1212 Tasting Notes

Yaaaaaay finishing this up.

I made a loaf of “Russian” rye bread in my bread maker and I can’t stop eating it. You put in a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and I swear this seriously did something, because I made rye bread before and it was a recipe with honey and this is like, incredible.

I’m also trying to organize my tea so I can find what more of containers I need (like I have a place for them), because I am nearly done cleaning up my kitchen today! So now I’m finding things that I could easily finish, I just wish I started this earlier because it’s almost 10 now.

I am so cold so I am just sipping this down. It’s definitely lost flavor, but it’s still pretty pineapple-y.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

I bought this one at Tin Roof Teas as part of a sampler for my future sn-in-law. He liked it a lot, though Bon Bon was his favorite! I plan to buy another sampler pack to greet him when he gets to America for good! :)


Yay for organizing! I was pleased as punch sorting out my teas and putting them in storage tins by type, but that’s me. :)


I have all my tins out on the counter, an entire cabinet filled with predominantly 52teas with some DavidsTea and others mixed in, 5 containers each with a specific tea in it, and a 3 drawer cart with tea. And that still isn’t enough room ._.


Oh yeah and ones in jars are in a drawer but there’s maybe 15 teas in there max.

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drank Blueberry Black Tea by TeaFuse
1212 tasting notes

I’ve had this over a year, sealed away. But it still tastes terrible. Then again, it might have tasted terrible to begin with since I never actually wrote a note on it, but did log it.

Oh well I still would feel like a jerk trying to swap it away so I guess it’s time to let it go.

I think I’ll make it like a potpourri thing because dry, it smells good. But other than that, bleh.

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drank Strawberry Pie Honeybush by 52teas
1212 tasting notes

From last night but I was too lazy to post.

Ok so the first time I’d ordered this for myself, I was not really a fan because it tasted mostly like cinnamon. But I got some again now from KeenTeaThyme and I think the problem was not using enough tea. BECAUSE THIS IS SO GOOD.

It’s really sweet, which I think I’d expect with strawberry pie (also honeybush). The strawberry flavor I can actually get this time, almost like a strawberry jam flavor. It’s creamy and the spices are more under control. I need to remind myself to use 2 tsp for honeybush.


Good to know, will try mine again at some point with 2 tsp!


you can also steep this for a long time to bring out the strawberry. I still only use about 1.5 tsp but i’ll steep it and leave it forever sometimes lol just gets strawberrier the longer it sits.

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This has to be the weakest blooming tea I’ve ever had, on multiple levels.

It has less flavor than the jasmine green ones I have from Teavivre. They make me feel like this is a tea I can drink and not just look at. You’d think with adding pineapple flavoring, there might be something here.

And the second weak note, this isn’t even a flowering tea I want to look at. It was very unimpressive. And this comes from someone who absolutely loves lilies, that’s the reason I picked this up (beyond that it was on sale).

I steeped it for far longer than they suggest. It’s faintly pineapple, but that’s it. Four different flowers in here, including jasmine, and I got nothing.

I can’t believe they sell you 7 of these for $18 normally. Good god.

Are you only supposed to use 8 oz of water for theirs for some reason? I have no idea since not a single blooming tea is on the website anymore. The back of the package indicates that…what a waste.

Resteeped with just 8 oz of water it isn’t any better.
Well at least they have lilies.

No just kidding this is a waste of lilies >:[


I think Teavana’s blooming teas are pretty weak too. Not a fan.


Aww. That’s disappointing. :(
Also, I really hate when the directions are hidden/non-existent.

Tina S.

I got some of the Peach ones on Boxing Day . . I had little hopes with them and this is making me think I’m not going to love ’em when I try mine.

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I actually got distracted drinking this because someone was interested in buying my Keurig brewer from me. I listed it last night around 9 and had it gone at 7 tonight. Only got $90 with all the cups I had but whatever, COUNTER SPACE!!!!

Even now when it’s cold, it smells like cinnamon raisin bagels in the cup. I don’t want to dump it just because of that.

This is really cinnamony, that’s what I taste overall. There’s a hint of sweetness that I suppose is raisin, not strongly, and it keeps the cinnamon from being too spicy.

Actually I’m still drinking it even though it’s cold. I can taste the toast, cold toast might be weird but it’s working for me! And it’s pretty buttery too.

Next time I won’t get distracted. I think I’m done selling stuff for the time being.

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drank Banana Pancakes by Compass Teas
1212 tasting notes

I think I converted a Facebook friend to a tea drinker last night LOL

Thank you for this tea, Jackie T! I think I should have stuck with my initial thought to steep it for 3 minutes because 3 1/2 was a bit astringent.

This is definitely banana, not really cakey at all but still definitely feels like a caffeinated kick. It does have yerba mate in there too so that’ll help.

The banana flavor is pretty subtle, and a little sweet. I left a bit in my cup and now it’s cooled off. At first it diddn’t taste like banana at all but it’s very sweet in the aftertaste, and almost tastes more like pancakes this way.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec

Evangelist, we all understand because we all do it! Are we Tea Nerds?


I think so. It didn’t even stem out of something related to tea, it was about my etsy shop. She was surprised I didn’t sell tea due to how much I love it and it went from there haha.

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drank Creamy Eggnog by Butiki Teas
1212 tasting notes

I meant to take this one with me to Tennessee for Christmas but I completely forgot it. I’ve been thinking about it since then especially because I thought maybe there might be coconut milk nog still at the grocery store…nope :(

The first steep kind of got ruined by me eating super spicy salsa right before making this tea but I couldn’t resist. I added agave to this cup and it became really vanilla tasting.

So I had to make a second steep! But I don’t think it worked at all because it tastes like hot water. Well crap. I’m sorry for not doing you justice today, Creamy Eggnog.

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First tea of 2013…woooo.

I’m still afraid of being food poisoned, I can’t tell what’s due to last night’s champagne or what could be a result of the bad fajitas so I am erring on the side of caution and not drinking any caffeine.

Spearmint seemed like the obvious herbal to go to. Hasn’t really helped but it’s something that isn’t gatorade.

Also I diluted a little bit and offered it up to Sebastian. He didn’t drink any at first but I did get a drop on his beak, which he ended up tasting. His reaction to that was to close his eyes and make sure he got all of it in his little beak, so I offered it to him again and he drank a bit himself then. I don’t think I have many good bird-friendly herbals but hey, if he likes spearmint then we’re set.


Hope you’re feeling better.
I love that you give Sebastian tea too.


This is the first time I gave him some, so I’m hoping I have other bird suitable herbals he can try also!


my birdie LOVES rooibos blends. I drink a lot of caffeine free teas at home just so he can have them !


Ohhh I’ll have to try one of those next! Anything particularly good to try? I think I have a big bag of plain rooibos too that he is welcome to enjoy all of hahaha.


i owe you a swap (i was waiting for the new TOTM to come out.) I’ll throw in some jessie’s tea and creme brulee, Elton loves both of them!

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drank Buchi Water by Buchi
1212 tasting notes

My precioussssss.

We decided we’d try a new-to-us place for lunch today, and got fajitas there. I did not realize until I was nearly done eating that some of my chicken was massively undercooked. They comped it and apologized profusely but my stomach really, really hurts. So if this doesn’t take care of it, I’m going to cry because we have my favorite “champagne” for tonight and I got the awesome avocado kale salad Whole Foods has and I WANT TO EAT IT.

Well if there was any further sign that I should try eating mostly ovo-vegetarian like I was thinking about in the new year, being served undercooked chicken did it for me. BLEH.

This one will always and forever be my favorite flavor. I considered getting the new earth one but when watermelon and blueberry are involved I really can’t change.

I wish they had this one on tap at my Whole Foods but then I’d probably drink the entire growler in a day.

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drank Black Tea Merlot by Vintage TeaWorks
1212 tasting notes

Tried once more, just not a fan of this one.

Thanks for the sample, Azzrian! Forgot that before.

I think I am just weird about plum flavors. Though I believe I steeped this for less time today, so I am actually kind of getting black currant too, but the plum and grape is not suitable for my tastes.


Woah… that line seems fantastic. My shopping list keeps getting bigger DX


Glad you at least got to try it and you are very welcome :)


I like the puerh cabernet one the most so far :D

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I watch too much hockey and soccer. So does the bird in my photo, surprise. Finally getting back to drinking my way through my stash thanks to finally securing myself a real paying desk job.



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