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1195 Tasting Notes

drank Oolong Chardonnay by Vintage TeaWorks
1195 tasting notes

I apologize if this is a bunch of nonsense because after I drank it I went out to a bar just to get out and there was the most amazing IPA.

This really tasted more like a papaya rose oolong to me. Then again I try to avoid Chardonnay as much as possible, though I have a general idea of how it tastes. This to me tasted far better than Chardonnay and it was very delicious with the pumpkin cheesecake bars I made. I ended up also making a maple apple pie because my mom accidentally baked her pecan pie’s crust, and if any had been left when we got back, I would have drank it with a small slice of that pie.

I would definitely have avoided this tea just based on how I associate Chardonnay with this horrible oak taste, but this is far better than any Chardonnay I’ve had. Like I said, strongly papaya and rose, with a little vanilla. Not bad, but not my favorite so far of the Vintage Teaworks teas. Again though not the kind of wine I normally go for so don’t take my word on it.

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drank China Breakfast by Rishi Tea
1195 tasting notes

I already can’t wait to get back to my full supply of tea LOL

I enjoy this for breakfast but it’s definitely not a favorite by any means. If I found it on sale again for $5 when I run out, I would probably get it again.

I just met my grandpa’s new dog and she is already attached to me. She doesn’t play, sadly, but she really like to smack people with her front paw. Apparently everything is “shake.”

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I decided to have some different breakfast blend this morning. This sounded interesting so I ordered a sample.

I steeped it for four minutes, and added a little milk. I’m not entirely sure I like it compared to just the Yunnan tea I’ve been having the past couple of days. I like it and I like Assam but together it’s just not a flavor I really would go for.

It comes off kind of smoky, not in a lapsang sort of way at all, I feel like this might be the spicy notes mentioned in the description. It is a pretty smooth, bold tea other than that note that is just a bit too strong for me. And I steeped it for a minute less than the bag called for, next time I might try 3. Or maybe the 5 min is the way to go, somehow.

I feel awake though so it does its job as a big, robust breakfast blend.

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drank Birthday Tea by Adagio Teas
1195 tasting notes

Adagio sent me this in my most recent order because my birthday is right around the corner. I previously bought this and had the worst time with it. So I’m hoping now things might be better.

So far I can confirm NOPE. Let the water cool, steeped it for 2 min, 45 seconds, and added milk and it’s still a tasteless, slightly bitter black tea.

However, this tea is saved by Nonna’s Biscotti…they have salted caramel and chocolate biscotti! SO GOOD. I dipped it into the tea so it added a decent flavor to the biscotti. And so in turn I’m hoping it makes the tea tasty.

It did not help. I really do not like this tea.


I’ve had really bad luck with Adagio’s teas for some reason. I keep wondering if I’m doing something wrong with them.


Nope. They’re just not great teas. :P


Hmm. That’s too bad! I was curious because they had all those fandom names ones: http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/fandoms.html?SID=1a57716d82354d50b740518e7ef69a9a They’re basically asking me to throw all my money at them with that sorta thing, except… there are too many fandoms for me to choose…


Hmmm… looks like the fandom ones are marked up quite a bit. Guess that makes it easier to avoid too!


It’s not you, it’s Adagio. Their black teas, and flavored black teas, can be really nasty. I’ve mixed this with my own vanilla extract and sprinkles…and some sugar. Anything to combat that bitter black tea aftertaste.


For me, I’ve found that I enjoy their flavored black teas only with a generous scoop of sugar and dollop of cream. Without additives, yeah not so much.

Clockwork Faerie

Really? I’ve mainly had good luck with Adagio. Teavana and David’s Teas however, which I notice most of the populus of this site creams themselves over, have been consistently mediocre-to-bad as well as overpriced. Guess the Steepster community thinks a higher price means better tea.


/r/tea is leaking onto a year old tasting note of mine, awesome

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drank Blueberry Green by The Republic of Tea
1195 tasting notes

My mom was holding on to sachets of this stuff that had an expiration date on the bottom of the tin of 2008 LOL

She made the final sachets into iced tea and I had some today and it wasn’t bad at all for its age. Not very blueberry tasting anymore but just slightly berry in the mix of the green tea.

But I am not letting her make any old tea anymore, I of course finished it and then saw the date on the tin!


My Dad also has a bunch of expired tea – I jokingly refer to it as his vintage collection

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drank China Breakfast by Rishi Tea
1195 tasting notes

I tried to drink this without milk today but it was WAY too much for me to handle, so in the milk went again. It was actually the color of coffee I noticed, I was almost confused as to what I was drinking!

It definitely needs milk for me, but I guess if I cut down on the leaf again, I might get something that is drinkable without additions.

Tea Sipper

Oh but I like my black teas to look like coffee!

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drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
1195 tasting notes

Ok, I really just need to get myself some of this already. Thank you for sending me some, darby!

I made it with milk and brown sugar again, and I steeped it a bit longer than last time. I definitely, definitely got more pumpkin out of it this time around.

I’m not sure which part of this prep makes it better than when I just had it with sugar, is it the stovetop prep or the use of brown sugar? Either way it’s so tasty, I wish I wasn’t out of it. Friday can’t come soon enough…


Friday/Monday is going to be so crazy!! Ugh I’m trying to narrow down what deals I want to do D: can’t decide..


The brown sugar really made a difference for me!


I have also noticed that brown sugar is the one to use with tea.

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drank China Breakfast by Rishi Tea
1195 tasting notes

Ok, this time around with this tea I went with 2 tsp for 8 oz and steeped for 3 minutes. Added a bit of milk, and yum. It was so good, I had two cups for breakfast! It resteeps really well, the tin says 2 steeps but I think it could definitely go 3 if the first steep is only 3 minutes.

I always like an easy fix when the instructions for a tea make something that’s not my style. Two tsp of this is PERFECT, and I just can’t help but drink it with milk.

Next time I’ll try it first without it, which will probably be tomorrow because I am up in Tennessee for the next few days. Sebastian survived the car ride, and has started chirping! But that’s because he is sitting next to my mom’s birds, and one of them never shuts up.


Yay, progress! He’s so cute. =)

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I got this as a sample with my order from The Tea Spot, and I have been wanting to try black blends like this, so I was quite content! I do believe this is the first I’ve had that is specifically labeled as English Breakfast.

This is perfect for today, with its name, because it makes me think of Austin Powers and one of my favorite F1 teams always has silly Twitter hashtags for races, so this week is #AustinPowers as the race is in Austin, Texas. My favorite is still Korea: Yeongam Style! But this is still funny to me.

And better than everyone else going with Austintatious…except that’s my nail polish’s name, seriously.

I steeped this up for four minutes, because I knew I was going to want to add milk.

So good, I am really, really loving these hearty blends of black teas on cold days. I could probably drink this one without milk, but I was really craving tea with some in there. I did try it before adding, it was malty and tasted a bit of fruits and chocolate. I loved how it tasted with the milk even more though.

And the caffeine boost was nice though I don’t think I really needed one, as I am SO EXCITED for the race! 99 minutes to go…


In the Austin Powers spirit, I will say this to you: «Oh, Behave, Momo»!
Good luck for the race!

Rachel Sincere

I betcha you use OPI nail polish. That name sounds like one of theirs. That’s another thing that’s easy to collect.

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drank Cinna-Vanilla by English Tea Store
1195 tasting notes

Now I regret having all these packets of samples from English Tea Store…this is not tasty. I even steeped it for 2 1/2 minutes hoping to avoid any problems but it’s bitter and hardly tastes as good as it smells.

In fact the weird briskness/bitterness of this tea makes it oddly taste like fruits and stale bread.

Sadly I am not going to sit around with milk and sugar for this, which may help, as I need to go do some things. Hopefully that makes it drinkable, because it sure isn’t on its own.

I’m back home so I just tried it cold. Still tastes like stale bread, but at least it also tastes like cinnamon now. This may also be relegated to oatmeal.


This tasted like Play Doh to me….


Gross! I can definitely see that, I only tried it when it was really hot and I bet I would have gotten that if I gave it 10 min.

Tea Sipper

Isn’t it funny that so many people know what play-doh tastes like? hehe


Hahaha, playdough is for children, so it’s so not surprising given their hand to mouth habit! I actually like the salty delicious taste of homemade playdough, but Play Doh is pretty gross-tasting (perhaps the keep children from eating it??)

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