1196 Tasting Notes

Sipdown…so sad :( but I have a different silver needle on the way hopefully soon for the time being.

Since it was the last I steeped it twice. I used the entire packet for one mug so it was pretty flavorful both times. I was definitely getting fruit from this, some kind of mix between watermelon and berries. Just a little pepper too, but mostly sweet hay notes. It got cold all of a sudden (or maybe not suddenly, I just didn’t know to expect it!) and this makes me feel like it’s back to a nice 70 degree day.

I’ll always love this tea because it helped me learn there are flavors to white tea, and it tastes best when it’s something so pure.

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drank Thé sur la Lune by Nina's Paris
1196 tasting notes

And this is why Steepster gets on my nerves. This doesn’t come up at all when I searched for the tea and yet it’s been on here for several days. And that was with the right name! I tried both and then just used the other one and that’s why I couldn’t find it.

Whatever. Here’s my moved tasting note then.

Since I stayed home today I figure I can get my backlogging started. I couldn’t help but get this one as one of my samples. It seemed like such an interesting mix of fruits. It was okay, I kind of wish I knew what the proper way to steep it would be, because I have enough to do another cup and I’m not sure if it would be better suited to a higher temp and/or a longer steep.

Everything just kind of meshed together into fruity black for me. Good, but I’d love to taste all the fruits individually in there.


no worries Amanda. I am always confused with steepster with French teas…because for us Froggies Tea= Thé but when american type Thé…the qwerty keyboard doesn’t allow the accent on the E …and then I am confused because sometimes cannot find a Thé of something….because the entry was done with the … and I think it is not on the database :)


LOL! I just added the accent! Hope that helps!


Yeah I can type it because macbooks are nice enough to allow for it easily by holding the key down and clicking it. I don’t understand why Nina’s doesn’t put them in there. I searched just “sur la lune” yesterday and only the Mariage Frères came up so I thought I had to add it. So I went to the catalogue Nina’s sent and it said “The sur de Lune” so in it went. Didn’t bother to think you know that makes zero sense. Then I try to change it and magically it’s there again. I’ve had that problem when I added new teas too, I had to save them to my cupboard in order to ever find them again because search doesn’t recognize them.

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drank Nepal First Flush by Adagio Teas
1196 tasting notes

So this is pretty similar to Darjeeling but I like it a lot better than first flush Darjeelings. It seems to be even fruitier and then it also has a bit of butter to it. It definitely has a lot of green tea-ish notes to too.

I didn’t get much in the way of astringency from it. It was very sweet, and I drank it way too fast to notice much else than what I already said. It was that good.

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drank Stormy Night (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

I may need to steep this one longer. It tasted a bit like coconut water.

Other than not being able to taste black tea in here whatsoever, it wasn’t too bad because thankfully I like coconut. It smelled better than it tasted though.

I’ve got enough to make maybe 2 more cups so I’ll be steeping it a bit longer and hoping that works better. It smelled like cinnamon and chocolate (and black tea) while steeping but it just didn’t transfer that well or something.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec

when i bought this i just went full out and bought 100g without even tasting it. and when i did taste it, it was NOT what i had expected. but now, i might say it’s in my top 5 teas! at very least it’s in my top 10. it just grew on me i guess. it’s dark chocolate is the thing i wasn’t expecting i think. more bitter and gritty is all.

side note, i just emailed myself your entire euro/paris list of yelp reviews from your trip! thanks again!!


I think I’ll love it if I steep it just a tad bit longer, there is a huge dark chocolate chunk in the bag so it can only get better.

You’re welcome!! When do you go over there?


i go the first week in april. only 2 weeks to do Paris Brussels Rotterdam Bremen Hamburg. i’m just gonna try to relax, enjoy, and drink as much tea as possible.

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Another sample from the Traveling Tea Box, this is a four seasons oolong. Normally I’m not a big fan of them. I love floral oolongs, and four seasons definitely are but they just fall flat for me.

Brenden suggested a 1/2 tsp, 5 min steep with boiling water to emulate the first and second steeps and get a sweeter tea. Sounded good to me so I did so.

It was sweet, and it was far better than the other times I’ve tried a similar oolong. I just haven’t given four seasons a try in a gaiwan or my yixing pot and that might be something I do with this one. Orchid is definitely very strong here, with just a little honey and cream depending on the sip.

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drank Organic Guranse by Butiki Teas
1196 tasting notes

I started typing a mix of guranse and guayusa when trying to pull this up ahaha. I had this with my piece of king cake because YEAH MORE DESSERTS.

I’ve been studying instead of writing notes and I have my weekday ban on Steepster still in place so really that doesn’t end at midnight right? Right, that’s why I’m doing homework in the morning…not looking forward to this test.

I thought this had some peppery notes to it, but it really did remind me of Darjeeling minus astringency. It has a little floral note to it, and it’s kind of citrusy. There’s just a little malt like an Assam, and it kind of reminds me of the Ceylon I had Friday.

It actually ended up cooling off and I liked it even better cold! This could be an interesting iced tea. I will find out at some point.

Josie Jade

Good luck on your test!

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drank The Skinny (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

So my lunch was a sorry excuse for Belgian fries/poutine that upset my stomach because it was SALT SALT SALT. And then prior to this we had went to get king cake from a cool bakery and if you found the baby you won a dozen cookies. Well right between our two pieces is the baby. I got stuck with 10 of the cookies. I of course ate a couple. And a champagne marshmallow.

I pulled this from one of the 93825239 teas around right now and it sonded like just what I needed.

And it was, although I’m not a fan of the flavor. It did the job though. But the mix of these teas was really woodsy and weird and I didn’t care for ginger overall. I just downed it then took another nap and woke up great.

Thanks, Cavocorax!


OMG, just reading this post has me craving something intensely salty! lol.


haha I didn’t get a notification for this so I hope my new note doesn’t make you crave anything even more!

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drank Peach Melba by Lupicia
1196 tasting notes

This weather. I know some of you have lots of snow but uh, at 9am I had to scrape ice off my car’s windows. At 3pm, I had to turn the a/c on in the car. The temperature doubled since this morning.

This is alright, isn’t peach melba supposed to be peach and raspberry with vanilla ice cream? Description just says peaches and cream, which is nice, but that’s peaches and cream, not peach melba.

So incorrect dessert name aside, this is peach and vanilla, no raspberry. It’s pretty delicately flavored, I let it steep for 7 minutes and I’d like a bit more power to it. The vanilla seems stronger than the peach, which is really faint and seems more like it’s just sweetening the tea up so it doesn’t taste too much like rooibos.

I may use the rest of this to try it iced. Thanks ToiToi!

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The puerh drinking from Terri HarpLady begins…I could try a new puerh every Saturday for almost half a year.

I moved everything back into my bedroom, which is in desperate need of being cleaned again, as is my entire apartment honestly, so I might get started on that while writing.

I did two rinses first.

First steep: I always love how puerh has that taste that you think is straw, but then you think hey this really seems more like flour. At least for me, that’s what I always get. It always tastes like all sorts of cake components, that eventually come together as cake.
This one tastes like that flour, plus just a hint of raisin.

Second steep: I notice mushrooms mentioned, and I hate them with a passion due to the texture, so honestly in tea I’m not gonna be able to tell a mushroom taste, probably, though maybe that’s more like without the weird sponginess the flavor is okay? I really haven’t ever thought about it, haha. This one has a good bit of earthiness along with the flour and raisin…maybe a hint of caramel.

Third steep: seems sweeter, more caramel then I suppose.

Fourth steep: seems even sweeter! still got that cake thing going on for sure, also making me feel really weird? Floaty.

Fifth steep: Took a break to eat lunch and get rid of the woozy. Rum cake for sure.

Sixth steep: Sebastian has taken interest again in the sound of water boiling. He perked up when I turned the kettle back on, cracks me up. This is the last one because I was getting tired of the person who lives above me (I guess his girlfriend was coming over or something so he vacuumed THEN blasted horrible music). It tastes like cake still but I was finally figuring out mushroom and I am not a fan.

This was really good, I wish I could spend more time with it but I was also getting kind of tired of drinking it especially with the floaty tea drunk feels.


eww…mushroom tea?

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drank Strawberry & Vanilla by Lupicia
1196 tasting notes

I drank this last night then didn’t feel like writing a note about it, so now I am.
This smells so good, although it has just a hint of chapstick to it for some reason.

It’s in the taste too, something with the strawberry I guess. It’s still pretty enjoyable. I didn’t get much vanilla from it, though it did seem creamier than your average flavored green. I think I’d like to try just a vanilla green.

This was just one sachet, but I think I would try it again.

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