1195 Tasting Notes

Awwwww sipdown :( I didn’t even really have enough to make a good cup which was a problem because my intention was to have a quart hahaha. So in my slightly larger than 8 ounce cup, it was kind of watered down tasting and there really wasn’t any tequila flavor to be had.

This was definitely one of my favorite iced teas. Now to go do the email pls bring it back thing for it though I probably already did.

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drank Kiwi Strawberry by Love is Tea (LIT)
1195 tasting notes

Do parakeets have off switches? The nicer it is outside, the goofier Sebastian acts. I feel bad because I can’t open the windows because of my allergies. The pollen count was 2607 yesterday. Today it is 4151. Thankfully it is supposed to rain tomorrow so hopefully it won’t get 9000+ like last year (seriously. http://www.atlantaallergy.com/pollencount.aspx?year=2012&month=3). It was horrible enough last night when I went to get my mail…you can just feel the large particles in the air. Ugh. And they’re not even the problematic pollen.

I had this iced last night, it was a lot more subtle than I hoped for. That might be something I can change by adding agave or sugar or something. I didn’t really get kiwi, just a tiny bit of strawberry in there.

I’ll finish it but I far prefer the 52teas kiwi strawberry margarita white tea I still have a bit of…gonna have to have some more of that today. I think these flavors may be better suited to something more delicate than black tea. This is overall a pretty good black, it tasted great iced and was really smooth.


Is that a over 9000! joke I see?


haha yes, I think it’s everyone around here’s favorite over 9000 joke.


I love that my boyfriend introduced me to said joke a few months ago, so I get what you’re talking about :D


Everything on my campus is literally coated in yellow dust. D:

Terri HarpLady

I used to have parakeets & other birds. I raised canaries for awhile, not intentionally, but because my kids got me a pair of them & they kept having babies! Before long, almost every one of my students & friends also had a pet canary (I just gave the babies away), & it was pretty cool! I named them Findhorn & Sedona, & he was a marvelous singer! One time I was recording Canon in D for a wedding client, & when I played back the recording you could hear Findhorn warming up in the background. By the end of the piece he was singing like a soprano in an opera, really into it! I mailed the cassette (anybody remember cassettes?) to the bride with a note: “If you want the Canary, it’s an extra $50.”

Getting birds to shut (the hell) up: Go buy a dark colored pillow case, or other covering item, & anytime you want some silence, cover the cage.

Terri HarpLady

You have my sympathy on the allergies, I feel your pain.


I’m trying to teach him to just even chirp to the tune of the chant of “ole ole ole” because it would be amusing. He’s sort of getting there. And he’s normally very well behaved but lately he just goes on these squawking outbursts that I think he picked up from one of my mom’s birds when we were visiting last month.

That bird continues to chirp and squawk even when covered. It’s horrible. I was supposed to adopt him and his cagemate, Sprite. But it wasn’t going to work, Valentino NEVER shuts up. I guess I’ll just throw the cover over Sebastian when he’s doing his Valentino impression. Like right now, he’s just making these cute little chirps but sometimes he just goes out of control haha.

Terri HarpLady

LOL, probably also because maybe there are more outside birds as the weather warms up, & he’s responding to them?


He used to, he hasn’t lately cared…but I just realized what gets him. He likes the growling and screaming in Vampire Diaries. He likes Daleks and screaming in Doctor Who. I think he might be evil hahaha.

Josie Jade

My parakeet has been crazy lately too. I think he can hear the birds outside and so he goes nuts in the morning and wakes us all up “talking” to them. :)


Ha, I read the first two lines of this and as soon as you mentioned pollen, I instantly had to check your location on your profile to see if you were in Georgia. I used to live in Atlanta and can remember driving around in a pollen-yellow car for 2 weeks every year around this time…


Haha yep, that’s where I am. Today it of course doubled.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
1195 tasting notes

DavidsTea Stormy Night + Chocolate Orange

A friend was curious what she could mix that was a chocolate tea to tone down the cinnamon in Stormy Night. I thought Chocolate Orange sounded like the best bet, and it’s definitely good.

Stormy Night came off as really thin-bodied the first time I had it, and the puerh gives it more of a body. The cinnamon is way less intense, as is the coconut. It doesn’t taste like slightly chocolatey cinnamon coconut water anymore.

I’m gonna try it w/cocoa canela tomorrow. I’ve only got enough Chocolate Orange for one more cup so I think I’m going to have to drink it on its own, but this was a good experiment.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec
Aimee Popovacki

that sounds good.. I was really disappointed by how weak stormy night was by itself.

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drank Persian Lime by Teas Etc
1195 tasting notes

When I opened this to take out some to give to JoonSusanna, it just made the entire room smell like a key lime pie. And it lingered. And finally today I couldn’t handle it anymore. Warm day? I need iced tea.

It smelled amazing again while it was brewing. I find it pretty cool they use a Nilgiri base for this.

I decided I had to have it iced, and at first it was WAY too strong, I think that was a product of the lime peel rather than the tea. Once the ice diluted it and I added a bit of agave it was really good.

I don’t think there are that many lime teas out there, but there doesn’t need to be any competition for this one. It’s awesome. It tastes just like lime with no weird aftertaste.

I may have to make a pitcher + spearmint for tomorrow, I believe it is another 80+ day :D


Yeah you definitely have to let me know what the spearmint does – even though on its own this is pretty fabulous iced!


I will! And if you ever want more just let me know, it will take me ages to get through this bag.

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drank Chocolate Cake by DAVIDsTEA
1195 tasting notes

So there’s a reason I haven’t had this one in forever. It’s one of those where I had it once, wrote this average tasting note on it, and then tried it again, hated it, and didn’t say a thing.

So then I find it in the cupboard and I’m like, oh chocolate cake! I make it. I taste it. I absolutely despise it.

I mean, it tastes awesome. It tastes like chocolate ice cream cake. But I have a serious texture problem with teas that have so much flavoring oil in them. I can feel it and it grosses me out.

At least this means I have less work on deciding the last bunch of teas to add to a traveling tea box…and I can remove it from my spreadsheet!


Yeah, I have similar feelings on this. Bought a sample, tried it, LOVED IT. Bought 25g, had some more, did not like. Too much flavouring. Tried again, still do not like. Have not had any more since. For me, I think it was a batch issue, but there was definitely too much “extra crap” in this tea to really be enjoyable.


The same thing happens to me with their teas that have lots of flavouring in it. I never bothered trying this because I already had a feeling I’d have a similar experience.


I agree, this one is not part of David’s finest moments!

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drank Violette by Mariage Frères
1195 tasting notes

Everything violet flavored just makes me wish I could live in France already.

I think I prefer Violette to Kusmi’s Violet. It seemed to only taste right when I prepared it a certain way. This one smells so much stronger, which I was worried about at first. As it steeped, the aroma carried over to me and it was just SO GOOD.

So of course actually drinking the tea was amazing too. It’s far more floral, but not like soap at all. It’s sweet and smooth.

There needs to be more violet flavored things around here. I think there is a gelato shop here that does flower flavors, they must have one. I just have no idea when it’s ever open! And of course one of my favorite cocktails is the Aviation with creme de violette.

Thank you for sharing this with me, Ellyn!


Love violet, I agree.


adore violet.
Next tea for you : Violette from Dammann Frères ? Iskandar from Mariage Frères ? both are so delicious


Ooh I didn’t know Mariage Frères has another. The description doesn’t really say it is violet but it sounds amazing! I definitely need to try the Dammann Frères one. I have some of their Macaron Cassis Violette and it is one of my favorites.


Amanda, PM your address and I’ll send you a sample of the DF blend. I don’t have Iskandar at the moment but I may buy it in 2 months (I have too many teas in cupboard!)

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Ok I drank this Sunday but have been lazy about writing the note.

I love love love love this. In case you are unaware, a Victoria sponge cake is like a two layer cake with strawberry or raspberry jam (raspberry looks to be the original but strawberry pops up in recipes) and whipped cream in the middle. Yes I want to make one because of this tea.

If you’re looking for a pure cake taste, this is not the cake tea you want. It tastes more like those middle ingredients sandwiched into this cake. Granted, a sponge cake honestly doesn’t taste like much of anything on its own anyway; to me it’s more about it being a fluffy, sweet vehicle for berries and cream. Or ice cream, if you bake it thin and just enough so it’s done but pliable…and you roll it up…but I digress. You can’t exactly get fluffy cake across in tea. I hope.

Sweet is covered though I think, and this is most definitely creamy and jammy. I still can’t decide if this tasted more like strawberry or raspberry, but it was all around like jam was in there. The coconut doesn’t really come across as coconut, but instead makes the tea creamy. I think it was sweet enough to not need anything else. The bag says without milk but really, it’s a tea based on a cake with cream in it, I may have to give it a try with the addition of sugar to see if it becomes even more decadent.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Watermelon Mint by The Republic of Tea
1195 tasting notes

I don’t know why I got this, maybe because I love watermelon and mint, and also because it was on sale at Whole Foods for $5.49. So that’s 68 cents a quart by RoT measurements, but you have to be kidding if you think I’m only gonna steep this bag once….so saying I’ll steep it twice, four cups a quart… 8.5 cents a cup. Not bad for a RoT product.

And this isn’t bad for a watermelon tea! Usually they never taste like watermelon. This one definitely does, so much so I don’t really taste any mint. I am kind of sad they used peppermint instead of spearmint, but since I can’t notice it beyond how it makes the black tea itself taste, I think I can add in some spearmint myself in the future.

I was certain I was going to regret just grabbing this stuff but now that I’ve made it, I’m glad I did. Also I’m happy they made sure to say to toss the pouch in the garden after! I don’t think the pouch will ever biodegrade but they made an effort, I’ll cut the leaves out and throw them in.

I am going to hopefully go back to planting now…these bumblebees are being psychotic and chasing each other around and they like to wait to be chased by hovering in my patio area and they’re driving me crazy. In the past week, there have been two dead ones on there…I was wondering why but I figured it out. Three bumped into my legs earlier, one bounced off one of my planters, another fell right into one being a goofy bee, etc. I’m trying not to freak out because I know they’re not gonna hurt me as they’re so obsessed with each other (mating? idk what’s going on) but that buzzing just hovering right behind you is super creepy.

eta: second steep does not work at all. I have very anemic looking iced tea. I think the only reason it has any flavor is because I added sugar. I even steeped it for 5 minutes (first steep was 3) and it was still very pale. Boooo, RoT, boooooo. I guess cold steeping is always an option but I imagine it’ll still take forever to get anything out of that.

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drank Boulder Blues by The Tea Spot
1195 tasting notes

I remembered I was to try this hot, at a lower water temperature. I still do not like it very much. In fact, it seems kind of flavorless until this hit of strawberry far into the aftertaste.

Guess I’ll be trying this one cold steeped too, and then off it goes for swapping.

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drank Momoko by Lupicia
1195 tasting notes

Meh. I am just not impressed with Lupicia’s peach flavor. Even if it tasted like peach candy, I’d be happy, but I just don’t get peach at all. This one at least is the most tolerable out of all momo related teas, which is good because I got an entire tin in that happy bag.

The green tea itself is really good though, I wonder if it’s the vanilla that just throws everything off for me. I may have to try cold brewing it to see if I like it better cold and maybe prepared a different way.

I decided I’m not going to class tomorrow because I am afraid of going downtown until this Final Four stuff is done. Also pollen but that’s a terrible excuse as I’m going to be planting. My city started up a community garden and I may get a plot! I just have to keep living here then…I was considering going back into Atlanta proper when my lease was up but I am dying to be part of a community garden, especially if it’s just starting up.

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