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Hot, this is a lot like the Strawberry Pie honeybush, but toned down a lot. And instead of it being dominantly strawberry, there’s just a little rhubarb tartness to it.

I let it cool off and I love it sooooo much more! Seriously just like Strawberry Pie with super juicy strawberry flavor, but now I can DEFINITELY taste the rhubarb! I was just thinking about teas that I like better around room temperature and I think I found one. I’ll have to give it a try cold too.

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Thank you, ToiToi!

When I was in Paris, I was not really SUPER into tea but I knew of Mariage Freres and I honestly think it was a good thing that when I stared at the Fauchon things at La Grande Epicerie de Paris I did not even notice tea because I was entranced by chocolate.

If you have never been to Paris and are obsessed with food, it is basically the coolest place ever. Especially if you want to see things you consider commonplace like marshmallows treated like an exotic luxury.

So of course I love this and I cannot find any way to get Fauchon over here…it’s like when they closed their NYC shop they gave up entirely on North America. And of course I am already in love with this tea.

I was a bit cautious about steeping it for 4 minutes but it was so good. Such a smooth black tea, and the orange flavor tastes so real. I just ate an amazing orange last night. I was surprised at how pink the flesh was, and found out from a friend it’s a cara cara orange! I never had one before, it was sosososo good. I never get oranges unless they are blood oranges, and that one was just mind changing.

This tea definitely tastes like that, I think that might be a combination of the orange and blood orange flavorings. I don’t get the tartness of blood orange but there’s that different sweetness they have. There’s just a little apricot in there too, but it’s mostly orange.

This makes me miss France :(

Miss Starfish

Sounds delish!


Yeeeaaah I need to go to Paris if just for the foodstuff!


Love Paris, love Caracara oranges. :D

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First, I give you: http://whosthecutest.com/

Ok. This was sitting there staring at me for the past nearly 2 months now and I wanted to try it. I gave it a rinse first and then I’m pretty much just steeping this as: fill with water, put lid on, it steeps until I get myself together and pour it into the teacup.

I would guess that’s 5-10 seconds. And dang this tea gets dark in those few seconds.

1st steep: This is very, very, very much like a forest. There’s a little bit of ginger in there. Mostly though it is very woody, I taste cedar, definitely.

2nd steep: Still woody, but not as strongly. It has a bit more of a spicy bite to it.

3rd steep: it’s getting a little creamy but it’s reminding me of the first steep

4th steep: still waiting for the caramel, but I don’t think I can drink anymore right now haha


I have a brick of this just waiting for me to break into it to taste too, I will have to very soon, it sounds quite tasty :D


This sounds so tasty! I’ve really been wanting to get into pu-erhs but the last thing I need is an entirely new tea genre to spend money on…


Puerh is pretty inexpensive compared to other tea. You can get some good Puerh for as low as $8 for 100 grams which lasts quite awhile (an example is 2009 red aura menghai puerh whic is very tasty and smooth). Mrmopar knows about puerh and I know of some good buys too. There’s a big variety, flavored puerh tuocha’s (orange, honeysuckle, and so on). Quality is always important to me but taste does not equal expensive.

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I am so mad at my mom right now, she used my desperation and tears about being one week off from seeing my favorite hockey team in Florida on spring break again to book a cruise from Tampa during that week.

Oh no, not for me, for her and my dad. I have to go up there and watch the dog. Never even ran it by me until today telling me that’s what I’m going to be doing.

Never asked. MEH.

So then I decided I had to try this Dragonwell today rather than wait till morning. I’m sure it’s just a matter of it steeping a shorter amount of time, but the other one just seemed so much more creamy and nutty.

This isn’t bad though, 30 more seconds would probably have done it good. It does remind me of peas and a bit like sparkling mineral water. And it smells just so clean! It’s like having spring in a cup, 14 hours before a winter weather watch.

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While I’m waiting for this to cool I am playing with my foil manicure stuff. So much fun! Here is how it is on my right hand right now: http://i.imgur.com/ff47d.jpg

After a failed flavored tea (having this happen a lot lately), I decided I wanted something subtle and well, natural.

This is getting up there in age, sadly. I do have the organic one to try still. I should do that next.

I think I am afraid of Dragonwell because it’s hard to know if you are doing it right till you can taste it. I feel like it’s way too easy to end up with something that tastes like nothing. Not this time!

I just love that nutty, slightly creamy/buttery flavor. And it’s full of it. Some notes of minerals and some sweetness and you are totally set.

I think having the temperature variable kettle has immensely helped me with teas like this.

Does anyone know, would something subtle like a Dragonwell do okay in a travel mug that keeps things hot for 5+ hours or will it likely ruin it? I feel an attachment coming on and I’ll need this in the morning again.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 30 sec

So in my experience with subtly flavoured teas and travel mugs, they do not hold up well. Especially greens that are vegetal; the flavour doesn’t last, and ANY lingering flavours in the travel mug will interfere. That said, it may be worth a try. I’ve just come to realize that although it would be great to have something like Laoshan Green in the morning, it gets funky when sitting for so long, which is a waste. I haven’t tried dragonwell though.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
1196 tasting notes

I have four matchas I could actually review for credit but I instead got distracted by the idea of mixing these two.

Bavarian Creme + Raspberry Truffle matcha!

I haven’t had either of these in awhile so I’m not sure how the raspberry truffle is on its own anymore, but you can bet I haven’t forgotten the bavarian creme one. I went for a hot latte preparation (or a hat if you start thinking about the next word you’re going to type too soon).

The chocolate seems to get lost this way, so it reminds me of raspberries dipped in cream. There is a slight mocha-like note at the end though. From what I remember, I like the Bavarian creme matcha better cold. But I like it together with this one for sure, I’m going to have to start going through these matchas quicker because I want so many new flavors so much.


That sounds pretty awesome. Is it true you can just take matcha and mix it with water? I’ve never tried it, but that sounds easy!


Yep! You can just put some in a water bottle and shake it up.

Kasumi no Chajin

yup. I do it with my tumbler, with old matcha. though it is less frothy (depending on raitios of water + matcha)

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I finally solved the mystery of my travel mug, but I still think I’d rather have a different style. I don’t like sticking my nose into this weird…nose space area in order to take a drink. However it now doesn’t spill everywhere AND it opens! Maybe smashing it with a hammer was all it needed.

This was my chosen tea for this grumpy looking day. I wish I had thought to sweeten it but I was nearly late as is thanks to a massive traffic jam (accident too maybe? still have no idea) and I had to go one station north. It was definitely lacking the maple, but that’s okay…it made up for it in brown sugar.

Stayed warm all afternoon, tasted amazing, and I think it really doesn’t have that oatmeal flavor to it anymore, and I kind of like it better. It seems less heavy to drink.

Also just picked up my first CSA box! I got a soup and salad one that’s probably overpriced but whatever. Problem is, they didn’t include the recipes like it said so I’m kind of stuck on how cilantro, 4 pounds of sweet potatoes, and a couple oranges becomes soup. If anyone has a recipe for sweet potato soup that they swear by, let me know! I hope I can make it work with what I have on hand, don’t worry about the cilantro or orange aspects.

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drank Strawberry Oolong by Butiki Teas
1196 tasting notes


Ok I only had enough for 2 cups but let me have it. I also got royally distracted from this cup but it is good cold!

This probably was well towards the end of its lifespan because the strawberry is very hard to pick up on now, but the oolong is still nice…just a hint of berry behind it.


This is first on my list for my Thurs or Fri order. :)

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drank The Earl's Garden by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

It’s being held hostage in my travel mug. I can’t get the top to open and I can’t get it to ACTUALLY open either. Cries. I managed a sweet few sips out of it because it leaks…time to find a new mug.

Anyone got any good options that DEFINITELY don’t leak if you follow directions? Followed the directions on this one to vacuum seal it and instead it locked up the entire mechanism. So one that is leak proof and doesn’t do that is all I want in life right now.

OKAY so I just finally got the mug open…with a hammer. Saved the tea of course, it was still somewhat hot! But somehow a lot of tea went through the infuser so it was not very tasty. I figured I’d add some coconut milk creamer, so I gave it a quick whirl in the microwave to make up for the heat loss and I am sipping happy.

It’s a bit stronger than I normally drink it, to the point it’s hard to get any berry notes. Thanks to the time it took to finally drink it, the bergamot is a lot stronger and the black tea is probably slightly oversteeped. No problems though. I think for the time being I’ll switch back to the smaller travel mug I got from Teavana until I find something I like better again.

Hesper June

Oh no! What a tease your thermos is!


I did get it free but I expect something slightly less taunting, especially coming from a car company!


Love my JoeMo XL!


Timolinos are great, and I recently got a… Contigo(?) mug from Costco that appears to work quite well as well. I’m very impressed, and it was 1/3 of the cost (no infuser basket though).

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drank Pink Pearls by Keen Tea Thyme
1196 tasting notes

Ok I am glad you are done with your tantrum, Steepster.

I had this last night. It was in my box of rooibos/herbals/what-have-you so I thought it actually only had rooibos but it has jasmine pearls in it. Somehow I didn’t notice that before. Oh well, it didn’t destroy the balance of tea organization haha.

So after a quick change of temperature on the kettle, this was brewing and smelling nice and fruity.

The floral notes of jasmine are really good with the citrusy/berry fruit flavors. I don’t know really want the green rooibos adds because of the short steep time for the jasmine. I guess it’s okay to go for longer but I really would rather not have oversteeped green tea in here in order to get the taste of green rooibos. In which case, the other bit I have means…cold steep!

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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