1196 Tasting Notes

So apparently there are a couple weather models that claim it’s going to snow her last week. It was 70 for about a week. I can’t deal with this. But it is cold again now, so I am feeling a bit more wintery now and also find myself needing to try the rest of these boxes I bought. This one smells so good after its steeped, like I just baked up cinnamon rolls.

Its taste does not live up to its scent. It seems too fake for me. I find it hard to believe they need to fake cinnamon and vanilla like this, but it just doesn’t taste good. And it’s not the base tea, the black tea is not bad at all for a sachet. The flavors are just not good compared, and it brings the whole thing down. This could be sooooo good if it didn’t taste so artificial.

I added almond/coconut milk and agave and it helps round out the flavors a lot. I love this milk so much, especially in this tea because I think it’s really helping tame the vanilla. The cinnamon, not so much, but I’m not sure what I can do about that.

I’ve really been in the mood for cinnamon vanilla teas but all the ones I had disappointed. Good thing I got an ounce of Glitter & Gold, at least that’s close enough to what I’m after to not have to drink things that taste like stale bread or fake cinnamon.

I think I’ll just use this one too for oatmeal. Or it might be good as a latte with brown sugar.


Oh – I hadn’t thought about using tea in oatmeal. That sounds good.


Yes, I’ve been using it in ones where you usually have to heat it up after adding water but when I run out I plan to use this recipe, that way I can get rid of even more tea I don’t want and seem unable to get rid of in swaps: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/steel-cut-oatmeal-recipe/index.html

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drank Bubbly by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

Hilarious, my Art of Tea order that took them seven business days to bother to ship came a day earlier than UPS said. Well at least I can say I’d use UPS again.

So after learning that a 1 minute steep is good with this tea, I did just that, and poured it over ice. It definitely tastes like wine, but it’s a stretch to say it tastes like champagne, I think. That could easily be fixed in the future with some club soda, I suppose.

But it actually tastes to me like it’s maybe a wine with a name I forgot. Sauvignon Blanc? Something like that maybe. I’m lacking in my wines right now, oops. Pretty sure SB is the one with grassy notes, which you get in here, and then peach and pineapple fruitiness.

Not really champagne. But that’s okay. We’ll see if it gets closer if I involve club soda in some fashion. It might work best if I make a tea syrup and add it, because to me champagne always has that mouthfeel to it.

Second steep: I added agave and didn’t really notice much of a difference, but then again it was the second steep. I had it cold too, but kind of was tired of the tea for the time being.

So I ended up splitting the leaves between two jars and cold steeping them overnight for two final glasses from this bunch of leaves.

Now it reminds me of champagne, I may have to add agave to the second glass when I have it later. This first one without it has this amazing white grape background to it.

Will report back on the other cup later. I didn’t realize how cold it was outside and went out with just a fleece jacket on so hot tea is calling me.

Ashley Bain

I’m pregnant and severely missing wine. I need this tea.

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Made this for on the way to school, except my travel mug wouldn’t open :o after messing with it while waiting for the professor to show up, I finally got to my precious mate.

I had felt pretty groggy this morning thanks to the weather. I wasn’t as bad as Sebastian, who went right back to sleep after I uncovered his cage LOL… Well I had turned off my 8:30 alarm because I woke up at 8:20, and slept until the 9:00am one. Still had plenty of time to fully come up with an answer to the exam’s essay question, check out Steepster, and make this tea.

I was so certain I was going to take a nap when I got home, but finishing off the entire mug has made that out of the question now.

This is still really tasty, though today it seemed to be more spiced elderberry than minty. Though I think I could have steeped it longer if I had enough time. I actually almost left without the tea.

Next, I really want to try it iced.

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Yum! I added some chocolate mint coconut milk to this and it’s incredible. The Assam definitely comes through, and the real mint tastes even better than the flavoring of the milk on its own.

My original plan was tea hot chocolate, but I paid $3 for the quart of this milk, and it’s been extremely disappointing to drink on its own. I’m definitely finishing it up in this tea in the next couple of days because it’s so good this way.

I would also like to announce that I found my parakeet the perfect seasonal Songza station for him: http://songza.com/listen/acoustic-guitar-christmas-songza/ He is a very content feathery puffball now.


I have an entire list on grooveshark just dedicated to songs that made the bird happy :)


That’s cute! After 15 years with my lovebird I’m still not sure what music he likes except that he doesn’t like metal and Coldplay makes him sleepy. :/

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I didn’t even know the name of this one changed, I think I got it right before that happened. So let’s see which one is more applicable! Haha, judging by the ingredients, the new one is fitting.

I really do not want to study right now. I want to clean. I don’t get it because I am almost done…just this one left. I think rereading the stuff from my second exam in this class, I have no idea what I’m reading…but I got a 92 on that exam so I am wondering if I just got lucky at this point.

This is pretty funky. It definitely tastes like cider, but there is just waaaaay too much going on with the other herbs for me. It tastes fine at first, but that sweet aftertaste of fennel is too much for me.

Or is it the anise? Or a combination, I can’t do it. It smells great though, but I don’t have the tastebuds to handle it.

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Hmmm…this is probably the best first flush I’ve had, but I’m still not feeling it. I don’t like how thin it tastes. It’s too light for my tastes, I guess, since it does slightly remind me of the nutty notes I like in second flushes, but way sweeter, and of course lighter with floral notes.

Other than it not being something I really go for, it is a really, really good tea. And when I looked it up to add on here, it was almost sold out for the year.

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I am on a banana kick now, although I’m not sure if I like this one or not.

On one hand, it was absolutely astringent with a 5 minute steep, which is what they recommend. I can’t imagine getting the chocolate and banana flavors with any less time. But on the other, it does taste good with milk and sugar. So maybe this would be better as a latte like Pumpkin Chai.

The banana flavor is so good, but the chocolate is somewhat lacking, and I’m not getting any creaminess really, even with the added milk.

I’m thinking when I make a latte, I’ll use a little chocolate syrup instead of another sweetener.

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drank Hot Buttered Banana Bread by 52teas
1196 tasting notes

Wow I don’t know what I was thinking, but I wasn’t going to write a note because I thought this was too old to drink because it tasted like bread.

HURR HURR Hot Buttered Banana BREAD. Totally on it today.

The banana is not as strong as I’d like it to be, but for its age this is decent. The walnut is probably why I can’t taste the banana, I’m sure I can fix that with agave or something. Walnut always seems to take away sweetness for me…not fond of them in tea, or in general actually but they always make their way into baked goods, so I accept that.

I may have to add a bit more leaf too to make it taste more banana-y, but it does taste like toasty bread, so that’s good!

Invader Zim

You gave me the giggles!


I found that my sample is losing the buttery banana note as well. But still, it’s a great tea!

Hesper June

Haha! sounds so much like something I would do;)

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drank Elven Mist Tea by Dryad Tea
1196 tasting notes

A friend of mine pointed out Dryad Tea to me on Etsy a couple of weeks ago, and since they also participate in this Out of the Box Sampler program, I saw that they would be doing some Black Friday deals. So I ordered about 9 samples of the teas for $10, and am finally getting around to trying them. There are two different levels of teas with different price points, so six regular samples is $6 and six from the fancier collection is $7. And then they also have three samples you can pick. So I did 3 regular and 6 Pandora Celtica.

Each sample is supposed to make 3 cups, but I’m using my Perfect Tea Mug and didn’t even use half the bag so yay for awesome, large sizes!

I just got back from eating pho and drinking half an avocado shake. An avocado shake is as amazing as it sounds. Hooooly cow. I had to put the rest in the freezer and now I need green tea. Jasmine and lychee sound very good right about now.

I steeped it for 2 minutes, since that tends to be my preferred time for flavored greens, and it does not disappoint.

It’s very floral, but the lychee adds a nice floral/berry twist to the typical flavor of jasmine. It’s not blowing me away, but the flavor is excellent. The jasmine almost makes the lychee taste juicy in the tea itself.

This was kind of a well I don’t know what else to get but it sounds interesting choice. So I can’t wait to try the ones I really, really wanted!

Also I let it cool off completely and that makes it a lot more tolerable when you’ve had enough jasmine. It seems to mostly be lychee tasting at this point.

2 min, 0 sec

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drank Merry Cranberry by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

Jeez, this one has star anise too? Not as obvious as Ceylon Star but I think DavidsTea has a new favorite ingredient hahaha.

This one seems heavy too, I got an ounce of it but I don’t think it’s going to make much at all.

This is very, very Christmas to me! First and foremost, the flavor is cranberry with spice notes. Then the mistletoe adds a unique almost spruce-y type flavor. Not too strongly, but just enough that it reminds me a bit of a Christmas tree.

I completely forgot this is a green tea because it really seems more like an herbal. I do like it though. It’s sweet and spicy, with just a hint of earthiness.

I like it!


I bought 50g & thought there was so little of it. I need more!


Okay I was not excited to try this tea… now I AM! I need it! haha


I’ll send ya some in exchange for some Wintergreen woods! :)

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