1610 Tasting Notes

drank Bollywood Chaipur by THE O DOR
1610 tasting notes

I received this as a sample and I am so happy about that! This is a very colorful tea, full of green cardamom, red and black peppercorn, and more. It is very fragrant as well. I love it!

The base is a black tea, but it isn’t very strong or astringent or bitter. It is perfect. This tea didn’t need any additives, which I am glad for. The smell is delicious! So many notes playing in here. There is an herbal aspect to it. I love cardamom! I cook with it all the time. The taste is also delicious. All the spices are blended perfectly. There wasn’t one note that particularly stood out. Toward the end of my cup, it became a little astringent, leaving my mouth feeling a little dry. Next time I try this tea, I will add a little sugar to see if some flavors stand out.

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I also love cardamom! this sounds good.


I love this tea as well. It’s sort of too bad that the tea shop I bought it from switched from carrying THE O DOR to TWG. So once this is gone, it’s gone. :(

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drank Kirara Rice Tea by Lupicia
1610 tasting notes

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drank Golden Osmanthus by Lupicia
1610 tasting notes

WOW!! Again, I haven’t been able to do life things like grocery shop, so I chose this sample. A green packet! I love this tea bag sampler. I was incredibly hungry today before leaving for work, but I didn’t have time to eat anything. I brewed this up while I was getting ready. The leaves inside the large teabag are like oolong. Curled up. The result was a very dark, almost black tea colored, liquor. It was nutty and roasty smelling.

I took a sip and my mind went nuts. This tea is ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!#!# WOO!! Maybe it was because I was hungry, but the flavors in this tea are amazing. These types of oolongs that I’ve tried are usually light in flavor. This one pops out without being too demanding. There was no astringency or hint of bitterness at all. I was surprised since the liquor was so dark. The roasted and toasty flavors combined with the tiny hint of florals and lingering sweetness is really good. I will most definitely be purchasing this later.

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this sounds nice, I might need to try it. ;)

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drank Caramele by Lupicia
1610 tasting notes

So today, I didn’t have any milk. I am exhausted from nightfloat, so I decided to pick a black tea that doesn’t need any additives. From my huge Lupicia sampler, I picked this one based on the description. It didn’t need milk. Woo! I made a huge mugful of this tea.

I was very pleasantly surprised. The tea went down VERY smooth. There was a hint of astringency on my tongue after a few hours (yes hours) when the tea became cold. My mouth felt dry. However, there was no bitterness. The caramel is a hint in the background. It doesn’t taste artificial, but there was a tinge of sweetness as well. Good tea overall. I am not going to buy this tea though.

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drank Chai by Teaism
1610 tasting notes

Today I decided to put coconut milk in this. I had some left over after making beans. This was a great blend, especially since I was in the tropical, coconut mood! I think this would taste great with a little pineapple. Delicious!!! :)

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drank Pommier by Lupicia
1610 tasting notes

So I finally cracked into my HUGE Lupicia sampler. I needed to sleep after night float and decided to open a yellow-orange packet. Pommier it was. It smells… very strong. Almost like celery (and I absolutely hate celery). Some liquor-esque smell going on too.

Anyhow, I brewed up this rooibos. It is stinky! I decided to look up the tasting notes before I took a sip. Maple syrup, apple, honeybush, and rooibos? Strange combination. I would have expected it to have a different flavor and scent. I could detect apple in the aftertaste, but that was it. Not my favorite for sure.


don’t think I’ll be getting this one… lol

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drank Sweet Velvet Fog by iHeartTeas
1610 tasting notes

I finished this tea up today. It is funny how my taste in teas have changed and evolved. This tea used to be my absolute favorite tea. After a few years, this tea doesn’t seem as great as I used to think it was. Nowadays, I’m loving oolongs! This tea is still a great dessert tea. It is sweet and has a nice blend of vanilla and caramel.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I know what you mean. This is actually one I created. I loved this too, still do but don’t reach for it as often as I used too. Though I always keep it on hand.


I totally agree :) Still a great tea creation! I am glad I had a large tin of it!


I have found that my taste in teas changes over time. I may first love something, then not like it nearly as much. I also go through flavored and unflavored periods. I like that I get to try and enjoy all sorts of teas!

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I’m someone who happens have an addiction to tea! My tea collection keeps growing and growing, which just means that I’ve got to drink more tea! When life gets a bit too stressful, I love sitting down to a nice, warm cup of tea.

Swap: I am always up for swapping! Take a look at my cupboard and send me a msg! I always send extras since I have too much tea! :)

My cupboard contains all the teas that I own. The teas that are unrated but are in my cupboard are ones that I haven’t opened yet. :)

Likes: chai, all types of teas, dessert teas, Dan Cong & milk oolongs, dragonwell & kukicha greens, flavored rooibos, vanilla anything

Dislikes: bitter
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