1196 Tasting Notes

drank Swiss Mountain by Della Terra Teas
1196 tasting notes

Ohhh yeaaaahhh this hits the mint spot! A bit of coconut milk creamer, (I forgot I had this, so it is now in full effect…I also just bought a gallon of almond/coconut milk for something different, since that cost me a whopping $4 altogether!) a couple drops of agave, and this is like…chocolate mint frosting topped thin mints. Yeah, that good.

I really have nothing else to say as I am too busy sipping away. It’s chocolate and mint and it’s delicious.

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Grrr. Decaf teas, why can I taste something off in you so prominently?!

It isn’t as apparent in this as it was in Vanilla Comoro, thankfully. So I can drink it. And I want to love it, so hopefully just a little tweaking here and there makes it amazing.

It does taste just like candy canes. But I just am not falling in love with it like I feel I should. In fact I think if I wasn’t in such a mood for minty teas right now, I’d probably feel pretty meh about this.

I’ll give it another shot though.


What’s amazing is the tour of the place and going into the MINT ROOM! Some of the other Steepsters like Rachel I think did that this Summer. It almost knocks you down! It’s a nice tour if you ever get out this way.


Ahhh that sounds heavenly. My boyfriend was actually looking at flying to Denver in December but the NHL lockout means that didn’t happen :( I definitely want to go whenever I do go to Colorado. Tea tours and beer tours! And maybe one day again, hockey.


I know, we’re still San Jose Sharks fans and when they come to Denver the tickets are usually around $10 which is crazy cheap since in San Jose they were hard to get and cost way more.

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Drinking the cold steep: This is quite nice! I think I like it better this way than hot…hah.

It tastes like Christmas, sort of like if you could actually drink a nice, light cinnamony Christmas candle without the wax. This sounds so weird, but I mean seriously, it has this really green note that almost comes off like pine needles.

Next time: a full cold steep, no steeping the leaves beforehand, and steeping for around 20 hours instead of just overnight. I always don’t want to cold steep my oolongs but somehow it makes them even more incredible!

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I have to go to my annual doctor check up this morning and I do not want to. It’s too cold. I want to stay in bed and drink hot tea. It is seriously 16 degrees colder here than Montreal, like this is ridiculous.

So to warm up and make myself get up, it is matcha time!

I think I prefer just the straight chocolate. My water was probably around 165, possibly lower, and the raspberry just has an iffy aftertaste to it. The chocolate is nice though, not as strong as the straight chocolate matcha, but nice.

Not bad, but I wish I didn’t have so many problems w/the fruit matchas.

And off I go. Let’s hope this time around I do not artificially raise my blood pressure by like 30 points by my irrational fear of blood pressure sleeves. I can’t help it, I just think, what if this thing doesn’t let go? Every time they’re just like okay we’ll do this again later and it DROPS. Luckily they took it last week at the allergist and it was 120/70 so I consider that not freaking out. I hope I can do it again haha.


Hope the check-up went well!

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My internet is acting so weird. When I get knocked off my connection and I pull down the menu, I can tell that all the other people with comcast lost theirs too. Blahhh wind.

This tea left my infuser overflowing with leaves! Which actually is probably not a good thing but they seemed to maintain a nice gap for water.

This is really good. It’s floral, and spicy, and just what I needed tonight. A nice mix of sweet and spicy to keep you warm while you sit in bed trying to be warm, because you disagree with your thermostat on the temperature but don’t want to pay the bill for this disagreement. The cinnamon isn’t too strong, which surprises me given the bits of cinnamon stick in the tea. I love it.

I think I was a bit apprehensive about this blend when all the samples from Nature’s Tea Leaf came, but this is really great. I think I still have 2 others, I misplaced them but they are found now. I’m still missing a couple teas from other places that I wish I could find. But I’m glad I started off again with this one!

I am definitely going to put these leaves into water to cold steep overnight though, just need socks.


LOL I know what you mean about the thermostat, everytime I look at that thing I refuse to believe it is actually whatever it says. I can’t but think…but if it really is…..‘blank’ then why the hell am I still shivering my toesies off?! Though if your thermostat is near a lamp that is on, that might be throwing it off somewhat. Learned that the hard way.


My thermostat was installed right over my stove. Not my doing, I assure you.


lol….what were they thinking?! so many degrees of messed up.

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

Wow apparently I have not had this tea since last December. Let’s see how well it has aged!

Without even drinking it, I can tell you well. I am basically drooling waiting for it to cool down because it smells like candy canes. I really wanted something minty after loading up on the most amazing soup I have ever made.

Think baked potato soup…but using cauliflower instead. I LOVE cauliflower soups, this is hardly going to last 3 meals for me. http://traceysculinaryadventures.blogspot.com/2012/10/creamy-cauliflower-soup-with-bacon-and.html
I at least hope it’s supposed to make 4 servings, but I don’t even care.

Now I am freaking out looking at Twitter, like the stuff coming out of NYC is SO SCARY. Like every picture is more terrifying than the next.

I can’t tell if it’s just bad or what, but it tastes really, really astringent, and I can’t figure if that’s because it’s 11 months old or oversteeped…I steeped it for 3 1/2 minutes and didn’t use boiling water, knowing it’s DT.

Blahhh it feels really weird on my tongue too, do not want. May just have to get rid of this one…or seriously does it take like a 2 1/2 minute steep to get this to not be nasty and I never realized it?

Ok looking back, I didn’t like it at first, and steeped it SIX minutes and liked it. Yeahhh…probably not happening.


It’s heartbreaking going back to a tea you once liked and it’s a total bomb because it got old.


I don’t even know if I did like it in the first place! I can’t understand how steeping it for six minutes could even taste good!


Nice swap out recipe. Good for people allergic to potatoes like me.

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drank Organic Assam by two leaves and a bud
1196 tasting notes

Today is the first time I ever went to the coffee shop in the library at my school. I was fully prepared to drink coffee because I just want to be warm, but then I saw the display of about 12 types of two leaves and a bud pyramid sachets.

This just feels like Assam weather. I got a 16 oz cup and took 2 bags. I feel like the cashier was judging me but yeah, 1 sachet in 2 cups of water? No thanks, man.

After steeping, I added some milk and waited for it to cool.

YUM. While plain assam was pretty good, I could only stand it when it was way cooled. With milk,I am loving it hot. It’s rich and hearty and just so comfy right now.

Good to know for two bucks I can pick up a decent cup on campus, though I have to say some of the specialty coffee drinks sound amazing. But this is nearly $2 cheaper and awesome for when I either drink all the tea I bring, or run out of time to make some.

In fact I am almost out now and I want more and it’s going to take a lot of willpower to go straight home and make loose tea, hahaha.

Ellyn I have had good luck with two leaves and a bud. (I think they now call themselves two leaves tea company). Their jasmine green tea is one of my staples.

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Thanks, CupofTree!

Made this before heading to meet up for a group project this morning.

It doesn’t really taste like much of anything than herbal tea mixed with mate…maybe a tad sweet. Not bad but there are plenty of other mates I like better. There’s nothing really remarkable about it for me.

It did its job though, I’ve got 2 hours on campus left and I’m not even sure when I last yawned!


when you can’t remember your last yawn it is doing its job :D

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So this is the first time I am having a yellow tea. It was the far cheaper of the two options Mahamosa has, though at nearly $7 for half an ounce it was just because I was really, really curious.

First and foremost the leaves are very interesting. There is not really a way to measure a teaspoon because they are MASSIVE twisty bits. Pretty neat though! Obviously it’s not super high quality because it’s some of the biggest leaves I’ve ever seen for a tea.

Then the liquor is actually quite yellowy…like white tea but with far more color to it.

The taste? It has an intriguing consistency. Kind of like it has a texture, but it still is light. It tastes a lot like hay and papaya. I totally get the way it’s like a halfway point between a white and a green. It has the sweetness of a white, with some of the nice subtleties of green…and none of the grassiness.

One day I am getting myself a Jun Shan Yin Zhen, I am already going to mark down that when I get a real job next year that it is my present to myself.

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drank The Black Cat by Della Terra Teas
1196 tasting notes

I was a little apprehensive about this one, because it sounds a lot like Swampwater. So I just got it in a try me pack with a couple other things I wanted to try before buying an ounce maybe.

This seemed like the perfect time to try it! Also, although he is a white cat, I finally saw the friendly cat I named Cat (he responds to it, I can’t not call him Cat) today and he required a lot of pets and scratches. He’ll wander off for a second then come back over to me, and just headbutt my leg before he rubs up against it. He also had to rub his head on my purse. He once tried it to my keys also, but his favorite remains my shoes.

This does taste a lot like Swampwater…but it’s actually drinkable, very drinkable at that. It’s a thinner tea, so the color isn’t as bold, but I think that makes it actually taste good and not like oatmeal or anything weird. Perhaps though it is just the magic listed in the ingredients.

It’s just a nice, mango-pineapple rooibos. I’m surprised how much I like it given it looks to be a red rooibos blend. But definitely, if the fruit flavors of Swampwater are what drove you to try it, and it was disappointing, this one is worth trying.


Hmmm sounds decent :)


Funny you post this because I just tried the swampwater you sent me today. It was ehhhh…. I definitely won’t be ordering any. I’m glad you sent it my way otherwise I may have bought some with my next order – it sounded so interesting. Thanks again!


Aw nice kitty :) I loved the name of this one!

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