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This is a sneaky one!

I eat spicy food like it’s nothing at all. There’s a popcorn place in a shopping center nearby and they have THE BEST hot white cheddar popcorn. It has that heat that will lead to tears if it catches you off guard. I love it so much.

This seems to have the same sort of spice but far, far tamer. Take a sip and you just might get that tingle of spice in your throat instead. It’s not too spicy at all unless you’re trying to get that result.

The only problem is I can’t detect any chocolate notes at all. The black tea has some cocoa notes but it’s not in any way chocolatey at all. But that’s easy to fix so I will give this another try soon.

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So I was left wanting cranberry. This is okay but as it cooled it completely lost any flavor of berries. It now tastes like nettle and lemongrass.

Nettle is growing on me though.

This isn’t bad either hot or cold, but I think if you’re not a fan of super strong herby flavors then cold is not the way to go.

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drank Boston Blend by Harney & Sons
1196 tasting notes

lol I haven’t touched this tea because I have an intense hatred for a certain Boston sports team, especially its captain, so…I associate this tea with them. And you know, how that I think about it, I should have tried this when there was a lockout and I couldn’t care at all but now I am ready to get my hate back in full gear. VROOM VROOM.

Right, so I don’t mind cranberry but it’s definitely a flavor I won’t grab over other berries especially. But I’ll drink it…almond, on the other hand I actively try to avoid. Now I love to eat almonds. But I can’t do sweet almond, and I especially can’t do it in a tea. The best I have ever done with sweet almond is that I can put amaretto in pancakes. That is all. I seriously have a bottle of amaretto just for that and I rarely make pancakes. I also have no idea why I bought it in the first place. Probably some other recipe.

This does smell fantastic in the bag though. I got my friend a tin and it was even better in such a large amount.

So it definitely is not in your face cranberry at all, like I was hoping it might be. The almond flavor mixes in with the cranberry about mid-sip. At first it’s just absolutely disgusting like Zdeno Chara, but towards the end of the sip it is really reminiscent of granola. But getting to granola takes strong taste buds. I think maybe if the cranberry was just a bit more tart, I might be able to ignore that almond flavoring, but it’s not happening.

The more I try the more repulsive it tastes. I hate you almond.

PS thank you for this sample, Alphakitty


Haha, I share your hatred for Boston sports teams!

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I am such a smoke weakling I can’t even handle this tea.

Sad times.

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drank Strawberry Zabaglione by 52teas
1196 tasting notes

Tea from last night.

So today’s the first day of class and I am sitting in bed, I don’t know if I actually feel sick, or if it is just the effect of all the damn rain. But there’s a flood watch and I have no waterproof shoes other than way too warm boots so, I’m sitting here as I’m not in the mood to have wet feet if I feel gross.

Also I don’t want the flu so I really don’t want to be around people again already.

So last night I watched The End of Time and cried a bunch and drank this tea. I have somehow acquired a lot of it through swaps. So I figured a pot of it would be good. I hadn’t had it for awhile either.

I have to say I am not that big of a fan of it. I added coconut milk creamer and agave, hoping to boost the custard but to no avail. The strawberry is good though, so maybe just the sabayon flavor doesn’t age well? I’ll try one of the newer bunches of this tea next.

Sebastian says hi https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/72284_4326538490660_922155857_n.jpg


Have you tried cold brewing it?

Josie Jade

Sebastian is so cute. At least staying home with him will make your day better!

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drank Madame Butterfly by Gurman's
1196 tasting notes

Of course as I come to do log this note, my internet stopped working and I had to reset everything, which is always a good time. Also like half an hour before the bulb went out in my desk lamp so that was great too, hopefully nothing else goes awry.

So I really want to love peach green teas but alas, the peach just never tastes right. This one at least works for iced tea beyond a flavoring issue for me. It just really doesn’t taste like peaches. It’s just kind of a vague fruity flavor that seems to happen a lot.

Thanks, Azzrian!

also I apparently totally missed getting to 900 notes earlier. confetti~


Almost 1000!!

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drank Paradise Green by Lupicia
1196 tasting notes

So over football, the bandwagon is SO STRONG WITH THIS ONE. I hate football anyway but even if I didn’t I’d be against this on principle because we lost our hockey team and meanwhile the mayor is all on board for the football team to get a billion dollar stadium. N. O. P. E.

So anyway it’s too warm right now still for hot tea. When I opened the bag of these sachets from my slightly-happy bag, they definitely smelled like they’d be perfect for iced tea.

It’s definitely sencha, and good sencha at that. I really wish Lupicia would disclose the flavors in this. I honestly can’t tell a single fruit it might be. Mango maybe? Definitely some kind of stone fruit too. Pineapple, citrus too? Fruit Stripes gum is pretty accurate.

It’s really sweet too, I was kind of surprised by it when I first took a sip.

I’m kind of surprised by Lupicia’s parameters for brewing…does anyone actually only use only 5 oz for a cup? I put two bags in a mug that’s about 9 oz and then poured it over ice and I can say it’s definitely not watered down or anything…it’s perfect iced tea. I’m curious for when I’m making the loose leaf too, they all seem like that, 5-6 oz cups.


I have a few Japanese tea cups and they do seem to be on the small end, 5-6 oz. Since Lupicia is Japanese, perhaps that’s why the instructions are like that?

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Still kind of not a fan of the aftertaste of this tea because it is so drying. But a lower temperature and a shorter steep have made it an easier drink.

It’s very sweet and malty, even with less time it’s still a very full bodied tea.

And now this time as it cools, I don’t like it one bit. It becomes almost slightly sour with astringency.

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Thank you, tperez!

A blueberry white was the second of my two first loose leaf teas but I never repurchased it for some reason. This one has always intrigued me so yay. I could take or leave the acai but I’m pretty sure acai just tastes like blueberries anyway in 99% of American acai stuff. Anyway.

I made iced tea with this because it’s too warm today. It’s definitely on the light side. It also just completely smells like a cocktail so I covered the leaves in vodka but I don’t think it’s really going to do much, it’s been almost a day now since that.

This does seem like a difficult tea, I would guess you need more than the 1.5 tsp suggested to really get a decent flavor. It’s not a bad blueberry flavor but it tastes like a waste of white tea.

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drank ShadowCat by Dryad Tea
1196 tasting notes

I have to say I was not looking forward to this when I saw almond extract as an ingredient, but I figured it couldn’t be that strong of a player in the tea.

It’s not.

Something about this just tastes off to me. The raspberry smells and tastes odd, it actually almost smells like a savory soup at times, it’s not chocolatey at all, and it tastes like pepper.

Going to try again with this at some point but I’m put off by it right now :(

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