgusting. bleh. I had to throw away the whole thing :(

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I’m someone who happens have an addiction to tea! My tea collection keeps growing and growing, which just means that I’ve got to drink more tea! When life gets a bit too stressful, I love sitting down to a nice, warm cup of tea.

Swap: I am always up for swapping! Take a look at my cupboard and send me a msg! I always send extras since I have too much tea! :)

My cupboard contains all the teas that I own. The teas that are unrated but are in my cupboard are ones that I haven’t opened yet. :)

Likes: chai, all types of teas, dessert teas, Dan Cong & milk oolongs, dragonwell & kukicha greens, flavored rooibos, vanilla anything

Dislikes: bitter
Allergies: Chamomile, Jasmine, Soy


New Jersey, USA

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