1212 Tasting Notes

drank Peach by Adagio Teas
1212 tasting notes


That’s really all, just nope.

I made it hot this morning, it was horrible. I thought, well since the peach oolong is better chilled, maybe it’s the peach flavoring they use? Maybe it’d be better chilled too?


In this case, it’s not a problem at all with the Adagio Ceylon for once, it’s how horrid this peach flavoring is. Maybe I’m spoiled in the peach state (that doesn’t even produce the most peaches, shhhh) since all the other notes on this tea are rather positive.

Hey, at least it was a free sample.

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Well, since there’s no way I’m drinking this, I tried cooking with it. I infused butter with some of the leaves and brushed it onto a spaghetti squash to roast. Then I added a bit more in there, and tried it that way. Couldn’t take it.

I ended up making avocado sauce too (lemon juice, garlic, avocado, salt, pepper) and that went along even better, though the raw garlic is pretty strong.

I just don’t like the smokiness. I am going to try it with meat instead, maybe spaghetti squash isn’t savory enough for me to enjoy lapsang (not that it tastes like anything anyway!). I will find a way to make the smokiness enjoyable!


I have the same feelings about all the Lapsangs I’ve tried. My alternative is either to pass it on to those who actually like the extreme smokiness or mix with vinegar, brown sugar and ketchup as a BBQ sauce. I’ve also been told that almost all is produced for export. Apparently the Chinese aren’t big fans either.


BBQ sauce sounds like a good use, I’ve seen a lot of people say they use it as a rub. I typically don’t ever make anything that requires one so that may be the way to go instead.


hah, well, maybe try mixing it with a few other teas? idk. you’ve probably already tried that.
i actually am in love with the adagio Sherlock blend right now, which has Lapsang Souchong in it. but is also mixed with Assam Melody and Oriental Spice teas. I can’t seem to get enough i like it so much!
but ya, a rub does sound yummy.


I could not handle the smokiness the first time I tried it too. I couldn’t even handle having the tea in my house, it was so strong. I’ve since learned a better way to infuse it – it does help lighten the smokiness somewhat, maybe if you infuse it this way, it will work for you when you cook? When you brew it, use a method that makes it easy to discard the first infusion … in other words, you’re going to do a “rinse” of the leaves for 15 seconds. I use my gaiwan, but, for cooking purposes this might prove to be a lot of effort since the gaiwan is small. You could also use one of those “smart brewer” type of devices, brew for 15 seconds, discard the liquid, and then brew for 2 1/2 minutes. A lot of the smokiness – especially that dusty smokiness – gets rinsed away with this method.


I’m going to try using this tea in my turkey gravy tonight since I still have my sampler pouch on me too. I will report back to see how that works.


I make a rub by grinding a little with sea salt, black peppercorn, urfa hot pepper (you can use something else). Don’t overdo the tea. I’ve added granulated brown sugar or granulated maple sugar to the rub mix and used both on chicken and fish.


I’ve thought about making the last of the sample I have of the LS and putting vanilla or raspberry syrup in it. Which might make it totally gross, but….it might not.

Terri HarpLady

Momo, I have a recipe Tea Brined 5 spice Chicken. It uses Lapsang, & it was pretty tasty, as I recall. Let me know if you want the recipe.
I’ve been thinking of cooking a pork roast in the crock pot, and using a cup of Brewed lapsang instead of water…


Or, i can send you some Oh Canada and you can mix them together and drink bacon


Hahaha bacon!! like like like!


Haha, that sounds good but I know I won’t like it. I just cannot drink this stuff!


Yeah it’s not for me either. The smell brings back some cozy memories from my childhood but it also is super offputting for me.


I like the smell of smoke from campfires, but the smokeness of this tea…..found it hard to deal with.

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Today this tea tasted really peppery! It’s not one of my favorite Darjeelings now that I’ve had far more, I rather like second flushes instead of anything else. I’d even put autumnals below first flushes.

Pepper, honey, and a little orange. Not a bad combination, but not my favorite.

I just got the video from Jaguar of my 0-60-0 run…I got to 88mph! https://www.facebook.com/kimisicecream/posts/398137203600120 You can skip a lot of the beginning, it’s me talking like a nervous idiot because I was freaking out.

Hesper June



Wow, I watched you racing that car…what fun! I wanna do that!!!!

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drank Blueberry Jam (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
1212 tasting notes

This is note #800, wow. It’s not even in chronological order because I had it this morning! I just wasn’t feeling up to writing a note on it until now.

My boyfriend is in Chicago right now and I of course sent him to DavidsTea up there and probably ruined a surprise in anger. I apologized but seriously pretending something I want is out of stock when I just discovered I spent 70 minutes getting downtown and standing around waiting for class to start to only have class for 12 minutes was not good for my poor angry mind! So now I have to pretend I never knew.

I feel bad I ruined the surprise but I am still raging over how dumb it was to make me come all the way down for turning things in. I could have done that last Wednesday if she let us know about the feedback form for the class before then. Now I have to use the official school feedback form to complain again. Actually I just want to complain about this entire semester, because today was the last day of class. A Monday! What on earth is that?! Get over the loss of Labor Day, jeez.

This one just doesn’t taste as amazing as it used to. My bag is so full of blueberries so I assume it’s more of a lack of actual tea that’s causing that. This is one of the few black base DavidsTeas that I can steep according to the directions and not have a horrible, bitter mess. Then again, I’m steeping it at the low end of the recommendation.

However, I didn’t finish the cup before I left for my useless excursion downtown. So I came home really thirsty because I had to trek to the leasing office to get my Verdant package, and it’s SO warm out there today, so it really hit the spot. I think I actually like it better cold. Now that I think about it, it just feels like blueberry is a better flavor cold to me.

Before I close out this note, I have a request if anyone can help. Sebastian has been a very chirpy bird today, but he has specific music tastes. He really likes Jason Mraz and John Mayer. I, on the other hand, really don’t. He especially likes Jason Mraz’s song “I Won’t Give Up” so if anyone knows of similar songs I want to make him a Spotify playlist of similar songs. I’m guessing it’s the acoustic guitar that gets him. He also liked the sound of trumpets in a Doctor Who episode I was watching earlier, but when I’ve played him jazz, he doesn’t chirp.

He also apparently likes commercials for ham.

Invader Zim

Congrats on 800!


800 reviews, nice! Congrats :)
He might like some Elliott Smith, or Hayden. Maybe Justin Nozuka


Woot! Yay for 800!


Thank you all! I will see if he likes them…right now he’s like slightly freaked out and chirping to the radio but he’s always super cool and comfy when he hears Jason Mraz. LOL I don’t get it.


aw, I love hearing about the music tastes of your bird! ha. I don’t have any ideas however.. I don’t listen to much of those two either, so I’m not sure what is similar.


haha it’s about all he does, so I have to share when it’s particularly amusing. Like today now, he chirps just when they say Jason Mraz on the radio. I think I’ll just use the radio aspect of spotify and see how that works


my bird LOVES the weepies!! the album with “gotta have you” on it. and nina simone

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Has anyone else tried this in a gaiwan? I forgot I had it, and so I got it out for some gaiwan steeping.

I also paid no attention to how long it was going. I’m gonna guess 10 seconds for the first steep, because I counted to 15 for the second.

It’s so sweet! I don’t really taste anything other than sweetness in this, but it’s soooo good. Like sparkling sugar.

I ended up steeping this a total of 7 times in the gaiwan. None of the steeps were as good as the first two. I am not sure I like gaiwan steeping for this tea because it loses out on that baked sweet potato taste. I could smell it in the 4th steep at least, although it was very citrusy/orange. But it didn’t translate into the taste at all.

Oh well. I also got a sample of more of this in my last Teavivre order because I wasn’t paying attention at all. But I’ve had this one for a long time so maybe I’ll try that one out with this style of steeping.

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drank Candy Cane by Adagio Teas
1212 tasting notes

This came out a bit too overpowering with the mint last night. It has such a strong cooling sensation for such a lack of strong mint taste.

I added a bit of milk to try to make it creamier, which did the job, but also took away from the actual mint taste and took away from the sweetness. So I guess next time I’ll have to add agave if I add milk.

It also came off a bit more brisk than my last mug. But still, it’s so far my favorite candy cane type tea.


I find I eat the candy cane pieces before I can brew them! I may have a problem. ;)

BTW – I love your lip balms! I’ve got the Blueberry Cotton Candy at work and the Honey in my purse; I use them all the time. :)


They are so silky!

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I’ve been kind of scared to try these Caraway teas I’ve been holding onto for ages. Might as well finish them right?

This actually isn’t too bad. I think if I had steeped it any longer, like the four minutes recommended on the bag, it would be horrible.

It’s basically just a black currant black tea. It seems like it’s on the brink of tasting really artificial. As it cools though it becomes a lot more tolerable, so this might be better cold brewed.

Which I might just do since it’s going to be 74 tomorrow…why!

Jaguar of course gave us a bag of swag and one of the things is a baller travel mug, which excites me so much because I hate the one I have. I can’t wait to use it but that isn’t going to happen soon :( My favorite thing though is this: it looks like the remote entry fob but it’s a flash drive! https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/381697_4131887984519_1099186710_n.jpg I of course attached it to the key for my car worth about 20x less than my favorite car today LOL


LOL – I’m totally too scared to try my teas, too. A few of my samples are still unopened.


Im not crazy about caraway seeds in cooking so I wouldnt be anxious to try a caraway tea

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so because I was in a total food coma last night, it was quite apparent my stomach was going to need some settling before I went to this Jaguar driving experience thing. Spearmint it is! I had it iced because suddenly it is just way too warm. It’s nice and comforting cold though! It loses a lot of that edge mint can have, so that makes it better, not like drinking toothpaste.

And so I was fine, and my stomach felt good all day! I think I actually prefer spearmint as an iced tea.

The rest of this is unrelated about this driving thing but I HAVE TO TELL EVERYONE.

It definitely was for brand recognition and not HEY BUY A CAR because I guess a lot of people still associate Jaguar with the problems they had pre-Ford buying them. So first we took them out on the road in a group, which was fun. Really comfy. I have to say I was just expecting heavy cars that would remind me of my mom’s car but it handled similar to what I’m used to so it wasn’t too weird of a change.

Then, we watched a little presentation and were released into the wild…I mean to the tents with the fun stuff. First I went 0 to 60 mph to 0 in a $130,000 XKR-S. SO AWESOME. I probably got above 60 but I was too busy freaking out inside to look at the speedometer.

Then there was autocross in a $97,000 XKR. I was telling the instructor how I always wanted to do autocross but I don’t want to break my car. So obviously the best thing to do is jump from my 140 HP when it was new car to a 510 HP car. HAHAHA. I didn’t do as great of a job as I was hoping…I was in the 42s or 43s instead of around 40 where I was hoping but yeah, just a little freaked out about the sheer awesomeness of the car.

Then there was just like testing out AWD and the computer system with it, where I totally failed to get it working in sand. And then they had just see how comfy it is where you just drove slow over bumps and stuff and didn’t feel it. I reaaaaally like the XKR convertible…sigh.

And then they load you up with swag so now I have a new travel mug. Yay! I was just about to ask someone to get me a new one for Christmas so that’s perfect. And now maybe the adrenaline will die down.


sounds like an awesome day! glad you had fun :)


You are the new MOMO BOND!


Ahhh Bonnie I really am, last night for our anniversary, my boyfriend gave me a replica of the necklace Vesper Lynd wears in Casino Royale. I’ve only taken it off to sleep! And my nail polish is Tomorrow Never Dies! Bond Weekend!


OH GREAT! You know my first date ever was GOLDFINGER in the 1960’s when it was a NEW movie.(I think I was a Sophomore and the guy was a Senior and terrified!) Sounds like you had a ball!


Wow, what an awesome day it must have been for you, Steepster’s official race car
chick that you are :-)


That sounds fun. Was it a free event? I want to go 0-60 in a car that’s 6-figures.

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
1212 tasting notes

I was in love with this when I first tried it. This time around, not so much. I wish it was more chocolate raspberry than it is, it’s more like just chocolate mate instead.

I just really needed some mate because I was falling asleep. We made a split second decision to check out a nature center near the river, which was fun. Lots of owls! And I’m disappointed that I never realized beavers live this far south and down into Florida too. They had one beaver, and two bald eagles! All the animals are rehab animals who can’t be released back in the wild.

I think maybe if I used a bit more leaf I might like it better. It’s good for being chocolatey, but I really miss that raspberry I tasted before. I just can’t decide if I want this to have around as a go-to mate since the one I currently like a lot, I will never purchase again sadly for my tastebuds (and not sadly for my ethos).

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drank Eight Candles by Della Terra Teas
1212 tasting notes

Ok, Steepster is being really weird so hopefully this works this time.

So I had high expectations for this tea. Caramel flavor, marshmallows, stars, edible ball bearings, those are all things I really like.

At first I was feeling kind of meh about it, it wasn’t really remarkable. And it is a bit of a gross surface tea, but there’s plenty of sugary goodness in here for that to happen.

Once it cooled down a bit, I really enjoyed it. It is mostly marshmallowy, I was hoping for a more creme brûlée taste but the caramel isn’t as strong as the marshmallow. But it is soooo good. Very sweet!

I had hoped to get 2 oz of it, but it was sold out already so I ended up with the last 1 oz. Glad I didn’t have to get 4, I don’t think I like it THAT much.


this tea sounds yummy! I tryed to like it but steepster wont let me :( …


Have you tried Smores? If so, how does it compare to that one?

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I watch too much hockey and soccer. So does the bird in my photo, surprise. Finally getting back to drinking my way through my stash thanks to finally securing myself a real paying desk job.



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