1212 Tasting Notes

Finishing up my sample of this, so sad. I love it so much. The combination of apricot and oranges is just so good.

One day I will have this again.

This remains one of the best examples of blood orange flavoring in tea to me. I wish more people did it, or did it right. I just also find it funny that this is an evening in France, when to me orange is so morning.

It was also very tasty with some honey wheat bread for breakfast.

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drank Raspberry Macaron by Fauchon
1212 tasting notes

I may be one of the few. I freakin’ love this tea.

I had wanted it for so long and one day it was on vente-privee (which I found out is closing their American site NOOOOOO) and then I held onto it. Well I figured it would be a nice thing to keep at work so that’s exactly what I did.

I’ve had it a few times now and the first time, I was blown away by the smell of it. It’s very, very perfumey but I like it. It doesn’t taste that way thankfully.

I don’t entirely get macarons from it but there’s a definitely pastry flavor along with the raspberry. There’s also that marvelously French floral taste that I believe is what that perfume translates into. I love that this is a Darjeeling, I’m drinking a different Fauchon teas as I write this, and it just has a softer flavor. Like, maybe to me that seems to add to the nuttiness too. Darjeelings always remind me of pecans rather than almonds though.

So I’m glad I was finally able to get this. I hope it lasts me longer than I expect, but I try not to have it every day. I just basically filled a drawer with tea. And I kind of forgot oolongs look suspect, and my boss joked with me ‘are you sure that’s all tea?’ We are apparently more a team of tea drinkers, though I seem to be the only one who goes all out with the loose leaf. I’ll convert them.

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drank Blackberry Bramble by Della Terra Teas
1212 tasting notes

so this is one last tea from last week that I didn’t write about because the dashboard started to not update and I got mad. I should also check my journal I’ll write in at work when I’m bored if I noted to myself to log anything else but I barely was at work this past week. I still get paid like I was though, so I really got the whole experience of various forms of paid time off.

This wasn’t that good. I just wasn’t getting blackberry. I thought at first maybe it was really old but I see this is a common theme from the other tasting notes. It just was meh. I guess I’ll try it cold at some point to use it up since thankfully it is just a sample size that I have.

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drank Coffee Cake by DAVIDsTEA
1212 tasting notes


I tried making a pot of this but I was done after a cup. It smells fine at first, but then you drink it and it’s just meh. It tastes like bitter maple syrup.

And as it cools, it just starts to smell so weird. I had left some in the cup this morning and I took it to the sink to dump, and it seriously smelled like sausage or something because of that overpowering artificial maple.

Maybe somewhere someone likes this because I’d love to swap out what remains.

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OK now I am slightly up to date. I busted out my teapot late yesterday afternoon and found a sample packet of this. I just dumped it in and figured if I steep it a bit longer, maybe it’ll all work out, which it did.

I didn’t read the packet fully though, so when I went to look up the tea I was shocked that it had bergamot. I could taste the citrus, but it was just so seamlessly integrated in the flavor of the tea that I thought it was just a note of the tea. (Though I should also full well remember that LB = brownies.)

You see ‘bergamot rose’ and you might expect like lots of soapiness. There is none. There’s the flavors but there’s still the black tea front and center. There’s rose and citrus, but they are not overpowering. It’s a perfect mix.

I also ended up walking to the grocery store while I still had a decent amount of tea left. This was even good cold! Bummer it’s not available right now but maybe it will be again because one day I would like more.

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drank Passion Fruit Wulong by Red Leaf Tea
1212 tasting notes

I may have to bring this one back home from work and try it where I can control the temperature more accurately more maybe cold brew it or just properly make it to ice. I LOVE passionfruit so I was really disappointed with how much I hated this.

I had it hot at work, I don’t think it was the base that was really the problem, it was the passionfruit flavor. It just tasted odd to me, I don’t know if it was a combination of the tea and the flavor or that it just tasted really fake.

After a few sips I completely gave up on it as a hot tea, so I left it and poured it over ice at lunch. Even then, I still couldn’t get myself to finish it. Having it cold made it a bit better but it was still very offputting.

Then I come here and see people who I think have similar tastes to mine liked it quite a bit, so I really want to give it a second try before I probably swap it. That’s another thing I’m trying to do, rather than just sell stuff, switch it out for things I might like better since I’m trying to drink tea a lot more than I have been.

I really wish in the morning I could just have tea in a mug but unfortunately they have us in this classroom that I mentioned prior, I use a travel mug since I don’t want to spill all over my laptop or someone else’s as we are so close together! And we will have class like this for another YEAR! I guess there is always just using it in the afternoon but then again I already have both the travel mug AND a cold tumbler for water so I don’t want to add a third thing when I can just keep using the travel mug.

I really hate making tea at work too. They have one of these Flavia machines and it basically only fits shorter cups. So I always have to waste a waxy paper cup to get water in the first place. But they’re such flimsy cups, the water is so hot it burns. Before I was bringing in the travel mug, I would have to double cup to not hurt myself! And I came from a job where it was normally to me to be pouring 190-200 degree water and coffee before even putting a sleeve around it.

So it almost might be better to use a mug because maybe then it would fit under that dumb machine.

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drank Coconut Grove by DAVIDsTEA
1212 tasting notes

I have too much old tea. Of course I still buy new tea anyway. Ugh. No more till it’s gone.

I had a sample packet of this so I took it to work, split it between two separate cups. I love coconut white teas, and this was no exception. Thankfully it was still good since I know coconut likes to go bad easily. I think the vacuum sealing helped over just like a ziplock.

Hopefully this one makes a comeback sometime because it was actually really good. It’s light, but still has creaminess to it from the coconut, though I think also the vanilla in here helps too. It was a lot like coconut water even though I had it hot both times.


Well, the Bluebird order will be worth the new tea anyway! I certainly shouldn’t order more, but I think Butiki will have to be the exception.


Yeah, that doesn’t count since I had been wanting to order again since first trying their teas.

Butiki will probably happen for me too, it just has to wait a tad bit longer. I’m glad it’s more of a slow close.


I’ve been planning a Bluebird order since I tried their teas too… I think at least 1 1/2 years ago.

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Sorry for all the backlogging going on. I keep opening Steepster throughout the week and then don’t write all these notes out. I have a list with 3 more teas, plus 3 I had yesterday, plus the tea I have now …I’m not even going to bother logging the tea bags I have gone through at work since most of them were Numi ones from a variety box and I doubt being able to remember them all.

This was another I had when I wasn’t feeling good. I always have it with honey.

This one is sitting at work now too, but last time I had it was when I noticed I was covered in hives. Even though I know it wasn’t the tea and honey that caused it, I’m still afraid to drink it! I never even got to fully enjoy it that day because I had to go find benadryl and it ended up getting abandoned at my desk because we spend our mornings in a classroom setting.

Again, this being an herbal I have no idea what to say. It tastes like lemongrass and ginger. It is what it says it is. It’s not something I would normally drink because I don’t care for these ingredients, but when you’re sick there’s just something comforting about it, especially when it’s like a cold/sore throat.

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Before I left Starbucks, we could get two tins of Tazo sachets for free to clear out the stock of them in preparation for the Teavana tins. So I picked up two of Refresh since I really like what the tarragon adds. I have no idea what it adds, but it just really does make it different than the replacement for this, Mint Majesty.

I have a tin at home and a tin at work, though I have not had to open the one at home (it helps to already have a tin of spearmint and like that THE MOST), but you better believe the work one is in full use.

Whenever my stomach hurts, I make some.

When I was afraid to have any caffeine, this was my tea. I got sick of it though.

It’s hard to say much more about it…it’s mint.

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drank Golden Dragon Yellow Tea by Teavana
1212 tasting notes

Pro-tip on this tea: it’s ridiculous at $30 for two ounces. It also qualifies just fine for your free ounce of loose leaf tea if you have a Starbucks reward.

I went in with a reward and I said, I have no idea what I want. The salesperson grabs this and says, if you’re going to use a reward, then GO ALL OUT!

It’s a very interesting tea. I think this the only method I would use to get some to drink because the price is still waaaaaaaay too steep. Obviously, since it is Teavana.

My favorite thing is earlier this week I accidentally oversteeped it. It wasn’t bad. It tasted more like a malty black tea then.

When you steep it right though, it’s so smooth and buttery. It’s funny that it tastes like black tea if you oversteep it because it’s just normally a very mellow tea. I mostly taste honey from it, the floral notes they say there are I don’t get.

I’ve not had the opportunity to try resteeping it but I will probably bring it home from work at some point this week so I can do that.

Also it’s incredible how big the twists of leaves are in here. I have to pick out the tea with my fingers and guess for measurements because I don’t want to break them! They’re absolutely gorgeous.


Hahaha “GO ALL OUT”! That’s funny :P And totally the right way to do it! That’s what I did with my davidstea points, got one of the most expensive teas :P

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I watch too much hockey and soccer. So does the bird in my photo, surprise. Finally getting back to drinking my way through my stash thanks to finally securing myself a real paying desk job.



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