1196 Tasting Notes

drank Chocolate Puerh by Numi Organic Tea
1196 tasting notes

btw so totally getting all the dried herbs to make/improve that blend of herbs for a cold. Felt soooo good after that.

So since I can’t really taste I have no idea why I went for this. I just knew I wanted puerh and well this doesn’t seem like a waste on useless taste buds.

First I just have to laugh again at the packaging of this tea. TEMPT your water to a boil. Whatever.

I tempted my water to a boil by subjecting it to heat in a closed container and steeped it for three minutes.

While really this was just hey maybe puerh helps get rid of colds, I was hoping for chocolate. I could taste chocolate. And just a bit of hay, I was worried this was actually going to be terrible and I’d be able to taste fishiness since I didn’t give it a little rinse off first.

I don’t understand puerh in a tea bag but I guess when you want it really conveniently, it works. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go cry because of hockey.

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drank momo's cold tea by momo
1196 tasting notes

Since this will probably be awesome and I will have to make it again and hope I don’t stunt the poor lemon balm, I have decided this will get its own tea listing.

I took 3 sprigs of lemon balm for probably 15 leaves, tore them to bruise them up, then I added some dried peppermint and put some schisandra berries through the food processor just to tear them up a bit.

I wasn’t sure lemon balm was gonna be a good choice until I read it had anti-viral properties, and well, a virus is what I have. Peppermint I already knew was good, I had some of that yesterday. I really wish I had some ginger but I don’t think I even own ground ginger. Meh. Oh and then schisandra is supposed to be good for boosting your immune system since I don’t know why mine has failed me.

Now the worst part is waiting for this to steep. Which means I can complain: it is terrible to have a cold and it’s 80 degrees outside.

So. Taste. I wasn’t really going for taste here. It’s a bit like minty berry juice with a hint of lemon? It’s not terrible. It’s certainly a lot better than last time I thought I was getting a cold, got some Yogi tea thing, and it was just gross. I probably could have used a good bit more water to make this less strong, so I just diluted it.

It’s a mix of like tasting really herby/green and sour. Of course I don’t even know how well I can taste. It might just taste terrible but hey, resteeping these things for later might just help me out. I need to kill off this cold by Monday. Badly.

I would highly recommend mixing up stuff yourself for a cold, it is kind of entertaining in the midst of feeling sick to play herb mixologist. I would like this with a bit more peppermint I think, and I’d love to get ginger and maybe elderflower in here too.

Ohhh also just added in about a tsp of local wildflower honey, that kind of killed off the sourness of what I assume was the schisandra, so it just tastes like grass now. I’m pretty sure I can’t taste anything.

Except cough syrup, it’s gotta be a rule that even if you can down cilantro filled soup with no problems and usually want to be sick from just a little piece, you still taste every terrible drop of that stuff.

Boiling 8 min or more

That sounds quite nice! I would find that quite soothing and I’m just getting over a cold myself. Feel better!


It really is, I actually feel better already, kind of like it’s reinvigorating. Thank you!

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drank Chamomile Lemon by Numi Organic Tea
1196 tasting notes

I woke up yesterday with a cold. I kept drinking teas I couldn’t taste. I wasted a good one on that. So I decided I’d go to the Numi sampler and this one sounded like it’d be fine.

Except I don’t care for chamomile…I could still taste it. The lemon myrtle part was nice and soothing though. I think I may have just steeped this too long, I was probably distracted by sneezing my face off.

Anyone have a good idea for what I can drink? Hot drinks feel so good. I’m thinking I should stick with herbals or even fruit tisanes? I have no idea what’s good for colds but I’m guessing I tend not to have a lot of it. Would grabbing some lemon balm from my patio make a good option too? I’m too sad to use teas I really like.

I got Indian food today so it’d be spicy and make my nose run even more and they include soup and it was full of cilantro and I didn’t even notice D: And it’s so nice outside but I just want to lay here. Wahhh.


For some reason, I found peppermint tea soothing when I had a cold and I’m not a fan of mint teas. It’s definitely strong enough to taste.


Ginger!! and licorice. Feel better soon xx

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I am probably just going to toss all the teas I have from this company. They are so terrible. They are so overly flavored that it’s absolutely disgusting. Every single one I have tried has been so artificial. This wouldn’t be bad if it didn’t taste like that. I even purposely steeped this short to not get the taste of rooibos, and I had hoped maybe it would stave off that problem at the same time, but it did not.

And I think there’s still two I haven’t tried. Ughhhh.

I decided to give it a shot cold and it was even worse. Another one to toss. Unless someone actually wants this? I can’t imagine.

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I got this as a sample way back when I ordered from Persimmon Tree, and I was craving silver needle. I’ve got this and a couple other packets to get through before I open my half pound bag of the stuff. It’s been too long since I’ve had some silver needle, ahhh.

The rating makes this tea look bad, it’s not bad. It’s not as good as Teavivre’s, but it’s not bad at all. I’d think a bad silver needle would be really obvious haha.

It just doesn’t seem as intense, but that’s easily fixed with a bit more leaf. I think normally I drink silver needle pretty strongly, but it still has that taste of spring to it. I miss spring. I went to check the weather earlier and it was 30 degrees warmer in Canada. I didn’t think that was very nice.

This is okay, above average, and tasty. I don’t think I’ll bother resteeping it so I can go drink something else now.


I know what you mean. Today in north Alabama it was only 45 degrees out at 11:00 am when I checked! It called for a couple cups of tea while reading under a blanket.


Ugh I had to leave for my exam around 9:45 and there was even a wind chill!

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drank Butter Truffle by ESP Emporium
1196 tasting notes

This tea is just weird. It tells you it’s like butter cookies but then cumin, peppercorns, and coriander are in the ingredients….those aren’t really cookie ingredients? So I am kind of scared of even drinking this.

It smells terrible. It smells like butter and spice. That’s fine in food, In tea, I don’t know. Yeah really the actual ingredients say Indian food, the description is just way off. So is the name. Truffle would imply either there’s chocolate or there’s mushrooms.

No. I don’t even want to drink this. I took a couple sips and just no. Whatever it is doesn’t work. It makes me feel sick to just smell it because of the various spices, they don’t mesh, and so it just smells like a poorly stored spice rack where they all hit you at once, and don’t smell great together.


Poorly stored spice rack. That’s kind of been my impression of Indian food in general. I have found some I can eat but overall, too many different spices. I’m positive I wouldn’t like a tea like that.

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drank Ying Ming Yunnan Tea by Culinary Teas
1196 tasting notes

Ok there’s a bit of tea in the package but this is a sipdown anyway, the rest of it can go to the garden and make my plants happy.

And hey this is my 1100th note! I haven’t been drinking a lot of tea lately because I just feel like MEH. But the rest of this week nothing is going on so I’ll probably just sit and drink tea. Except during hockey. Tea has turned to booze during those hours. It’s the only way to survive.

So this is from TeaEqualsBliss a bit back, it looks to be an older tea so I don’t mind only getting one cup out of it. Unlike other stuff in the box this has been in, it is a pretty sturdy bag.

It’s nothing special. It’s pretty sweet, bit of honey flavor to it, but there’s not much else there. It doesn’t have the qualities I really love about Yunnan teas but I think this might be a product of age. Still, not bad, but it’s just slightly flat.

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drank Oolong Chardonnay by Vintage TeaWorks
1196 tasting notes

Sipdown! What a blah cold, rainy day. No fun.

I said last time I don’t care for chardonnay. I actually had the most fantastic chardonnay at the Ritz Carlton. Probably because it was the Ritz Carlton. When she said it was chardonnay I wanted to be like GET OUT but I didn’t want to get cut off from that wine. I like the description on here: “Chardonnay has a richness and structure that can be world class….when you grab the right bottle.” They did in fact grab the right bottle. And it turns out it’s super cheap. Well then.

So I was glad I had just enough of this to give it one last try.

I was about to say there is flavor contamination, but no, cinnamon is actually in here. It’s kind of overpowering everything else. As it cools, ripe melon is becoming more apparent. It’s more wine reminiscent this time around compared to the first time I drank it.

But it just doesn’t do it for me like a couple of the others. Was still worth trying, and that’s one less row in my spreadsheet, woo!

PS: I’m sorry to everyone about the tea boxes going around, or not so much going around right now. I hate not being able to be in control about things going wrong and it gets to me to have people waiting this soon after they started. I hope they’re found/moving again soon.

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sometimes I regret my favorite hockey team being my favorite hockey team. I had an AWESOOOOOME time w/some people originally from Montreal last night (I’ve been told I can just tell people I am from there too so I don’t have to answer why I’m a fan of them ever again ahahaha) but it was kind of overshadowed by a terrible hit that pretty much busted the face of one of my favorite players b/c of a bad pass by another of my favorite players and all I see everywhere is the blame on the guy who passed and IT’S MAKING ME SO MAD.

But I have gotten two people’s phone numbers in a week! FRIENDS.

I figured I’d come home last night and drink tea, I have no idea why I didn’t have any earlier in the day…but anyway coming home last night turned into 1:30 in the morning. And poor Sebastian was so sleepy I did not want to keep him up.

So finally this morning I could have my tea! Especially because it’s suddenly really windy and cold (ok it’s 62 but that’s way cooler than it’s been). I got this from JoonSusanna awhile back and I really wanted to try it as close to how Frisian tea is made as I could. I didn’t have the right kind of sugar but I used demerara sugar and then coconut milk creamer.

I am pretty sure I did not make the tea strong enough, I probably should have checked on that because that would have helped. Just maybe a teaspoon max more would have helped. Still. I didn’t completely overpower the tea.

It is good, still could get malty notes, I think that sugar made it really kind of caramel-y. Definitely a hearty tea that’s a good choice for waking up. Actually I still don’t want to be awake.

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I can’t decide if this one survived sitting around too long or not.

It’s definitely citrus heavy, though it’s coming off to me this time more as grapefruit and orange. But something beyond that just doesn’t taste right. Just kind of pecans filling the void of the sadness of a Darjeeling that sat around too long.

I am going to let this one go. Goodnight sweet prince.

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