1196 Tasting Notes

drank Passion Berry by Teavana
1196 tasting notes

So I ended up buying a tin of this later on so I could take advantage of double stars. Fun things to note: the tin is really nice, I didn’t think it would be like their regular tins but it indeed is. It came sealed in a bag in the tin, complete with an expiration date on the bag of 2/15 (one year eh?). I also thought it didn’t look like 2 oz so I weighed it in the bag, then I weighed the bag again after I emptied it…there was 2.11 oz in the bag! How exciting.

For some reason it’s much more tart than the stuff I had this morning. I think I probably used a lot more tea though. I’ve kind of lost the little hint of cinnamon that really made it enjoyable.

If they ever start allowing us to mark out these teas I am in trouble.

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drank Passion Berry by Teavana
1196 tasting notes

I’ll add the actual description on Friday when I go to work again. This is one of the new Starbucks specific teas, meant to replace Passion — the iced tea is safe btw but I kind of wish it wasn’t, this is WAY better than Passion!

I put one sachet in about 6 oz of water and let it sit until my break. Then I poured it over ice. It’s a lot more reminiscent of Kanpe from DavidsTea than Tazo Passion. It’s less hibiscusy, and more fruity, with some other fruits in there, plus just a hint of cinnamon. It’s not too strong though, for me that’s where Kanpe fails.

I’m trying not to buy a tin of this but at $6.30 for a 2 oz tin with my discount I don’t think I can resist. I can reward myself for writing a paper right? I’m probably going to go to the Starbucks by home to finish up my paper later since I can’t bring myself to write it at home, and now I associate Starbucks with getting things done. I went to one yesterday and wrote 2 entire pages in just about an hour.

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drank Strawberry Mint Julep by 52teas
1196 tasting notes

Yeah so I haven’t been drinking tea AT ALL, I just don’t care to even look at cups when I’m not at work even on days off. I just drink water. And beer.

Then, well, things are kind of changing at work. We were all presented with PerfecTea makers the other night. As of today, there are 12 Starbucks with Teavana PYRAMID SACHETS. No more Tazo. I haven’t gotten to see them yet so I’m kind of excited to go to work tomorrow. It’s kind of funny to get the tea maker, it’s honestly just sort of what I needed to get me drinking tea again because it’s such a piece of cake if I want iced tea. I gave my knock-off version to my mom awhile ago but I always use it when I visit. I’m so glad to have one again.

So I don’t think I’ve ever had an actual mint julep but I am familiar with bourbon. I do also get that kind of champagne-like flavor in here. I don’t mind it, I quite like champagne. I can taste every aspect of this tea, strawberry, spearmint, finished with bourbon.

Definitely very cocktail-like, and it makes me sad I didn’t try it sooner because it is an awesome iced tea. And after so many consecutive nights of drinking last week it’s quite nice to get the flavors of alcohol without drinking any. It’s so refreshing and the flavors are so good. I just guess maybe I wish it wasn’t white tea, but perhaps that really has more to do with the fact I want more than what I have.


That is very cool that you got a tea maker from work!


Are they changing all of the Tazo flavours? I stocked up on Awake when I heard that Starbucks bought Teavana because I was worried they would get rid of it. It is my go to tea when I can’t wake up.


I don’t know yet, all the other stores still have Tazo for the time being and I have no idea when they’ll change it for anywhere else. I heard holiday but idk if that’s just the US.

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drank French Toast by 52teas
1196 tasting notes

Someone texted me around 1pm about switching shifts at work tomorrow so now I don’t have to open 5 days in a row! I think maybe people felt bad for me. I really was scheduled for 3 in a row but took on two more to help people out so they could go visit family.

Also it just got randomly cold here, like I had to wear a hoodie to work (and should have yesterday) and just now when I went outside again. I took a nap in a fuzzy blanket and didn’t get all sweaty. It’s crazy. So now I can have tea to warm myself up early!

I’ve been wanting to give this one another shot and I finally did. A lower temperature REALLY helped out here. I heated my water to 190 and steeped for 3 minutes. It was supposed to be 2 1/2 but I got distracted, but 3 has worked perfectly.

I mostly taste maple syrup, cinnamon, and butter. I know I was missing butter last time. Not really getting too much toast still but I definitely like it how it is! If this one hasn’t worked for you, try a lower temp!


It was chilly the past couple of days here too!


The high today was 21 degrees below normal o_o

Josie Jade

It’s pretty cold in NC right now too. Or at least compared to normal.

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drank Rootbeer Float Black Tea by 52teas
1196 tasting notes

Oh man this was worth the wait. As soon as the hot water hit the dry leaf the smell was AHHHMAZING.

I added just a little milk and had it iced. I think I’m gonna cut the time by 15-30 seconds next time though. The black tea got just a tad harsh for the delicious flavors of root beer. Maybe a touch of sugar too, to make it really decadent. But I guess doing that is more of an after dinner drink than one you have with dinner!

Lately the only root beer I have had has been “chai inspired” and it’s a nice change of pace to have a root beer tea, it’s actually very different. I also like how the marshmallow root gave the flavor and scent of ice cream to the tea.

I had tried to hold off on this one and I’m glad I failed even though again I am in this horrible I need money spot. I wish school would start already. Feels weird to say that. I also took too long to get stuff done and now I don’t even know when my school will approve my federal aid. I’m trying to see how much I get before I apply for my private loan but I already got turned down for one and I’m feeling really depressed about money.

Additionally I haven’t felt like tea lately because I get so much coffee at work. And I really want to narrow down my teas a lot, but this time I want to do it differently. For $27, I’ll fill up a priority mail medium flat rate box of teas for you. If you’re interested, send me a PM. It’d be easier if I just filled a box than go through everything making wishy washy decisions. It’ll only be in the US though because shipping that box to Canada is like $40 alone. And honestly I just don’t want to look at drinks anymore and I don’t want to waste this tea so I want it to go to a good home. I’m just not feeling much of anything anymore I guess, except oddly now I keep drinking coffee but I’m sure that’s the result of being in the midst of having more opening hours at work than even the manager! Ugh my body hurts.


also I’m trying to clear out old stuff from my etsy store at 25% off if anyone is interested…I’ve been bothering people about it for 2 days and have had zero sales go figure. some of it’s coming up on being around since the start so I reeeeeally want to clear it out!


mine says it’s been sorted at the post office…..IT’S NOT HERE YET THOUGH!!!!!!


I’m interested in getting some of your teas off your hands. Following you.

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drank Mango Fruit Punch by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

This is freaking delicious but when on sale, a half gallon of Simply Orange with mango or pineapple is cheaper. As in, HALF the price. And that’s exactly what this tastes like, just with less body and a weird alcoholic drink aftertaste.

50g, $6.75, got me about 5 tbsp of tea. Nowhere near enough to do a double strength steep for a 2 qt pitcher of iced tea, and the big orange slices made me apprehensive about cold steeping because I didn’t want the peels to make this bitter. So I just dumped it all in a pyrex cup and let it sit for a long time and sort of cool before I diluted it with water.

I would probably prefer it stronger, but already at almost 85 cents a cup I wouldn’t ever get this again. What a rip off, I regret ever buying it. (Ugh and just think if I double strength steeped it for a liter pitcher it would be $1.70 a cup!!!! I could have a cup of tea 3x larger at that price at work!)


I had a sample of this with an order a while back. I think in the pack were 2 orange slices and 2 pieces of dried mango. That was it. Waste of tinfoil, man


Seriously; that would barely make a cup!


The peels will make it better! Blech!

Ruby Woo Scarlett

The price is outrageous, wow.

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drank Caramel Vanilla Assam by Butiki Teas
1196 tasting notes

hello friends I am here (honestly all the problems loading things on here have made me sad, so I want to either read all your notes – which I can’t, or none at all. BOO.)

Too much work and too much drama. My boyfriend and I had been taking a break, well that break is completely broken up now as I found out he had been seeing someone else, VIA REDDIT (I peruse my friends’ comments and there it was), and he tells me she lives across the country and it’s nothing but SERIOUSLY the way he wrote about her was extremely disturbing when he didn’t talk to me for those 2 months and it was very betraying and yeah I absolutely lost it on Tuesday.

Which was when I drank this tea because I didn’t go to work and my manager is great and covered for me and I’m actually going to give her one of the teas from my Butiki order as a thank you. If I can just decide which one to part with.

This one is not it. This was actually not at all what I expected. For some reason I was thinking like cloying, stick to everything caramel. It’s more like the caramel sauce from Baked/Baked Explorations I’m not sure which book they first put this recipe in but oh my god it’s not your average caramel. And it’s just like the one in this tea, and I didn’t even add anything to this cup.

Actually I just saw that caramel doesn’t even have butter in it, this one is buttery caramel, with just the right hint of vanilla. I think it would be like the sweet/salty Baked brownies minus the sea salt. The Assam adds just a little cocoa flavor to me, so this isn’t full on brownies but just reminiscent of them.

And like them, everything just blends so well together that you expect nothing was mixed and measured, it all tasted this way from the start.

Next time, I add sugar and see if it gets even more like those brownies.

Fun fact: my grandma once paid me $20 to make her another batch of the brownies after we had them at Christmas or Thanksgiving. I’m not sure what the point is since I’m pretty sure sometimes when you’re older grandparents just look for whatever way they can to give you money since toys no longer work, so it’s not really a testament to how good they are, but seriously look that recipe up if you like sweet and salty combos (and in their first cookbook they did just a regular chocolate brownie but the caramel chocolate one is AMAZING).


Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough breakup :(
Tea will make it better?

Hesper June

I am sorry:( So glad you have some tasty teas to comfort you.


So sorry to hear you’re going through a difficult time.


Boooo!! What a creep. I’m sorry to hear that your relationship ended like that, but you deserve someone so much better and I hope you find him soon!

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I brought this one with me so I could show it to my brother. Apparently he has never seen an herbal tea before. I had him try it the next day and he said something like, “it tastes good, but it looks like potpourri.”

I cold brewed it for almost a day. It’s mostly hibiscus and somehow this really took away the tartness. I could taste orange and apple a lot better. I also made it probably 50% stronger. So now maybe I have half the tin left and I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO BUY THIS.

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drank Random Steepings by Various Artists
1196 tasting notes

Since I probably won’t drink it again I figure I will rate this here. There is a Taiwanese bakery not too far from where my parents live, and they always have coupons in the newspaper for a free Assam milk tea with the purchase of 5 buns. So I got a cold one and bought 5 buns, 4 for us to have later and one for me to have with my tea.

The one thing I did not know though was that the tea was going to be southern sweet. I wasn’t even asked anything about sweetener and holy cow if I could have I would have toned it down A LOT. The first taste was clearly hearty Assam but then it was like being slapped with sugar. I thought maybe it was going to be in a Hong Kong milk tea style but the sweetness didn’t taste to me like it was coming from sweetened condensed milk. It also didn’t seem as creamy but who knows I could be wrong, it just felt like that sugar syrupy kind of sweetness.

Totally have to give them props for actually saying it’s Assam rather than just calling it black tea.

The one good thing though is if you’re familiar with Taiwanese buns, they’re always so buttery and not heavy on sweet flavors, so having such a sweet drink brought out more of the flavor of the bun, which was a “milk cream” type. It made a mess.


Interesting and even weird that they would serve tea southern style :-), you would think being Taiwanese, they would carry some type of Taiwanese tea! But at least they make the effort of serving tea! And I had never heard of Taiwanese buns, they sound yummy.


Yeah, I am guessing it’s because of the area. One time several years ago, I tried to stop at a McDonalds just for unsweetened tea and they don’t even have any that isn’t already sweetened. I think I had been drawn in because of a $1 iced tea sign, well, apparently I’m the only one that sees that and expects at least an unsweetened option!

I think they just do some different fillings from Chinese ones, my favorite is buttercream and I have just learn its name is nai you bao. They’re all huge and really cheap and amazing.

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drank SBT: Watermelon by 52teas
1196 tasting notes

Well I went up to my parents’ last week and I’m still here, I made this on Sunday for dinner and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I even had to steep the bag a second time after dinner because so much of it was had!

I added a couple packets of what I guess would be the generic version of Equal because anything I like I know my family and my brother’s highly irritating girlfriend does not like. This of course made it WAY too sweet for me but of course everyone else loved it. I couldn’t even taste watermelon because of it. But I know for some taste buds, specifically my brother, who wasn’t sure at first that he wanted any until I had him smell the dry bag, it must have worked because he didn’t complain.

It smells amazing though, so I will be ordering another one within a few minutes that I can enjoy on my own. And it sounds like actual sugar is the way to go but I can’t go around doing that to the ice princess girlfriend. (Sorry I AM STILL MAD AT HER she was incredibly rude to me she didn’t even say goodbye leaving, and my mom says I’m the one that doesn’t try to be nice. PFFFFFFT.)

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