1196 Tasting Notes

drank Red Sunset by Red Leaf Tea
1196 tasting notes

The good thing about box A is that I have less things to try that’d go back in the box. But since it’s been awhile, probably since it came, I figured I’d try something else.

This is SO strongly rose in the bag I was worried it would taste like soap, because it sure smells like soap.

I followed the recommendations on the bag and it turned out just fine, as long as you drink it while it’s hot. Once it cools a bit, it does start to get that soapy rose taste. I didn’t really get much of a fruit flavor, but I guess it’s what helps keep the rose under control, because it is a rather nice rose black.

I may give it one more try, but it’ll probably continue on in a tea box.

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drank Creme Earl Grey by Element Tea
1196 tasting notes

First tea I’m trying from tea box B, I really should also get back started on box A now that I think about it! This one though has very few teas I don’t want to try.

I thought this might be something good for having this morning, plus I wanted to try making a EG cream without over steeping it.

At first sip this was almost terrifyingly bergamot tasting. Since I had to make a ton of bread last night and we got whole milk for the purpose, there’s still a cup left so I added a little to the cup and now it’s a lot more tolerable.

I think this one is just a bit too strong for me, I like Earl Grey but some of them just are way too much flavor for me. It actually feels like the vanilla is increasing the strength of the bergamot oil! The milk did kind of smooth it out, and it is definitely creamy tasting, but the way it switches over to this strong citrus note is a bit too much for me.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec
Tea Sipper

Aw, I was hoping including this one in the tea box would convert you to an Earl Grey Cream fan! I am glad to hear that you’d like to try most of the teas in the box though.

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drank Cocoa Canela (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

Ahhhh I really should have used the entire sample and added milk. This seems like one of those that’s just flat and nasty unless there’s a stronger background for it.

It wasn’t too bad like say, cococaramel sea salt, but it just seemed like it could have been so much better if there was something creamy about it. For chocolate cinnamon, it really would have made sense but I wasn’t really awake yet when I made it. Bah.

I guess I can do it with the tiny bit I have left, mixed with something else.

Thanks Kittenna for the sample~


It definitely needs the milk. Without it tastes like diet instant hot cocoa. I was very bad when I brewed it and added milk and an extra tablespoon (or 3) of Ghirardelli cocoa mix. I figured, why not?

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drank Grape Oolong by Butiki Teas
1196 tasting notes

Ok hopefully steepster stops hiccuping right now so I can write this.

I don’t think I had enough of this for the size cup I made. I steeped it half a minute longer because of it but I don’t think that was enough to help.

It smelled super strongly of grape, that’s for sure. I wasn’t even drinking it and my boyfriend walked by the mug and asked if I was drinking grape flavored tea.

I really am kind of particular about grape flavored stuff…nothing really beats actual grapes if that’s the flavor you want and really, I don’t often find myself wanting grapes.

In scent, it seemed more like sweet grape bubblegum/koolaid type of grape to me, I didn’t sweeten it so because of that I am really unsure if that would have helped or hurt it for me. It wasn’t too strong flavored because of probably using too much water to tea, thankfully. I just think maybe grape doesn’t work for me at all hot, I should have tried it cold, but alas what can you do.

Thanks Kittenna!

Aimee Popovacki

that one sounds intriguing haha…. i don’t think i’ve ever had a grape tea….even bubbly by davids has pineapple rather than white grape


That one and then this ESP Emporium White Grape are the only grape ones I’ve had, I get a little white grape from Bubbly, but I’ve never had either one hot, only iced. I don’t think I could do it hot for either

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Had this earlier with an amazing lemon meringue donut. It was actually more like after the donut because it was too hot.

I also think the girl at the register was really confused because I wouldn’t let her put the tea bag in LOL but I only wanted to steep this for a minute, which worked out just fine.

This was really just an excuse for warmth that worked out in the end because my boyfriend switched rental cars twice today. And standing around while they double check things was cold.

With steeping it quickly, I still got just enough of a tart berry flavor to mix in with the white tea. That was just what I wanted, I didn’t want it to be too fruity and sweet because it would have ruined how incredible that donut was.

I probably wouldn’t get this one again, I’m not that taken by acai but if I’m up at this shop again and I want something that isn’t too heavy, I’d get it again because I don’t think they had any other white teas.

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This reminds me of Lupicia’s Strawberry & Vanilla but I like it a lot better. I can taste both the strawberry and cream flavors. It doesn’t have too much of that strawberry chapstick smell to it thankfully.

This time around with a DTT green I made sure to use a really low water temperature and it paid off definitely. All around a sweet and creamy tea. Not sure if it’s something I really like, I got an ounce so I have plenty to try again.

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drank Mistress' Vineyard by Dryad Tea
1196 tasting notes

I had this last night, I see now it mentions iced tea in the description, but it was really good hot.

I thought it’d be like the other one that was fruity with a bit of spice but it was a lot different. This one is a bit more like tropical fruits rather than citrus, and the cinnamon wasn’t really noticeable.

I’m going to save the rest of my little sample for iced tea when it’s not FREEZING.

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drank Gyokuro Black (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

Ugh I seriously lost 2-3 cups worth of loose leaf tea today by stupid accidents. The worst part being one cup worth was Main Squeeze and I REALLY liked it and now I have none. I also spilled milk all over myself right before having to leave for two classes of exams. I didn’t even finish the exam in the first class, I maybe got 65% through it. So when the second exam is just 58 multiple choice questions, I breezed through it in maybe 20 minutes and the lab instructor’s like are you sure you answered them all. Yes I’m sure. I’m also sure I only got 3 wrong MAX on that one, because the one redeeming quality of bombing a heavy math, all short answer test is knowing you can’t possibly go wrong on a multiple choice test after it.

Also I was drinking this tea while I briefly studied for that one.

This is so freakin’ awesome. I think the steaming gives it a Darjeeling-ish quality. So intriguing. It’s a bit fruity/citrusy but it’s still got that Fujian black honey/nutty/roasty qualities.

I’m sure there are people who absolutely hate this tea’s name since really there is nothing Gyokuro about this beyond it being steamed, but I’m sure it sells tea. I for one find it too tasty to care about that.

I only got about half an ounce and it’s really pricey for a black for me so I will stick with what I have and save this one for special occasions like when I really need a good pick me up!


Great review! I had the same thought about it not being gyokuro at all. They may as well have called it sencha as that is also steamed. Ah well. Stll delicious. And I found that my half ounce lasts for many a cup. Hope your exams work out okay in the end. :(

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drank Lime Chiffon by Della Terra Teas
1196 tasting notes

Thankfully this is rooibos because I completely forgot it was steeping!

Beforehand, I smelled the lemon lime cream tart tea and this one, I definitely like the cream tart one more because of the lemon. That addition is just toooooo good.

This isn’t bad though. I thought maybe with my way too long steep it would have been heavy on the cream too but it really wasn’t. Also I don’t really like the lime flavor too much. It actually tastes too much like lemon to me. I suppose the really long steep may not have helped.

I was expecting this to be really tart so I’m glad it isn’t. But I’ll have to pay attention next time and see if I like it better.

Aimee Popovacki

that sounds nice… I think i’d like it better than the lime gelato that david’s has. I have tried to like the lime gelato hot, and i’m not sure if its because its a green tea or because its lime taste is quite artificial but it just has this bite about it that doesn’t sit well with me. I got the lemon lime kampai from teavana and although the flavour was quite artificial, the rooibos helped to tone down the bite of the lime flavour…. I don’t know.. it might just be something about lime teas.. I love lime when it comes to foods and other things but I think it might be something i’m not so found of as a tea.


Yeah, I was feeling the same way. I love eating stuff with lime but maybe it just is really different overall in tea. I like lime gelato a lot better cold, it’s definitely weird hot.

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drank Green Seduction (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

Ok last time I had this, I cold brewed it. This time around, I had it hot. Either way, I don’t get pomegranate. I get something tart that I guess is supposed to be pomegranate. It was a lot better hot though once it finally cooled enough in my travel mug that I could drink it.

I honestly thought the base for this was ridiculous but it wasn’t so bad and held up pretty well for being trapped in a travel mug.

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