1196 Tasting Notes

drank Blueberry Pie by Teas Etc
1196 tasting notes

This is probably pretty old but I don’t even care, because it actually does taste like blueberry pie.

When it cools off it’s kind of meh but when it’s still hot, it’s delicious. I am pretty sure I’ve had this more than the one other tasting note I have suggests, but I would like to try this iced and also with a little agave to see if that really brings out the pastry notes even more.

…it is 67 degrees outside, gross.

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drank S'mores by Della Terra Teas
1196 tasting notes

S’mores for breakfast!

I love this tea, I think maybe I could sweeten it just a touch and love it even more though. I don’t think it’s very chocolatey, but the marshmallow and graham cracker is pretty awesome despite that.

I tried this with a 4 minute steep today and it was perfect, definitely a temp to keep in mind for the black teas from Della Terra, I always have a problem with it not being enough in the end.


oh hah i brought this to work and will have it later! 4 minutes it is :)

Jackie T

I’ve had this at work with me all week, so yummy!! I also do four minutes, four and a half if I’m feeling ultra indulgent.


They’re all on sale right now too! So tempting, except I’ve got 4 parcels of tea that I’m expecting any day now, so… it’s not like I really should order more. :|

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drank Browncoat Genmaicha by 52teas
1196 tasting notes

This tea is so weird, totally not in a bad way. It is roasty, chocolatey, and a bit creamy…it actually really reminds me of chocolate ice cream and I’m not sure how. I think it’s just that it’s such an odd combination, and yet it’s working for me. It’s chocolate genmaicha.

Sweet Canadian

I had this today too! I like it a lot, but it smells really funky dry.


Also just finished a cup of this. It’s quite different!


Ooooh, can’t wait for the Lupicia order to arrive so you can send me my teas and I can finally try this one! And the other five!!! :D


Haha kittenna… Get back to your sip downs!

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Had some of this again earlier with added chocolate, by way of hot chocolate mix. Soooo good, I know I should try it on its own already but chocolate and mint and I are really getting along right now.

I now need to go make tea for right now, as I was given a $50 Sephora gift card for Christmas and I can’t figure out how to not go too far over the total….I have to buy online though because LOOK AT THIS. http://www.sephora.com/very-colourfoil-manicure-trade-P377711?skuId=1491273


LOL. I suck at doing my nails so luckily don’t get tempted by such things :D

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drank China Breakfast by Rishi Tea
1196 tasting notes

Ok so this tea has definitely not been a favorite of mine but I just tried some amazing technique given to me by Brenden from Whispering Pines.
1/2 tsp per 8 oz of water, 200F, and 8 minutes.

Now finally I can really truly say this tea has FLAVORS. It’s not like just being hit in the face with a bold, malty tea. It’s sweet, and it is so fruity. There’s definitely orange, maybe also sweet potatoes (not a fruit but deal with it for right now) and it has this amazing clean aftertaste.

This poor tea should not be made following Rishi’s directions. Not at all.

200 °F / 93 °C 8 min or more

I’ve never heard of that technique before – it seems like everyone ALWAYS disapproves of the more time, less leaf option. Is this for all black teas, or was it just for this one?


He was using it specifically on dian hong, I think it might work on other black teas too but this one so desperately needed it.


Interesting! I will have to try that on some black teas that don’t sit well with me just as an experiment then!

Although I’m a little nervous about what you’ll think of the East Frisian I gave you now – my boyfriend can drink it straight but I definitely cannot….though I like being able to add milk and/or sugar to it…

Whispering Pines Tea Company

It works wonders with Dian Hong and Keemun, and probably all other black teas too. Read here for a bit more info on the idea behind the method: http://whisperingpinestea.com/brewingarticles_files/onegreatinfusion.html


Thanks! Keemun was exactly the tea I was considering trying it with!

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Keemun is absolutely fantastic :)

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drank Vanilla Orchid by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

Ok now we are up to date. I kept putting this aside to try later, and finally it was time.

I didn’t smell the tea in the bag at first (though I did when I got it), and was I put some in the infuser, it was the most glorious vanilla cream scent.

This is alright. It’s really light. I guess it has been awhile since I’ve had any oolong but…I can’t taste it over the vanilla. I was hoping since they named it Vanilla Orchid, I would get those lovely orchid notes from the base tea, but not so much.

It wasn’t as amazing as I was hoping though, I have saved it though for a resteep! But that is later.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Oh no! I was looking forward to ordering this one…if it was a medley of orchid and vanilla. :(


Me too! I’ll probably get it anyway next time I place an order.

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drank Fruits d'Alsace by Harney & Sons
1196 tasting notes

Drank this earlier but it was nothing memorable. I think I oversteeped it or something because the base tea was kind of overpowering and this odd mix of malt-smoke. Next time I will pay attention. Still had a bit of plum to it but I ended up letting it get cold.

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drank Blueberry Streusel Honeybush by 52teas
1196 tasting notes

You guys I am so close to becoming the Battlestar Galactica episode of Portlandia but with Doctor Who. I started back on September 14 (thanks Netflix activity history) out of just pure curiosity and now I’m to the point where going out to mail things was like a serious problem in continuing to watch. I am not even writing tasting notes at the right times hahaha. And what do I do when I get to the end of what’s on Netflix??? WAH

Ok so had this last night. It is a bit blueberry muffin-ish I suppose, all I really got was blueberry with a hint of cake. I guess it makes sense since you just put streusel on top of a muffin, so muffin is a perfectly acceptable thing to say. Eating streusel by itself is kind of iffy. At least for me.

Maybe I could use this a little sweeter, it doesn’t seem as wonderfully blueberry as Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish. But there’s butter and brown sugar notes and definitely cake. I will have to experiment a bit before this is up there in deliciousness for me.


Buy the iTunes season pass! That will take you up to the Christmas episode! :)


Oooh I should do that and then I’m sure by then I’ll be caught up to the point of stealing space on my boyfriend’s DVR


I looooove Dr. Who! Although to be fair I’ve only seen the 10th and 11th Doctor series. My goal is to be Amelia Pond and have my boyfriend be Rory Pond (haha I love that) for Halloween one year!

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Thanks Kittenna! All of a sudden samples from you that I’ve been holding on to for forever have made their way to the forefront. Probably a good thing.

I’m not getting much flavor from this in the way of raspberry or apricot. Sencha though? Definitely. And there is a subtle fruity sweetness to it but it’s kind of hard to tell what it might be.

I let it cool off and I can taste raspberry for sure now. I think I will save the rest of my sample to cold steep.

Also I am so excited for hockey I am already plotting places I want to go in Raleigh. I can’t believe how long North Carolina is, it’s only 65 miles further to go to Tampa and driving back from Tampa felt like AGES. Short list: Tin Roof Teas, tea buying moratoriums stop when you’re somewhere new right?

But I know my boyfriend wants to go to Tampa because they have tesla coils in the arena. Wah wah wahhhh there aren’t even schedules yet what am I doing.


Tin roof is awesome! I always go there if in near Raleigh


Hahaha, I need to locate my last box from you! And sipdown the samples you sent in the first box :D (Which should be easy, about one cup each is left!)

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I wish this could be around forever, sadly I have enough for 2-3 cups left. Wah. It’s so perfect for a quick iced tea, and I love having a kiwi strawberry tea that doesn’t involve hibiscus.

See previous notes for more, I am already mourning.

Daniel Scott

Wait, your review implies you’ve had kiwi strawberry teas that do have hibiscus. Ew! Who would create that combination?


http://steepster.com/search?products=on&q=kiwi+strawberry a ton of companies apparently, I did not think searching that was going to end up with so many pictures filled with hibiscus honestly!


Hibiscus is ok (well for me anyways.) as long as it doesn’t overpower. I find it can put an interesting twist on an overall sweet taste.

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