1212 Tasting Notes

drank Maple Pecan Oolong by Butiki Teas
1212 tasting notes

When I drink this, all I can remember is the crepe I had in Paris, that’s all I taste. Crepes with maple syrup and pecans (the one I had in Paris was walnuts but pecans are superior anyway). Ugh sorry I have been having bad travel bug wants to go back feelings.

I hadn’t had this one for awhile and it just seems so much more mapley to me today.

Also I am so excited right now, I got a garden plot in the community garden my city FINALLY got started.


My step-mom visited Paris and she always tells me stories of the food! It sounds simply beautiful.
What are you going to be planting? I’ve always found community gardens interesting. We don’t have anything like that here.


I’m not sure yet, I’ve got a bunch of seeds still from what I planted on my patio as well as a bunch of tomato, bell pepper, and jalapeno seedlings I’ve been holding on to hoping I’d get a plot. I want to grow broccoli too at least since my parakeet loves it. I was thinking of getting asparagus roots too but I’m not sure if I will live specifically here long enough for them to become anything. I was also thinking a raspberry bush maybe, when I go to get everything taken care of I’m going to ask if they’re okay since bushes like that spread so easily but I’d loooove to have some berries.


Those all sound so tasty! I didn’t know parakeets ate broccoli. I hope your weather hasn’t been anything like ours. We just got snow this morning and that is probably messing with a lot of people’s planting.


Oh yeah, he loves it. I basically saw off the little buds or whatever that part’s called on the florets on top of his seeds and he’ll eat every bit over a few hours.

It’s been awesome here for at least the past 8-9 days. I was hoping to plant stuff in March but it was so cold then. As long as it doesn’t dip below 40 I’ll be happy, and it shouldn’t do that at this point in time I hope.

Rachel Sincere

Haha about the broccoli! My rat loves it but I hate it so whenever I get Chinese food I pick out the broccoli and give it to him. :-)


Here in Michigan, most of us don’t start planting til late April/May. I wanted to plant some flowers in my yard, but since I figured we weren’t quite done with the cold, maybe I should just plant them in pots and put them in my front window…which does a fair job. I used to have a cat that loved to eat green olives…and he would pick out the pimentos! Another that loved cantaloupe.. So various animals/birds can definitely get into unexpected food.:)

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drank Grapefruit Oolong by Adagio Teas
1212 tasting notes

So I didn’t go to bed until nearly 5am because of a Formula 1 race, and then I had a weird dream where you could go to McDonalds and have Adagio tea. Because if you could sit down and have tea, a fast food place is the spot to do it.

I’ve been meaning to try this sample for awhile now, it smells amazing, but the taste is…very off. It tastes like pepper. Pepper and just a little citrus. It’s so definitely the oolong that is making it taste like pepper. And it’s kind of gross. I’m hoping letting it cool off will make it better.

It’s disappointing because I just picked up a six pack of San Pellegrino’s grapefruit soda for $1.50!! I don’t understand why it’s being discontinued because it tastes so good that I am drinking a second can today while drinking grapefruit tea and now I want a legitimate grapefruit.

My jaw is absolutely killing me tonight, and I don’t know what happened. I’ve had a problem that I’m sure is TMJ since I had braces and they put some robotic looking thing in my mouth to try to pull back an overbite. I’ve complained to my dentist before and I’m “too young to have jaw problems.” So if I end up at an urgent care place tomorrow because I’m crying we’ll see how that goes. There are periods where it’s feeling like it’s trying to separate from the rest of my skull, not even kidding.

Now it’s cooled and I still get the strong pepper notes. It’s not that terrible but I’d like just a bit more grapefruit from it.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 45 sec

LOL, decent tea at McDonalds (a dream, momo, it was only a dream…)
Ouch! Hope you get that jaw of yours fixed :-(

My Friend Rashad

I love the grapefruit san pellegrino!


@TheTeaFairy – It was so weird, they also were selling potato chips for $8. And you just picked your sample size bag and had tea. And it was a big deal in my dream, they were very busy just for this.

I gave in and took ibuprofen and it’s helped a lot, thankfully. Now I have to try to keep myself from rolling onto that side while sleeping, that’s now the real challenge.

@My Friend Rashad – I got it at Kroger and I’m gonna go check the other one I live by and see if they did it too. I hate discovering something is amazing and it’s going away. I love the blood orange one too but I’ve rarely seen this one before and it’s so good. I love that it has the bitter rind flavor to it too (which is probably why they were getting rid of it).

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I’m not sure how I steeped this the first time I had it, but I noticed there was a lot of green tea in there so I steeped it as a green. I wanted to have it iced since I noticed when I let it cool off completely last time around, it was delicious.

Indeed it was, this definitely is a nice, fruity tea for iced tea. I still really don’t know what a jackfruit tastes like so I’m going to continue to think it is this tea. It’s definitely got that tropical fruit flavor going on.

Next step: cold brew, for sure!

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drank Green Tea Kombucha by Yogi Tea
1212 tasting notes

I…don’t understand how one puts kombucha into a tea bag. I am pretty sure that’s some kind of ploy to get you to buy this one for medicinal benefits. Like similarly I’m not trusting anyone who claims to have yogurt probiotics in a tea bag either or something.

So no, this doesn’t taste like kombucha, and I doubt whatever is in here to pretend to be kombucha has any semblance of drinking actual kombucha because the whole point of kombucha is to have the live stuff in there. I highly doubt that stuff survives being turned into a powder or whatever’s going on in teas like this.

For what it actually is, it’s not too bad, but I think it tastes terrible hot. When I let it cool off, the plum and passionfruit flavors were stronger. Before it was just the lemongrass and mint with a little fruity aftertaste.

I wouldn’t drink this again.

Terri HarpLady

Even if they did dehydrate the Kombucha & bag it (which I suppose is possible), the heat of the hot water would kill any actual live cultures (if they survived being dehydrated to begin with). :)


That’s a great point Terri! I know lots of people who make miso with boiling water and I always try to pass on it because I’ve read that temps. that high will kill the “good” stuff in it.

Terri HarpLady

Right! It’s the same with kraut. If your kraut actually has live cultures (I make my own), as soon as you heat it up, that’s gone.

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drank Thin Mint Green by The Tea Spot
1212 tasting notes

I really wanted green tea and mint this morning but I wasn’t feeling like something of the Moroccan Mint variety, so I was glad I remembered I had this. My stomach was not feeling good due to the previous night’s wine celebration of the Canadiens making the playoffs. Oops. So I really wanted mint to settle things down and since it cooled off from the rain (and barely took any pollen away, gross) something a bit toasty and nutty for a base sounded great.

So now that I am over the fact this isn’t going to have chocolate despite its name, I do quite enjoy it. It’s a nice, different take on a minty green.

I’m going to have to give it a try iced too. I was actually wondering about that earlier and I wasn’t sure how it might be, but now I’m thinking it’s a must.

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drank Jasmine Blueberry by Art of Tea
1212 tasting notes

I have not had the best of luck with the Art of Tea samples I bought back in November. Granted it also didn’t help it took them weeks to bother to send. This is the first of them that I have actually liked and I only have one left to try…

I didn’t think the jasmine was overpowering at all in this. Granted all the other notes for this are years old so maybe Art of Tea got the balance right finally. I’ve also had it for 4 1/2 months at this point. It’s a nice mix of fruit and floral, I think the blueberry was quite a bit stronger though with jasmine notes following.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
1212 tasting notes

Teas Etc Persian Lime + Mahamosa Spearmint

This was AWESOME. I made a quart pitcher of iced tea, and I believe I used 1 tbsp of spearmint leaves and around 2 1/2 tbsp of Persian Lime. I don’t think I added any sweetener to it, but I do remember that I completely missed starting the timer on my phone so I had to guess at steeping.

It turned out perfect so that was fine. The lime and mint were perfectly matched, I was worried I didn’t have enough mint in there but it was just right to give a burst of mintiness at the end.

I have no idea what else to say since it took me hours to finally finish this and this tea was from yesterday. Blah.


Well that settles that! I’m gong to need to get some more of that Persian lime as it will likely be my iced tea of choice this summer!

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Awwwww sipdown :( I didn’t even really have enough to make a good cup which was a problem because my intention was to have a quart hahaha. So in my slightly larger than 8 ounce cup, it was kind of watered down tasting and there really wasn’t any tequila flavor to be had.

This was definitely one of my favorite iced teas. Now to go do the email pls bring it back thing for it though I probably already did.

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drank Kiwi Strawberry by Love is Tea (LIT)
1212 tasting notes

Do parakeets have off switches? The nicer it is outside, the goofier Sebastian acts. I feel bad because I can’t open the windows because of my allergies. The pollen count was 2607 yesterday. Today it is 4151. Thankfully it is supposed to rain tomorrow so hopefully it won’t get 9000+ like last year (seriously. http://www.atlantaallergy.com/pollencount.aspx?year=2012&month=3). It was horrible enough last night when I went to get my mail…you can just feel the large particles in the air. Ugh. And they’re not even the problematic pollen.

I had this iced last night, it was a lot more subtle than I hoped for. That might be something I can change by adding agave or sugar or something. I didn’t really get kiwi, just a tiny bit of strawberry in there.

I’ll finish it but I far prefer the 52teas kiwi strawberry margarita white tea I still have a bit of…gonna have to have some more of that today. I think these flavors may be better suited to something more delicate than black tea. This is overall a pretty good black, it tasted great iced and was really smooth.


Is that a over 9000! joke I see?


haha yes, I think it’s everyone around here’s favorite over 9000 joke.


I love that my boyfriend introduced me to said joke a few months ago, so I get what you’re talking about :D


Everything on my campus is literally coated in yellow dust. D:

Terri HarpLady

I used to have parakeets & other birds. I raised canaries for awhile, not intentionally, but because my kids got me a pair of them & they kept having babies! Before long, almost every one of my students & friends also had a pet canary (I just gave the babies away), & it was pretty cool! I named them Findhorn & Sedona, & he was a marvelous singer! One time I was recording Canon in D for a wedding client, & when I played back the recording you could hear Findhorn warming up in the background. By the end of the piece he was singing like a soprano in an opera, really into it! I mailed the cassette (anybody remember cassettes?) to the bride with a note: “If you want the Canary, it’s an extra $50.”

Getting birds to shut (the hell) up: Go buy a dark colored pillow case, or other covering item, & anytime you want some silence, cover the cage.

Terri HarpLady

You have my sympathy on the allergies, I feel your pain.


I’m trying to teach him to just even chirp to the tune of the chant of “ole ole ole” because it would be amusing. He’s sort of getting there. And he’s normally very well behaved but lately he just goes on these squawking outbursts that I think he picked up from one of my mom’s birds when we were visiting last month.

That bird continues to chirp and squawk even when covered. It’s horrible. I was supposed to adopt him and his cagemate, Sprite. But it wasn’t going to work, Valentino NEVER shuts up. I guess I’ll just throw the cover over Sebastian when he’s doing his Valentino impression. Like right now, he’s just making these cute little chirps but sometimes he just goes out of control haha.

Terri HarpLady

LOL, probably also because maybe there are more outside birds as the weather warms up, & he’s responding to them?


He used to, he hasn’t lately cared…but I just realized what gets him. He likes the growling and screaming in Vampire Diaries. He likes Daleks and screaming in Doctor Who. I think he might be evil hahaha.

Josie Jade

My parakeet has been crazy lately too. I think he can hear the birds outside and so he goes nuts in the morning and wakes us all up “talking” to them. :)


Ha, I read the first two lines of this and as soon as you mentioned pollen, I instantly had to check your location on your profile to see if you were in Georgia. I used to live in Atlanta and can remember driving around in a pollen-yellow car for 2 weeks every year around this time…


Haha yep, that’s where I am. Today it of course doubled.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
1212 tasting notes

DavidsTea Stormy Night + Chocolate Orange

A friend was curious what she could mix that was a chocolate tea to tone down the cinnamon in Stormy Night. I thought Chocolate Orange sounded like the best bet, and it’s definitely good.

Stormy Night came off as really thin-bodied the first time I had it, and the puerh gives it more of a body. The cinnamon is way less intense, as is the coconut. It doesn’t taste like slightly chocolatey cinnamon coconut water anymore.

I’m gonna try it w/cocoa canela tomorrow. I’ve only got enough Chocolate Orange for one more cup so I think I’m going to have to drink it on its own, but this was a good experiment.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec
Aimee Popovacki

that sounds good.. I was really disappointed by how weak stormy night was by itself.

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I watch too much hockey and soccer. So does the bird in my photo, surprise. Finally getting back to drinking my way through my stash thanks to finally securing myself a real paying desk job.



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