1213 Tasting Notes

I don’t like gingerbread that much. But when I was making my order with Della Terra I thought I’d at least try this since they do dessert blends so well.

I am quite enjoying this one, it really tastes like cookies. And the rooibos, instead of being annoying and woody and medicinal, really blends into the flavor well.

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Thank you for this sample, Teavivre! Sorry for taking 3928752 years to get to it.

I wanted more white tea tonight, and realized I had a lot of unopened silver needle samples. Jasmine sounded especially nice so I brewed this one up.

This is really light after 90 seconds. And I don’t know if I like jasmine with silver needle, because it tastes so amazing by itself. I’ll give it another try at some point, because it was just too muted for me.

I feel like Goldilocks…first a white has too much flavor for what I was looking for, then the next one is too light! I’ll revisit this again soon and steep it longer.


Woaaaah… you are old! :D

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drank White Tea Riesling by Vintage TeaWorks
1213 tasting notes

This tea smells SO GOOD.

On the other hand (hurr hurr, literally?) I am not a fan of the packaging. Chipped my nail polish on three nails trying to get it open. It’s okay because I need to change it up but it was still sad.

Riesling is my favorite wine…at least if it’s on the dry side. Though if it’s a tea I don’t care!

This is very apricot with nice floral notes too. It seems actually really more flavorful then I was imagining it was going to be.

I’m glad this is a small amount because I’m not sure I like it too much, which pains me to say because this was pretty pricey for me compared to other teas I’ve bought lately, coming in at nearly a dollar a cup.

Maybe if I resteep it later, it will taste more like I was expecting. We shall see!

Second steep is very heavy on the lemongrass in that fruit loopy way. I may next time only steep the first cup for 2 minutes instead of the recommended 3.


LOL I love the packaging. But I didn’t use fingernails trying to get in to it. I cut the tape on the sides. :)


I had to use my nails to get the lid to come off after the tape, hopefully now it’s easier to get open after that initial time.


Wow! I didn’t have that issue with the lids… sorry to hear that you did! :(


It’s all good now! I made sure to try it after seeing your comment and I can just twist it off fine now with no problems.


Sorry about that chipped nail. My wife was thoroughly upset on your behalf :-). Just wanted to let you know that we are actually working on a new and improved closure to be released next year. We hope you will give us another chance! – Brandon – Vintage TeaWorks


Haha, I definitely will be trying more, the green tea sauvignon also calls for me!

Just MJ

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks that a tad too much lemon makes things taste like fruit loops. Or trix.

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When I got 100 cup points, I decided I’d get this. It was between this and the Sagittarius zodiac tea and now I feel like I should have gone with that. But they’re basically very similar…blackberry or raspberry? I have to choose blackberry.

I don’t really taste blackberry in here though until long after I take a sip. It seems like it’s just a floral bergamot flavor, but it finally fades into blackberry.

I’m surprised though at how smoooooooth it is. I gave it just a 3 minute steep, and it’s perfect for me. Not too strongly bergamot, and very easy to just sip.

A latte sounds like a great idea, especially since this one comes with FOUR ounces of tea instead of just three.


Adagio’s blackberry flavor is kinda mean. Or shy. It’s hard to get it to come out and play.


Do share if you make it a latte! I have noticed that some flavors only like to come out with the addition of milk. Plus I have been eyeballing this since I am a big Dr Who fan.


I wish this Tardis tea was something different that my roommate would like, because I would totally get it for her… but I don’t think this would really pique her interest.

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drank Jeah For You Tea by Custom-Adagio Teas
1213 tasting notes

I didn’t realize I gave so much of this away, lol well I guess I can always buy more. It comes with more chocolate chips now too.

I steeped it for 3 minutes and it’s kind of harsh. Blah. It seems more chocolatey than last time I had it though, so that’s a plus.

I let it cool and it became a bit easier to drink. And now that it’s been melding for a bit, I like it a lot! Definitely a good mint chocolate blend after all. Just need to work again on not getting grossed out by the bitterness of Adagio’s black base and tweak the prep just right. JEAH.

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drank Peach HoppiTea by Butiki Teas
1213 tasting notes

yay! Thank you so much for sharing, Azzrian! A combination of my two favorite drinks! I had been hoping to get some back when Stacy mentioned it on the boards because I was seriously at the time at a place with a peach IPA on draft.

This being based on a lambic is interesting. I have only had a raspberry one, and they are way too sweet for me. This tea is not too sweet, but it is pretty peachy! I think Georgia would give it a seal of approval just based on that.

I am liking it better now that the cup is cold. I don’t even know what I got distracted doing, probably something with the bird given the feather stuck to the bottle of Chai Cola still on the table. I can taste the hops more now, which definitely makes it taste a bit more like an IPA. I looooove hops. And I imagine the base tea makes it all the better.

I’m going to have to try the guranse on its own at some point definitely.

This makes me especially excited for when I have the money for a custom blend, because I want it to be based on tripel beers I could so go for their flavor without their insane alcohol by volume numbers, as I learned the hard way on Saturday.

Thank you again Azzrian!


Yay so glad you liked it too! Stacy does a killer job with custom blends – her communication is amazing! :)
As are the blends! :)

Butiki Teas

Love Tripels! That would be a fun project.

Azzrian-Thanks, that’s kind of you to say! :)


:) I speakith the truthith!

Butiki Teas

:) blushes

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drank Tower of London Blend by Harney & Sons
1213 tasting notes

On my way to the kitchen, I looked right at my tin of Tower of London sachets and decided I wanted some of them instead!

Getting home has been a real pain…every week some male decides he needs to either bother me on the train or say something that is definitely sexually harassing near the train station downtown or on the train. It’s getting REALLY old and thankfully today a police officer was nearby and he went to talk to them. Vile.

And then I caused another police incident, when another entitled male decided he didn’t need to use the call box because I was coming into the apartment complex. Sucks for him that my apartment complex has no tolerance for people like that…they called our police courtesy officer in.

I think I’m going to start being a misandrist.

Anyway, this tea really struck my fancy today. I still wanted a good hearty black tea but the apricot/peach/honey in here was even more what I wanted. It’s cold out there, and all my black teas are going to be in full use for the last two!!! weeks of class this semester.

Last time around, it seemed more Earl Grey to me than Paris, this time around I really wasn’t getting that. It just seemed a bit more like Paris regarding the bergamot. But the fruits are just different, this one is definitely stone fruits to me, like the description says, and Paris comes off more berry. It is like Paris meets Fruits d’Alsace…sounds like my study abroad trip!

I’m now starting to wonder which I would pick between the two…I do like this one a lot.

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drank Monks Blend Organic by Zen Tea
1213 tasting notes

I got the pipe taken care of last night, though then this morning a different maintenance person busts in like whoa dude I’m just putting on pants here.

I do not feel good. I didn’t go to class Monday and I don’t think I am today either unless they want me to die on a computer. My throat is killing me. So I’m hoping this tea in the next half hour helps because I don’t have class at all next week. WOOOOO

I wanted to drink this yesterday but I decided I’d rather have more than a pot. I’ve been really into black teas lately, especially discovering Assam, and I already love Darjeeling. And Keemun is tasty, so I welcome Nilgiri into the mix.

This is great without milk. I think milk would ruin it actually. Mellow indeed.

I like how I can almost taste each tea. It smells very much like Darjeeling, and tastes like it at first too, but I get smokiness, maltiness, and honey notes. Honey definitely becomes the strongest, almost with a bit of peach.

Definitely feeling better after finishing the cup of this. I think I’ll make another for my travel mug and get myself to class!

Invader Zim

I hope your throat feels better soon…maybe you could mix in some honey, or just eat a teaspoon of it!


What the heck is happening to us?! We’re becoming tea purists! Yikes! I’m loving the strong black tea’s too!

Invader Zim

Happening? It’s already done happened!

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drank Mom's Apple Pie by DAVIDsTEA
1213 tasting notes

Finishing this…I threw out some less than savory in age/smell teas in the meantime…oh yeah and then found my hot water heater soaked the floor of my pantry. Of course after I get an illicit pet. And before I need to take a shower, but I can probably wash my hair in cold water and be okay for the time being. It looks to just be a pipe leaking so I can catch water in it since I’m hardly ever not here, and then they can come when illicit bird and I are off in Tennessee.

Thankfully it’s still hot enough. That cleanup was a hot mess. I ended up having to take out recycling and trash.

Of course now that this is the end of my sample from Kittenna, I’m starting to like it! I wonder if it’s because I most likely used a far lower water temperature…not that I’m very certain what I did before, but I actually do get apple pie and not just cinnamon apple. There’s just the faintest note that is reminiscent of pie crust, just a little buttery. I’m really liking the apple flavor especially right now.

I wonder also if this has to do with how my tastes have shifted for fall? Apple is perfect right now, when I had it in April not so much.

Okay I want more. Here I am so happy I removed this from my spreadsheet and I keep sipping and sipping and not wanting this to be the last cup I possibly ever have of this tea.

Have a never ending corgi chase gif: http://i.imgur.com/xDDDG.gif


ok, now I really feel dizzy!


I like watching the one in the background to the left…he wants nothing to do with the two running and his face cracks me up…can you tell I’ve watched this a few too many times?


I was looking for a gif for my blog post since I have no time to blog! yoink


thanks momo you the best! Hope your little bird friend gets comfy soon :3


Yeah, I can understand why, it’s kind of hypnotic! I’ve watch again, I see what you mean about the funny face in the background, he’s like the grumpy old dog!


Haha you’re welcome :P He gets very comfy when I sit and talk to him. When they’re really content, they grind their beaks so after I gave him his seeds again and got him to drink some water, he was doing so while I talked to him. SO CUTE.


Haha, illicit bird…

If you want more of this, I can totally sent more…. I have plenty left, and it’s definitely not a favourite :P


*I can totally SEND more. Oops.


Yay! I will take more, because I realized this morning it’s online only so telling my boyfriend to get an ounce would be useless.


I love how much the back corgi leans as he rounds the bend


Yes! I was thinking that about the back corgi, too! I expected him to just tip over at any moment like a motorcycle wiping out. momo, so cute that Seb’s getting more comfortable. =)

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drank Candy Cane by Adagio Teas
1213 tasting notes

I’m surprised this has such a low overall rating. Oh wait I’m not, because I always like things that get average ratings hahaha. I took a gamble and bought 3 oz of this, since it was $3 more over the sample for at least 2 oz more.

Adagio also sent me a sample of the birthday tea since my birthday is coming up. We meet again.

So anyway this one, I can definitely see how people do not like it because it is not up front about its mintiness. But aren’t candy canes like that? That’s what I’ve always liked about them, sweet at first and then the burst of peppermint. Or maybe I have no idea what a candy cane is like anymore, but I like this.

It’s also a bit creamy, I think it might be even better with just a touch of milk but I’m too busy basking in the fact I’m drinking an Adagio flavored tea with nothing in it and enjoying myself.

Definitely like this one better than Candy Cane Lane and Santa’s Secret. Who knew?

In case you are interested in the other accomplishment that happened in this apartment: Sebastian the parakeet actually climbed down to the lid of seeds and ate by himself. So proud.


Oh and if anyone has been wanting to buy from my etsy shop, I have a 10% off code right now of BRUNO. I want to clear out some stuff so I can make more! and the address is blackbearlaboratory.etsy.com


Yay, Sebastian!

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I watch too much hockey and soccer. So does the bird in my photo, surprise. Finally getting back to drinking my way through my stash thanks to finally securing myself a real paying desk job.



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