1213 Tasting Notes

I am probably just going to toss all the teas I have from this company. They are so terrible. They are so overly flavored that it’s absolutely disgusting. Every single one I have tried has been so artificial. This wouldn’t be bad if it didn’t taste like that. I even purposely steeped this short to not get the taste of rooibos, and I had hoped maybe it would stave off that problem at the same time, but it did not.

And I think there’s still two I haven’t tried. Ughhhh.

I decided to give it a shot cold and it was even worse. Another one to toss. Unless someone actually wants this? I can’t imagine.

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I got this as a sample way back when I ordered from Persimmon Tree, and I was craving silver needle. I’ve got this and a couple other packets to get through before I open my half pound bag of the stuff. It’s been too long since I’ve had some silver needle, ahhh.

The rating makes this tea look bad, it’s not bad. It’s not as good as Teavivre’s, but it’s not bad at all. I’d think a bad silver needle would be really obvious haha.

It just doesn’t seem as intense, but that’s easily fixed with a bit more leaf. I think normally I drink silver needle pretty strongly, but it still has that taste of spring to it. I miss spring. I went to check the weather earlier and it was 30 degrees warmer in Canada. I didn’t think that was very nice.

This is okay, above average, and tasty. I don’t think I’ll bother resteeping it so I can go drink something else now.


I know what you mean. Today in north Alabama it was only 45 degrees out at 11:00 am when I checked! It called for a couple cups of tea while reading under a blanket.


Ugh I had to leave for my exam around 9:45 and there was even a wind chill!

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drank Butter Truffle by ESP Emporium
1213 tasting notes

This tea is just weird. It tells you it’s like butter cookies but then cumin, peppercorns, and coriander are in the ingredients….those aren’t really cookie ingredients? So I am kind of scared of even drinking this.

It smells terrible. It smells like butter and spice. That’s fine in food, In tea, I don’t know. Yeah really the actual ingredients say Indian food, the description is just way off. So is the name. Truffle would imply either there’s chocolate or there’s mushrooms.

No. I don’t even want to drink this. I took a couple sips and just no. Whatever it is doesn’t work. It makes me feel sick to just smell it because of the various spices, they don’t mesh, and so it just smells like a poorly stored spice rack where they all hit you at once, and don’t smell great together.


Poorly stored spice rack. That’s kind of been my impression of Indian food in general. I have found some I can eat but overall, too many different spices. I’m positive I wouldn’t like a tea like that.

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drank Ying Ming Yunnan Tea by Culinary Teas
1213 tasting notes

Ok there’s a bit of tea in the package but this is a sipdown anyway, the rest of it can go to the garden and make my plants happy.

And hey this is my 1100th note! I haven’t been drinking a lot of tea lately because I just feel like MEH. But the rest of this week nothing is going on so I’ll probably just sit and drink tea. Except during hockey. Tea has turned to booze during those hours. It’s the only way to survive.

So this is from TeaEqualsBliss a bit back, it looks to be an older tea so I don’t mind only getting one cup out of it. Unlike other stuff in the box this has been in, it is a pretty sturdy bag.

It’s nothing special. It’s pretty sweet, bit of honey flavor to it, but there’s not much else there. It doesn’t have the qualities I really love about Yunnan teas but I think this might be a product of age. Still, not bad, but it’s just slightly flat.

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drank Oolong Chardonnay by Vintage TeaWorks
1213 tasting notes

Sipdown! What a blah cold, rainy day. No fun.

I said last time I don’t care for chardonnay. I actually had the most fantastic chardonnay at the Ritz Carlton. Probably because it was the Ritz Carlton. When she said it was chardonnay I wanted to be like GET OUT but I didn’t want to get cut off from that wine. I like the description on here: “Chardonnay has a richness and structure that can be world class….when you grab the right bottle.” They did in fact grab the right bottle. And it turns out it’s super cheap. Well then.

So I was glad I had just enough of this to give it one last try.

I was about to say there is flavor contamination, but no, cinnamon is actually in here. It’s kind of overpowering everything else. As it cools, ripe melon is becoming more apparent. It’s more wine reminiscent this time around compared to the first time I drank it.

But it just doesn’t do it for me like a couple of the others. Was still worth trying, and that’s one less row in my spreadsheet, woo!

PS: I’m sorry to everyone about the tea boxes going around, or not so much going around right now. I hate not being able to be in control about things going wrong and it gets to me to have people waiting this soon after they started. I hope they’re found/moving again soon.

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sometimes I regret my favorite hockey team being my favorite hockey team. I had an AWESOOOOOME time w/some people originally from Montreal last night (I’ve been told I can just tell people I am from there too so I don’t have to answer why I’m a fan of them ever again ahahaha) but it was kind of overshadowed by a terrible hit that pretty much busted the face of one of my favorite players b/c of a bad pass by another of my favorite players and all I see everywhere is the blame on the guy who passed and IT’S MAKING ME SO MAD.

But I have gotten two people’s phone numbers in a week! FRIENDS.

I figured I’d come home last night and drink tea, I have no idea why I didn’t have any earlier in the day…but anyway coming home last night turned into 1:30 in the morning. And poor Sebastian was so sleepy I did not want to keep him up.

So finally this morning I could have my tea! Especially because it’s suddenly really windy and cold (ok it’s 62 but that’s way cooler than it’s been). I got this from JoonSusanna awhile back and I really wanted to try it as close to how Frisian tea is made as I could. I didn’t have the right kind of sugar but I used demerara sugar and then coconut milk creamer.

I am pretty sure I did not make the tea strong enough, I probably should have checked on that because that would have helped. Just maybe a teaspoon max more would have helped. Still. I didn’t completely overpower the tea.

It is good, still could get malty notes, I think that sugar made it really kind of caramel-y. Definitely a hearty tea that’s a good choice for waking up. Actually I still don’t want to be awake.

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I can’t decide if this one survived sitting around too long or not.

It’s definitely citrus heavy, though it’s coming off to me this time more as grapefruit and orange. But something beyond that just doesn’t taste right. Just kind of pecans filling the void of the sadness of a Darjeeling that sat around too long.

I am going to let this one go. Goodnight sweet prince.

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drank Summer Breeze by Teaopia
1213 tasting notes

I was drinking this yesterday afternoon but it was so terrible I only drank a quarter of my glass before heading off to the Ritz (ohmygod). They just kept pouring wine. I had to hang around there for like an hour longer before I felt ok to drive except then I was super sleepy! Since I was there and it was free I tried oysters and seabass tartare but I was not a fan of either.

And I found people who really want to do fancy afternoon tea with me there! So now I just need almost $60 to pull that one off. Jeez. A bunch of Yelp people are going to Fogo de Chao tonight and that’s $50 a person and I had been like that’s two weeks of groceries. But I guess since I’ve been there a couple times and like tea more than hot Brazilian men bringing me steak (okay when you say it that way, momo…) and it’s an experience! I guess it’s time to save up.

Ok back to this terrible tea. I have no idea why I bought it other than ooh green rooibos, cool name, might be good iced tea.

I was excited to see pear. Then I saw raisin. And carrot. And lemongrass. No this stuff can’t possibly work together, but I’m going to try it anyway.

Ugh it was just awful. I should have probably sweetened it, but you would have though the fruit pieces might have done that even just slightly.

Maybe cold brewing will make it better.

Aimee Popovacki

eww! i could see pear and lemongrass working ok together.. or even carrot and lemongrass… but raising!? .. i picture raisin with figs, and cocoa and heavy ingredients.. not something as light as this one seems to be meant to be!


Yeah if they did just fig or just raisin, and left out the carrot entirely I think this would be so much better. All it tasted like was them but blandly.


Yeah, afternoon tea is priiiiicey. I dropped $60 on the same thing last summer and while it was an interesting experiencing, I honestly don’t think it’s worth the money.


I don’t have a problem spending money on having an experience. It’s likely to be just once and why not. It’s something I want to do, and a couple people I know have also really wanted to so I’m really excited to be able to share it like that.


Oh yeah for sure. I’m glad I did it but wouldn’t do it again.


momo, you sound a lot like me, i ALWAYS go for the beer dinner or a special high tea. always. i have a reservation for tea with my sister at the local 5 star hotel 2 weeks from now and we are both very very excited!
i’m gonna take mountains of pictures! haha

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I’m pretty sure drinking an old Darjeeling is a dumb thing to do. I thought I got these recently until I realized a) March was last month and b) it’s not 2012.

Oops. I drank another one before and it was alright but not my favorite harvest. Autumnal is second fave, so hopefully this goes better.

It does not taste a thing like my previous note. I get the impression it was average and nothing I really cared for. This time around… It’s SO sweet. Like nut brittle.

It’s also really good cold now, I thought it was going to taste terrible or turn bitter but I guess I did a decent job on protecting this one.

Also I am so excited because being an awesome person on yelp means I am going to the Ritz Carlton tomorrow! Super fancy, one day I would so love to do afternoon tea there.
Also their website gave me that feeling where you’re like wow I want to have a wedding. They have passionfruit filling for cakes! A dark chocolate cake with passionfruit filling, all of a sudden I’m like oh my god I want a wedding cake.


Momo, as a girly girl, can’t help asking: what are you going to wear?
Oh, and you MUST do tea & cucumber sandwiches on an afternoon at the Ritz someday! I did once, many years ago at the Montreal Ritz, was dating a rich kid back then, LOL! Super snob and way too fancy for me, but it was fun to try :-)


It is a patio party, so I am wearing this red sundress and I thought I had white wedges but I kind of destroyed them last fall :( So now I am going to wear some black high heeled sandals.

I’ve done a couple cheap high teas with a friend, and I still so badly want some all out ridiculous fancy afternoon tea. Like looking at the tea options, I am not impressed but that does not stop me! There’s another fancy hotel nearby but I can’t remember what it’s called so it is between the two of them for whatever day this actually happens.


Actually after looking at that one and Four Seasons, nope, it has to be the Ritz.


Oooh, have fun!! I really enjoyed reading this note. :)

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So I wrote the above last night then left it because I don’t know. I drank the tea and then I wanted to roll around on the floor but I did not have enough space to do that but I wanted to. That was partially this tea and partially my favorite hockey team winning their division (which doesn’t matter, we are snobs who do not need silly division banners).

And then what makes me laugh even more is that Ysaurella found I logged it and is probably waiting to see what I have to say already!

So shmiracles being fantastic sent me some of the teas she picked up in Europe and AHHH this one, ahhh. A couple weeks ago I discovered the entire Héritage Gourmand collection on the MF site and I wanted them ALL. If I get to France next summer, that is most definitely happening now.

I had to try this one first, it’s just a fact. It smells amazing. It doesn’t smell as sweet as a macaron, but it has that same sweet almond smell. And it tastes so good! I don’t think it has the same macaron flavors as the Dammann Frères macaron tea (which has a green base not black), but I mean, I am drinking and enjoying a tea that is heavily almond. And tastes like a cookie at that, well, I do like almond cookies, but I have never had success w/teas flavored like them.


Oh I am in love I cannot wait to try the chocolate mousse one too, this means the one left that I really REALLY REALLY want is the financier one.

I told my boyfriend the other day that I need to buy a lottery ticket, I have never bought one. I really meant like the scratch off kind but this turned into me with $110 million and how I’d have to change my name and move to another state (Georgia does not allow you to claim anonymously). I was just like I can move to France. I’d send all of you my teas first.

Then I’d get there and buy all these. The end.


of course as you love Macarons so you’re going to drink Macarons ;)
I’m looking forward to read your review on this one – I have always hesitated to buy it (more expensive tins than the otehr MF – and only available in tins)
They have in the same collection a tea flavoured with madeleine, another with mousse au chocolat, one with a financier cake, cannelé, tarte tatin…MF wants us to get 50 kg more just by reading their tea names :D


i have macaron and chocolate mousse and i’m tempted to buy all the others goddamnit! oh noes. Mariage Freres is officially my frenemy.


I want them all too :x One night I went through their entire website adding everything I wanted to the cart. It ended up being 400 euros…

Those teas in the glass jars too, I want them. Of course they’re more expensive that way but so pretty!


yes I see the glass jars ! very beautiful.
But MF is annoying because sometimes when you buy a tea in tin, you just want to refill it…but it’s not possible for this collection, neither for the lily’s series etc…35% of the tin collections are not available in loose leaf ! It was my complaint ! I am French, I need to stick to our moaning reputation :D


omg…mousse au chocolat!?


That is a complaint I have too! I guess they want those teas to be more “exclusive,” but at the same time I don’t think I would want to buy something and have to get another tin if I already have it, even if I had an infinite amount of money for tea.


Sounds delicious! Going to France is my dream too, especially now that I’m in love with tea!!


I wish so much that MF had a reasonable shipping cost. Sigh. I guess if a bunch of people went in together on a huge order it would be doable.


whatshesaid…so i totally just emailed my parents who are currently IN PARIS! and added the mousse au chocolat to my list of teas i’ve asked them to pick up haha I’ve got 2 blacks and marco polo in my cupboard from my mom’s last trip to london but there are about 5-6 teas i asked them to bring back IF they get time. If i get anything from them, i’ll be happy to share since i’ll have likely 100g of each.


LUCKY Sil!!! I love the MF teas I’ve tried so far but that makes me sad because I know they’re so far out of my reach, lol

Schmiracles, meeeeee!! :)


Just saw Ysaurella’s comment above, Madeleine tea? Ugh! Want!


If anyone wants to try these I’d be happy to send some! Chat me up.


I stumbled across a bunch of Mariage Freres teas in Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. I’m not sure if that’s more accessible for any of you, but I thought it was pretty cool to find MF outside of France.


Oh god shmiracles…. Incoming pm lol

Charoma – not accessible to me, but ill check it out if I visit New York like I’m supposed to eventually heh


well : Dear Canadian cousins and American Friends why don’t you post on Mariage Frères FB page to ask where they have partnerships near your home ? Few months ago, a I saw a post of a californian woman who requested and they found a shop selling MF teas in her neighborghood…it may be true for you too !


Ysaurella – usually it’s the standard regular teas that are carried, not that it’s a bad thing. I just want an excuse to go to France and spend the day in the shop buying teas! :)


for information, when I send an envelope of 250 gr of tea to the USA or Canada or wherever in the world (Asia) it costs me 6.50 € maximum (without tracking) _ how much MF requests for sending costs ?


come come Sil and Amanda ! I have a lot of addresses to share with you :)


It’s 25€ :( They ship UPS only


Ysaurella – maybe we can figure out a way to split purchases some day. :)


Shmiracles – incoming PM from me as well! I am going to Paris in July and would love to try this one before I go so I can know if I need to get a tin! It sounds awesome!


No probs Sil, PM to tell me which you would like to buy and I’ll see if they are in my list :) – My shopping list is updated if you want to check

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I watch too much hockey and soccer. So does the bird in my photo, surprise. Finally getting back to drinking my way through my stash thanks to finally securing myself a real paying desk job.



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