1195 Tasting Notes

drank Tropical Green by Zhi Tea
1195 tasting notes

Ok so I don’t think this is one that has aged well if I deduce the same one tea has been around since its first tasting notes on here 3 years ago. There’s something off about it. It doesn’t smell much like fruit at all, and it barely tastes like pineapple…and there’s just something weird about the aftertaste. I know I slightly steeped it longer than I wanted to, but it’s not the taste of oversteeping.

Another to join the garden I need to get started on soon, if only I hadn’t just painted my nails. Amanda problems.

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Thank you yssah for this one!

This is an interesting tea. I am not really familiar with the flavor of figs (I’m also terrified of them since they can essentially eat bees, no not the part about there just being insects it’s the part where the fig can just digest it, NATURE!) I know the flavor of fig but I’m definitely really just getting brown sugar.

I have an ounce of it so I will give it another shot soon, I did not get any of the fig pieces in my infuser but I’m not sure that really matters. In my mind it does.


Woah, I had to google that! Fascinating!


I never knew! I am getting ready to plant some of my MIL’s renegade figs…

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drank SororiTEA's Tri Pi Chai by Uniq Teas
1195 tasting notes

The spice to the white chai remind me of Christmas! As soon as I take a sip it’s just like I’m hit with a taste that reminds me of Christmas when I was a kid…I’m not sure what it is…but man those were the best Christmases, I’m straight into remembering Polly Pocket.

As it cools it becomes stronger and I just kind of feel like I am drinking cologne, like something in there got incredibly woodsy so that’s what I’m getting with the blend of spices and what seems to be the caramel.

So this is a pretty aromatic tea, as you can see. Haha before that point I quite enjoyed it, definitely something that needs to be hot, but I imagine if you just went straight to it being cold it might not be so bad…lukewarm, just nope.

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drank Indian Summer by DAVIDsTEA
1195 tasting notes

This is interesting, I’m pretty sure it’s an incredible disservice to white tea because it looks and tastes more like a tisane.

It’s very fruity, very tart since most of the fruits in here are tart…oh and there’s hibiscus.

I kind of like it. Not enough that I regret not getting some myself, but I like it enough that by the time it’s actually summer I’d love to have this iced.

Thanks, Cavocorax!

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I have had this tea for awhile now, I must have swapped it to someone too? I don’t know. I think everyone’s notes about it threw me off. I do recall one about how we Americans probably have palates more suited for stronger tastes than the nuances of this. Anyway, first I made sure I didn’t touch the leaves and just popped them from their inner bag into the infuser.

I definitely smell honey in the liquor, the color of this tea is even reminiscent of honey.

It tastes slightly sweet, not too sweet for something coated in honey though. There’s a lot of minerality to this TGY. And then in the middle of drinking it I left to meet up with JoonSusanna so now it’s cold, and it still tastes good.

Decided to give it another steep because how can you not with an oolong….but I oversteeped badly so maybe next time.

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TTB countdown, only 5 left now I think!

I am keeping this, I feel like I really don’t have any plain sencha. It’s not much, just one of Persimmon Tree’s sample packets but I quite enjoy it. Grassy and sweet, and just right for when I had it…right before noon, more beer cheese soup. I am so full still.

Also I really, really love the color of the brewed tea. It’s almost as if it’s tinged with neon yellow just slightly.

160 °F / 71 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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I keep having issues with this tea LOL I made it yesterday to take to class and it smelled so soapy. But then eventually I couldn’t drink it because I guess I didn’t fully get the cinnamon out of the tumbler from when I made hot cinnamon spice. Meh.

So I gave up on it, but I really wanted to taste it, and tried again this morning. The rose is really strong in the aftertaste, it’s kind of interesting. It feels like otherwise you can’t taste it. The ceylon is alright, not the best one I’ve tasted. It’s pretty bitter for my parameters too.

I barely drank any tea yesterday because I had a paper to finish and wow hockey took at least three years off my life, what a game. I also had a growler full of ale I bought to make beer cheese soup. Beer cheese soup only needed 3 oz of beer. I bought 64 so I had to try some.

Now today is back to tea.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 45 sec

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This tastes terrible and I am putting it into soil and not back into the traveling tea box. Time has not treated it well.

It tastes like perfume. Not in the floral way but that way when you accidentally spray a fruitier scent into/near your face and you happen to be breathing at the time.


That is a very vivid description. Blech.

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drank Earl Grey Cream by Georgia Tea Company
1195 tasting notes

Into the last dozen TTB teas I haven’t had, woooo. The only problem with this is I’m basically just trying each one and sending them back on their way because nothing has been OMG MUST KEEP when I have so many teas….way too many….someone make me stop.

So I thought I’d get vanilla and cream from this especially given an addition of coconut, but eh it’s really light. I actually kind of get more a nuttiness than a creaminess from the coconut. I’m guessing this is because I only did a 3 min steep? I also let it get way too cool…I need to set a second timer for when tea is at my optimal drinking temperature. Jeez.

May try this one again, not sure yet.

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drank White Cucumber by Adagio Teas
1195 tasting notes

I could die right now, I’ve been freaking out that I wasn’t going to get the grade I need to finish macroeconomics, convinced I had to have gotten like a 30 on my exam, I actually got a 78.33, which means I really don’t have to worry. I hope. I still have to worry about a stupid science class because I don’t go to the lab and I’m pretty sure that’s unforgivable but it physically pains me to do busy work.

I should do something about it but blah blah anxiety blah blah hide and don’t do anything welcome to my world.

I was worried about this one because my first and only experience with an Adagio white was reminiscent of a slice of bread coated in dust.

This one isn’t bad at all, I drank some of it hot then wanted to try it cold…not as good cold at all, there is a weird aftertaste to me. Hot, however, is oddly refreshing and works for cucumber, which I wouldn’t really expect. I quite like the Tazo cucumber white, but this one tastes like a floral cucumber at times.

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